Monday, September 18, 2017

CawRANT Events #54

CawRANT Events #54

Good Morning Everyone! and welcome to my bi-weekly feature called CawRANT Events.  This is when I get to ramble on and not have to stop and link (i.e., support) everything I say...but I usually do because it's a compulsion I have.  There's a lot on the agenda this morning, so let's get started...

Yesterday we had a heavy rain system go through the Vancouver area and that was the most rain we've had in over three months.  Hopefully the drought is finally over and with it, the forest fire situation in the Pacific North West. The return to more typical Fall temperatures and precipitation is good for another reason.  It will no doubt end the unprecedented numbers of homeless men living in our urban parks.  Yesterday, I shot this video during a walk I took along a local trail which is, incidentally part of the Trans Canada Trails. These heritage trails wind their way through our community and their trees shelter the salmon as they return from the Pacific to spawn in the rivers and streams at the foothills of the local mountains.  Please view the following video and I will have more comments after readers have a chance to see what I saw.

Homeless Man Sets up Camp
In Urban Park by Salmon Stream

Because I have to walk my three small dogs every day...I get an ongoing opportunity to view, at close range, the deteriorating and escalating situation with the homeless men camping out in our tiny urban green belts that protect the salmon streams.  I get to recognize who they are--two or three very energetic young men who are probably afflicted with OCD hoarding disorder, combined with drug addiction and anti-social personalities. They mostly sleep during the day and in the cover of darkness they go about digging through trash and the stuff left outside the local "Value Village".

People come and drop stuff off in the parking lot next to the Value Village which is located right across from this trail.  The men go and pick through the stuff at night and drag it back to their lair.  They probably think about selling it for drugs but, if they aren't successful...the stuff just keeps piling up in the forest.  Finally, after six weeks or so, they inevitably get "busted".  I don't know exactly how that goes down but after the situation goes on for a month or two...suddenly it is all gone.  The campsite is totally cleaned up and the homeless man just goes a few blocks away and sets up another camp.  Then a month or two later, they're back at the original site.  It is always men who do this...I've never seen a woman involved.  That's one of the reasons why I always joke (but actually believe) that women should pay a lower tax rate than men.  Think about the drain on the Parks and Recreation Department in time, money and personnel to continually chase these men around and clean up after them.  And also, 90% of all prison inmates are men.  There's no doubt that men are far more expensive for government to support and therefore should pay way more taxes.  But, whenever I voice this opinion to my husband...he says "But all those men were raised by mothers...who are it is really "the fault of the women".

This reminds me of a funny, but true, story an East Indian man I worked for years ago told me.  He and his American Caucasian wife were travelling through the Middle East and were stopped at a border crossing.  The Border Crossing guard took their passports and was examining them. Then he looked up at them as they were sitting in their car.  He looked from one to the other and then asked the man:  "Do you have any children?".  The man answered "No".  The Border Guard suddenly became embarrassed and flustered and handed them back the passports...mumbling "It's the fault of the woman."  The implication being that he had asked a culturally embarrassing question and was trying to assuage the husband's ego--by blaming the "lack of fertility" on "the woman".  But, I digress.

Back to wrapping up the topic of the epidemic of homeless men messing up our forests.  Probably, as a former social worker, I should have more empathy with the plight of the young, healthy men who lie around in lean-too's all day and scavenge for drugs and hoarding materials at night.  Well, unfortunately, my past work as a child protection social worker made me even more cynical about them.  You see, I met men like these all the time because, unfortunately, they also father children.  Generally, they have a delusional sense of entitlement and an anti-social chip on their shoulder.  They also spend any welfare money (or handouts--because they also work as "squeegee beggars") on drugs.  Their girlfriends are invariably also drug addicts and take drugs while they're pregnant.  Then they disappear shortly after giving birth (thankfully) and sometimes carry on to second and third pregnancies.  So, I don't have a lot of patience with these members of our society.  Sad to say, they need "tough love".  And, yes, a lot of irreversible damage was done in their very early years being raised as "throw away" kids by single mothers.

