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CawRANT Events #53

CawRANT Events #53

Good Morning Everybody!  Yesterday was the hottest day ever on the North West Pacific Coast and frankly, I'm glad it's over!  We were all suffering from the mid 30's (Celsius) heat--the people, the wild birds, animals and particularly the huge cedars, pines and spruces of the forests.  These trees each need an average of 60 gallons of water a day to stay healthy...and it hasn't rained significantly for three months!  We had a day of rain a month ago but that was it. The forests are tinder dry and steaming in the heat.

I know it's nothing in comparison with what went on in Houston last week...and what is likely to happen on the Eastern seaboard of North America with Hurricane Irma, but the long term effects of the heatwave of 2017 could be just as disastrous.  Huge "rain" forests may not survive and there could be massive desertification of this region...not to mention the persistent, extreme fire hazard.  Does the heat wave convince me of the phenomenon called "global warming"?  Well, there's definitely something catastrophic going on...but apparently not so catastrophic that the PTB can't still manipulate and weaponized and politicize the planetary climate...they consider it to be their personal property.  This is evil incarnate.

Unless and until humanity can break the stranglehold of the perps on the "science" of meteorology we will never be able to hold an intelligent and informed conversation about what is going on with the weather...nevermind do something to mitigate the destruction going on.

Before I get into my usual RANT, (yes, the above was not part of the rant, just a "public service announcement") I want to take care of a few housekeeping, blog related matters.  I've been getting some comments on my blog that are what I call "anti-Putin" smears.  I refuse to get into a debate whether the President of Russia has a "kill list" like Hillary Clinton does.  I simply don't know.  If someone wants to debate that they should start up their own blog....it's a lot of work, as you can guess, but the only perk is that I get to decide what I want to talk about.  As far as I'm concerned, while nobody's perfect...IMO Vladimir Putin has thus far saved the entire planet from several crises that were headed towards nuclear Armageddon.  Whether he can single-handedly stave of the perps forever, I also do not know.  But I have accepted him as "my" world leader and if readers find that offensive, like I say, start your own blog : )  Time to get down to my RANT!

Brother Nathanael is censored on YouTube?

Google/YouTube has started censoring videos big time.  More and more when I attempt to upload a YOUTUBE video onto my blog, Blogger will give me the "failed" sign.  Just like some have suggested, they are attempting to isolate certain bloggers.  Brother Nathanael, as an example.  He can make all the videos he wants...and you can view them on his website.  But you can't upload them to any other blog.

Here is an example---a very good video on 9/11 that I am unable to upload.


Of course with the 9/11 anniversary coming up, the Perps have to have a HUGE distraction planned for the US northern east coast...just like the hurricane that was planned for 9/11 but then called off at the last moment and diverted away from New York.

Weather Calamities

Returning to the discussion of Extreme Weather for a moment.  Robin Westenra at "Seemorerocks" has been very diligently compiling examples of same.  Here is one where he discusses the uptick in earthquake swarms at Yellowstone.  I had no idea until I saw his map that the subterranean reach of the Yellowstone cauldron even extends up as far as the Pacific North West.  Yikes!

Benjamin Fulford is definitely convinced that the Khazarians are behind the weaponized weather episodes in the US.  Here is his latest blog post where he gets into detail about the weather and the possible relationship between it and significant global financial moves---particularly the end of the petro-dollar.

Perhaps if Hurricane Irma is as bad as some predict...it will force an honest discussion of weather modification (doubt it).  Oh, and interestingly, in all these weeks of cloudless skies and record breaking heat...there has been nary a chemtrail in the skies over Vancouver.  Wuz up wit dat?!