But, thankfully, I now move on to a more positive topic...and it's actually a solution of sorts:

Mother Russia Wants Her Children Back

I've written before about Vladimir Putin's offer to give free land to Russians or immigrants with Russian ancestry (which would include Khazarians).  Here is another article from RT about this program:

Putin proposes free land gifts to foreign citizens with Russian background

The Russian president has proposed expanding a state program of free land handover to foreign citizens with ancestors born on Russian territory, noting that successful candidates should have a desire to work and create strong families.
It is necessary to expand the opportunities presented by this program to our compatriots who arrive in the Far East from foreign countries,” Vladimir Putin said as he opened the session of the State Council Presidium in Vladivostok on Wednesday.
Compatriots living abroad” is an expression used by the Russian mass media to describe people of Russian culture and – usually ethnicity, many of whom stayed in the ex-Soviet republics after the USSR collapsed in 1992. Russian law allows for a simplified naturalization and some other benefits for this group of people, which includes descendants of those born within the present-day borders of Russia.
Putin also emphasized that those who arrive from abroad to settle in Russia usually come with a desire to work and create strong families, which made them good candidates for getting free land plots and being entitled to additional support from the state.
The president also urged regional authorities in the Russian Far East to analyze the mistakes committed at the primary stages of implementation of the handout program and make all necessary adjustments to facilitate the process.
The government and regional authorities need to render financial help to them [settlers who participated in the free land handover program], help them to create regional infrastructure. I also propose to give larger plots of land to those who are successfully working and have already registered the one-hectare plots as their property,” Putin told the State Council members.
In May 2016 Russia introduced a law introducing the free handover of land in the Far Eastern regions to those who want to build homes or start businesses in agriculture or tourism. The sponsors of the bill have said that they hope to attract more people to the Far East Federal District, to slow or stop the outward migration of locals and to boost the socio-economic development of the territory.
The actual start of the program fell on February 1, 2017.
The law provides for the free handover of 1 hectare (about 2.5 acres) of land to anyone who applies for the program. However, foreign citizens will only be allowed to utilize the land, not own it outright. Registration of full property rights is only possible after the naturalization of potential owners. The land can be used for any lawful purpose, though the new owners cannot rent, sell, or give it away for five years, after which they can obtain full property rights under condition that they manage to develop the land plot in some way.
In early 2017 the governor of the Far Eastern region of Kamchatka, Vladimir Ilyukhin, told reporters that over 48,000 people had submitted applications for taking part in the program. “The geography is wide: Moscow, Moscow Region, Lipetsk region, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, practically all of central Russia wants land in Kamchatka. It makes me happy. Those who want land here will get it,” he said.
About 28 percent of Russians interested in the program say they want to use the land to build a home. About 17 percent want to use the land for agriculture or raising cattle. Another seven percent say they will use the land to build hotels and develop local tourism.
According to the official land register, Russia currently has about 198 million hectares of agricultural land, of which at least 28 million is state-owned and unused."

I envy the young people and families who would qualify for this land gift.  This is what I would do if I were in their position.  I would move to Russia and take advantage of this tremendous bring up my children in a land where they would be truly educated and not just brain-washed, as mine were.  I always thought that I missed my calling as a pioneer.  Ever since my 20's, I've been telling people that I would have preferred to live on a remote farm, totally self-sufficient. Growing my own fruit and canning it.  Storing vegetables in a root cellar and making my own candles.  I would be good at it because I thrive on all arts and crafts. 

This is how humans were meant to live, to eak out their living from the land, and from teamwork with other pioneers.  Not sitting around with their IPhones and working at jobs like making/selling fast food which is packaged in wrappers--that the buyers then toss into the bushes and trails.

This is also, IMO, a calling to the Khazarians as a Plan "B" for them to go to when they're finally fed up with their failed Yinon Plan in the Middle East.  There's so much land in Siberia that it will be hundreds of years (hopefully) before they start their inevitable cycle of anti-social behavior which has got them kicked out of one land after another down the ages throughout history.

Speaking of Russia, The Saker had an interesting

post about a well known American fighter jet test pilot who dared attempt to copy Russian pilots by flying a Russian jet that the US military had bought from a third party.  Apparently he was warned against trying the Russian pilots' incredible aeronautic stunts and loop de loops but didn't heed the warnings....with catastrophic (for him) results.