Fentanyl Crisis

The circle of pain of the fentanyl [opioid] epidemic is coming ever closer.  Last week my younger son's childhood friend passed away from an overdose.  My son attended his first funeral of a peer last Friday.  He wouldn't talk about it much to me but I could see he was deeply shaken up.  I saw an article in the local news [can't find the link] where some addicts are saying that the epidemic in Vancouver at least has been exacerbated by a switch in the Methadone prescription given to addicts on the program.  Apparently they're not getting Methadone any more but a replacement drug that's not as strong.  So the addict will start to go into withdrawal much sooner than before.  In other words, a person might have 48 hours of relief on methadone but now only gets 24 hours...so they start to run around looking for "top up" drugs to prevent the symptoms of withdrawal...they go back to heroin and also fentanyl.  This is when the overdose occurs.  The addicts and their spokespeople are saying that they were never consulted about this drastic change in the drug treatment program.

As a former government worker, it sounds very similar to many bureaucratic ballz ups that I witnessed at first hand.  Not consulting the stakeholders and ramming some new "flavor of the month" social work policy down their throats. But, apart from those kinds of solvable problems...the real challenge is to shut down the sources of the drug.  As long as the CIA is fighting it's "war for drugs" in Afghanistan...that's not going to happen.

FBI/CSIS Taxpayer Funded "Make Work" Projects for Security Agencies are all the Rage These Days

The Intercept had an interesting story the other day about a lonely young man being pressured by the FBI into a bomb plot...now...where have I heard that story line before?  Please read the snippet from the Intercept story and I will have more comments to follow:

"....Skaik introduced the young man to two undercover agents who played the parts of hardened ISIS members. One claimed to be military-trained; the other said he was a professional bomb maker. Suarez, who realized too late that he was playing with fire in exploring his naïve curiosity about ISIS, tried to back out in passive ways, the FBI’s evidence showed. He didn’t return calls and was consistently hard to reach. When the FBI agents asked for money to build a bomb, Suarez claimed to be broke, though he would later say he had $4,000 in the bank. Instead of participating in a bomb plot on the Fourth of July holiday, as he’d discussed with undercover agents, Suarez dodged their calls and instead went out drinking in Key West.

But Suarez was worried about consequences. Skaik knew where Suarez and his parents lived, and Suarez had no reason to doubt these men were from the murderous group he’d been hearing about on cable news. He didn’t know how to get out of the situation he’d created. “I was worried about my parents’ life,” Suarez later told a jury. Suarez said he had concocted a plan to protect himself and his family. If these ISIS guys wanted him to plant a bomb, he’d take that bomb to an isolated beach and detonate it. No one would die; no one would get hurt. He’d fulfill his obligation and protect his family. But it didn’t work out that way.

Over a period of about two weeks, Suarez and Skaik spoke by phone a half-dozen times after meeting in person in Key West. Their rough plan was to film a video for ISIS, post it online, and then launch some sort of bomb attack on the Fourth of July. Skaik said he had an ISIS contact who could provide the bomb."


Hmmmmmm.  Sounds vaguely familiar.  Now I remember. It's the same plot as the sad story about the two former addicts--the vulnerable couple who were Shang-Hi'ed by CSIS and the Mounties here in Vancouver a couple of years ago.  CTV's W5 program had a segment about the couple on TV recently.  Here's a clip from the promo on the W5 website.  Compare this scenario with the FBI one above, and I will have even more comments to follow:

For the first time since they were convicted of terrorism related offences in 2015, then set free last July, John Nuttall and Amanda Korody are speaking out in an exclusive interview with W5’s Victor Malarek.

“We certainly didn’t want to hurt a bunch of random Canadians on Canada Day,” said Korody. “They’re just innocent people going through their daily lives.”

That is hardly how the RCMP and Crown Prosecutors see the couple, who they believe are dangerous terrorists. In July of 2013, the RCMP announced they had foiled a major terrorist plot to bomb the BC Legislature in Victoria.
John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, a Canadian couple who’d recently converted to Islam, planted three pressure cooker bombs outside the legislature on Canada Day. But the bombs never went off, and the RCMP reassured the public there was never a real threat. This was all part of a large scale undercover operation run by the RCMP called ‘Project Souvenir.’ “Nuttall and Korody were charged with four terrorism related offenses and a jury found them guilty of conspiring to murder persons unknown and making or possessing an explosive substance for a terrorist group, in June 2015.” A year later, a B.C. court ruled that John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were entrapped, and the RCMP had manufactured the entire plot. The pair were set free.