"On September 8th, a pilot was killed in a plane crash at the Groom Lake, the USAF’s secret test base deep in the NTTR also referred as the Nevada Test and Training Range by the Air Force.
Lt. Col. Eric Schultz, 44, died from injuries sustained in an accident in which an aircraft crashed around 6 p.m. local time on Tuesday at the range, located about 100 miles northwest of Nellis Air Force Base, according to a release from the base. At first, the Washington regime tried to silence this crash and the death of the pilot, mostly because it was caught with its pants down secretly flying the Russian aircraft that was allegedly bought from Azerbaijan.
... correspondent Guy Norris wrote late Monday, September 11, that, “Sources indicate Schultz was the Red Hats squadron commander at the time of his death. The Red Hats became an unnumbered unit within the Detachment 3, AFTC test wing after the 413th flight test squadron (formerly 6513th test squadron) was deactivated in 2004. Over recent years the unit has operated a variety of Russian-developed combat types, including the MiG-29 and several Sukhoi-developed models such as the Su-27P, one of which was recently observed flying in the vicinity.”
Magomed Tolboev, a legendary test pilot and an Honorary President of the MAKS international Airshow commented on the accident saying that a month ago, during the MAKS 2017 air show, he had a conversation with Eric Schultz and warned him against trying to try to replicate breathtaking, physics-defying maneuvers performed by the Russian pilots.
I told him, don’t try to do what we do. Just one degree off makes a huge difference.”
Tolboev said that the American and British military pilots are well trained professionals, but there are nuances of the Russian pilots’ technique that the US and UK pilots  cannot master.
“I told him that he will die. You cannot replicate what I do. There is an edge here, (beyond which you cannot advance.)”

Russian Aviation far outstrips the West

Now for a bit of International Newz:

Syria and Iraq don't want "a second Israel" created by stealing their land...DUH!

Ever since the Iraqis, which everyone thought had been thoroughly decimated by the American Invasion of 2003, fought and won their war for their northern oil-rich city of Mosul...which the Israelis thought they had secured by ISIS as a slam dunk...their leaders have been speaking out against the formation of the Ziofascist project of "Independent Kurdistan".  Just recently, we have Shite Iraqi President Nouri al Maliki putting it in no uncertain terms:


"...the Kurdish leadership was suffering from “serious political ineptitude....”

Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki has denounced a planned Kurdish independence referendum in northern Iraq, warning that Baghdad would not tolerate the establishment of “a second Israel,” after the occupying regime became the only entity to support the so-called plebiscite.
Maliki, who was also Iraq's prime minister from 2006 to 2014, made the remarks in a meeting with US Ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Silliman, in the capital Baghdad on Sunday, adding that the leaders of the semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan must “call off the referendum.”
The so-called independence plebiscite “is contrary to the constitution and does not serve the general interests of the Iraqi people, not even the particular interests of the Kurds,” Maliki said.
His comments came two days after lawmakers of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), in its capital Erbil, approved the September 25 referendum as opposition legislators boycotted the parliament’s first session in two years.
Sixty-five out of the 68 Kurdish lawmakers present in the 111-seat regional parliament held the secession vote in the face of fierce opposition from the central government in Baghdad, the United Nations and the United States.
“We will not allow the creation of a second Israel in the north of Iraq,” Maliki said at the meeting, according to a statement released by the vice president's office, warning that such a vote would have “dangerous consequences for the security, sovereignty and unity of Iraq.” He also urged the Kurdish leaders to come to the negotiating table..."  
It appears that all the countries of the Middle East and their allies, including Turkey, Russia and even (officially) the United States are opposed to the creation of an Independent Kurdistan.  There is only one country that is in favour--Israel.  So it would be a good idea to follow this issue closely in the coming weeks as the date of the September 25th Israel-supported Kurdistan referendum approaches.  If, as becomes obvious, there is NO support in the Middle East from the countries (or their allies) to have their land "donated" to the Kurds for a homeland then the possibility of all that free Khazarian land in the Russian hinterland might look even more attractive.

Finally, to end on a very upbeat and lighthearted note...I have completed the last project of my summer craft series.  Today I will go back to my wood carving classes.  I enjoyed getting away from carving this summer and doing a large painting and this Paper Mache Piñata project.  Please see the photos and video below...

Paper Mache Bird Piñata

Paper Mache Pig Piñata

Paper Mache Piñata Video

This paper mache piñata art has also been entered on my Arts and Crafts Page called Greencrow Creative Resources...where I keep a record and photos of these enjoyable projects. That's it for this CawRANT.  Now I have to get out into the community and walk my dogs.  See you soon ...have a great day and bye for now!


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tsisageya said...

Yes, it's interesting that men want to be in charge of it all but then blame the women. Even in Christianity where the men are told to be "like Christ" they blame the woman. It's kind of Biblical really. "The woman made me..."

It's a problem. The men never take responsibility for their actions.