I find this type of behaviour by police and/or security agencies [FBI/CSIS/CIA] despicable on so many levels that it's difficult to discuss it without launching into a swear-word riddled diatribe.  It's obvious to me at least that there is a "Mr Big" alright...but the Mr Big is probably the CIA and it's giving orders to its underlings in the FBI, CSIS and RCMP.  It's providing the police and security agents with a specific illegal template to follow--to entrap mildly retarded and socially marginalized individuals and then set them up as patsies.  Why not?  I mean, if the police are prevented from going after the drug dealers and sources that are providing opiates that are killing thousands of citizens a year in Western cities, if they can't do their job...then what CAN you get them to do?  Follow around some hapless couple and pay for their transportation and their hotel rooms while you egg them on to commit a "terrorist act"...sure.  And the bonus is that you can charge millions (yes millions of dollars) in overtime.... to do a safe, comfy job and not risk your @$$ chasing some powerful CIA-affiliated drug supplier.  The ultimate goal of this CIA/Deep State criminal program is to corrupt the legal systems of both the US and Canada and, at the same time, "harmonize" them towards a "North American Union."

This fall, the BC Court of Appeal will come down with a verdict on the federal government's appeal of the "entrapment" verdict freeing Nuttall and Korody.  Can hardly wait to see what it is.  Why? Because that verdict will tell me very specifically who won:  Justice?  or the Cabal.  Canada?  Or globalism, aka the North American Union. Stay tuned for that verdict because I will be reporting it as soon as it is announced.

Canadian neo-Nazi supporters in the Newz

Speaking of the Canadian Federal Government, we have our very own neo-Nazi supporting foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, in the News again.  This time she's meeting with George Soros and fending off more allegations of dubious gonnections:

Soros, Trudeau and Freeland
A Picture Tells 1,000 Words
Freeland’s parliamentary website ran this picture of Soros (left), Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (centre) and Freeland (right) at a World Economic Forum meeting she arranged in Davos in January 2016: https://cfreeland.liberal.ca/news-nouvelles/photos-from-the-davos-world-economic-forum/

Please read the following snippet from John Helmer's Blog:  "Dances with Bears"  and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

By John Helmer, Moscow

A Toronto newspaper has revealed that Canada’s leading Russia hater, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, had a deal with George Soros (lead image) to write his biography after she had lost her journalist jobs at the Financial Times and Reuters, and before she started her run for election to the Canadian parliament.

On August 16 the Toronto Globe and Mail reported Soros is a “close friend” of Freeland, and that with her he has “very great hopes for Canada”. Before she decided to run for parliament, the newspaper says Freeland had a “deal” for “a sort of authorized biography of George Soros”. Soros’s spokesman in New York, Laura Silber, refused to answer repeated questions last week for clarification of the terms of this deal or the compensation Soros agreed with Freeland.

Freeland’s first filing to the Canadian parliament’s ethics watchdog was registered on May 1, 2014. There is no mention of Soros, but there is “income received under a book collaboration agreement with an individual”. Freeland refused last week to identify that individual by name.

My Canadian readers will sadly shake their heads upon reading the above.  Le Dauphin hasn't a frigging CLUE what he's doing, or who he's associating OUR Canadian reputation with.  Soros is a known war criminal who should be locked up in jail for the murder of millions of humans by way of his de-stabilizing "colour revolutions' destroying democracy and inciting war in countries throughout the world.

Moving on to International News - Syria

The alternative news is full of the latest from Syria this morning.  The Syrian Arab Army has taken the ISIS held city of Dir Ezzor and lifted the several years long siege of the people in that city.  Apparently, this is the last nail in the coffin of the Zionist Yinon Plan.  But wait, Netanyahu travelled to Sochi, Russia in a panic last week to meet with Putin and try to prevent a total failure of the plan.  Here is a very good link to the ramification for global geopolitics of Netanyahu's visit with Putin.  All I can say is that Putin is a master, not only of judo, but of keeping his cool--in the face of having someone come and disrupt his holiday to utter threats to kill another person by blowing up his home. [i.e., Assassinate Syrian President Assad by blowing up his palace in Damascus]. This is exactly what Netanyahu did, according to Russian and Israeli sources.  Now, as far as I can remember from my understanding of the criminal code, to even threaten to kill someone is a crime.  I'm sure it's the same in Russia. Putin would have had to stifle the urge to have Bibi arrested or, at the least pick him up by the scruff of his collar and toss him out the door!

Trump will be deposed if he blocks trade with China over North Korea - Assange

Again, we have the continued pantomime of two terminally arrested-development "leaders" with the threats and counter threats between Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-Un.  Who will be the most juvenile and least responsible leader?  It's a toss up.  Either way, China will NOT be allowing a nuclear war to take place on its doorstep.  Just like Ukraine is really about hemming in Russia, North Korea is all about hemming in China.  Both are very dangerous games of "chicken" being played by an increasingly desperate and dangerous USrael.  USrael has been leaderless for so long...it's like a chicken running around with its head cut off...to use the "chicken" metaphor one more time.


Finally, to end on a lighter topic...it seems as though Hollywood has finally woken up up to what I've been saying about the movies for years....THEY'RE ALL BORING!!!

Breitbart is reporting that Hollywood has posted its worst box office in 25 years.  Please read the following snippet and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

"...Hollywood has had bad years before and it was not the end of the world. This year feels different, like we have crossed a Rubicon. Investors appear to agree.

We begin with the fact that some 15 years ago, the movie business stopped being a growth business. While revenues have increased a bit, admissions have remained stagnant. Those revenues were boosted through premium priced gimmicks like 3D and Imax.

One can argue that the worldwide box office has opened up considerably, and while true, entry into that market is an insanely expensive gamble, meaning a CGI’d frachise film, a $250-$350 million entrance fee when you account for production and promotion costs. Moreover, after exhibitors take their cut, a movie has to gross a little more than twice its budget just to break even. So if you spend $250 million and your worldwide gross is $550 million, you are still on the bubble."

And the reason why the movies are boriinnnnnnnng?  Well, it's no accident or coincidence, that the bottom started to fall out of the CIA run Hollywood movie industry 15 years ago according to the Breitbart report above.  Fifteen Years ago was just after 9/11.  IMO, 9/11 is what killed the movie industry.  How, you ask?  Well, humanity can only take so much "suspension of belief".  9/11 in addition to being an unspeakable atrocity, was a "jump the shark" of media believability.  When a significant portion of Western media consumers began to doubt 9/11...the cynicism and disgust spread like a cancer to all areas of "American culture" including the movies.  That's also why the newz network ratings have dropped like a stone in the same period of time.  Am I the only one who can connect these dots?  The Movie Industry could revive in a heartbeat...and they know it.  But it will never happen.

The only way the movie moguls could revive the industry is by making movies that tell the truths that at least 40% of the western population now believe.  People want to see movies that reflect their own values and belief system.  For Instance.  If they made a movie about 9/11 which told the unvarnished truth...the explosives-rigged buildings, the molten steel in the basements...the dancing Israelis...the evacuation of the Bin Ladin family and other "persons of interest" by the US government, no less, after 9/11...now THAT's the stuff of a block buster movie!

Instead, they keep putting out crap like this.  Well, I say, "Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish" and, on that unequivocal note, will end this RANT.  Until my next CawRANT, bye for now.

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