Friday, September 1, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Russian Consulate in San Francisco will be Raided by US Authorities tomorrow

Russian Consulate in San Francisco will be
Raided by US Authorities on September 2, 2017

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 2, 2017, according to RT, US Authorities will be breaking with longstanding International Diplomatic Agreements and diplomatic immunity given to foreign representatives by entering and searching on short notice, the Russian Consulate in San Francisco.  The Trump Administration has suddenly and curiously demanded that this consulate be closed, giving the Russians just days to comply.  The report from RT is very significant and I advise geopolitical truth researchers to read it very carefully.  Significant in and of itself, Blogger is not allowing me to cut and paste quotations directly from the RT article. Here is the story from The Duran.
The statement accuses the United States of a gross violation of the Vienna Convention which defines the property of foreign embassies and missions abroad as the sovereign territory of the nation whose embassy is on the property.

The current US actions demonstrate an atmosphere of hostility against Russia that is if anything elevated from that which transpired under Barack Obama.
  Here is the story from the BBC.  

NOTE:  the Russians have had only two days to prepare for the raid.  The implications of this move are enormous IMO.  What this suggests to me, by way of simple deductive reasoning, is the following, which I will put into point form:

1.  The Americans don't care about diplomacy with Russia (or any of its allies) any more.  Those days are over.  USrael only cares about diplomacy as a battering ram to gain access to potential subversive agents in a foreign country in order to foment instability through "NGO's" and "colour revolutions" anyway.  After Russia plugged those gaps in its national security and outlawed the NGO's, the US didn't have any more use for THEIR embassies in Russia and/or its allies.  So consequences are no longer an issue.

2.  The US wants Russia completely out of the US.  My suspicion, again based on deductive reasoning, is that Americans are applying for Russia visas by the droves.  Also, Russian weaponry, military products and equipment are superior to American products and the military/industrial complex doesn't want the competition....ergo...close the Russian Trade Consulate.  It's another economic sanction against Russia.

3.  USrael wants to "find" something suspicious in the Consulate buildings as a tool they can further attack Russia with.  If they don't find it...they will invent it.  Then the legacy M$M will go into a 24/7 feeding frenzy over it.

4.  This may have some connection with the recent series of unfortunate events re the US Navy and the suspicion re the possibility of foreign interference or hacking of US naval computers--or it could be set up as such.

5.  Russia is moving up the priority list for globalist Ziofascist destruction--based on their economic policy of gradual replacement of the dollar as the "go to" international currency.  Please read the linked post from Northerntruthseeker for details of this recent development and its implications.

6.  James Corbett of The Corbett Report had a very significant post recently about his fears of a "fall JFK Psyop" to coincide with both the anniversary of the assassination of JFK--and the release of some long top secret documents relating to the assassination.  Corbett fears that the CIA will attempt to divert suspicion away from itself as one of the conspirator agencies--by blaming the JFK assassination on the Russians!  The "discovery" of some incriminating material in the Consulate and/or in the upcoming release JFK archives could be part of the build-up towards this psyop.

7.  I have detected and suspect there is a connection between the recent media frenzy related to "Antifa" and a strategy of demonizing "white" a prelude to demonizing the predominantly white Russian population.  The future Western soldiers, young men and women, who are being set up to do battle with the Russians in the coming Armageddon first need to be brainwashed into dehumanizing the future enemy...which is mainly white.  This strategy of racial demonization and dehumanization was used and is still being used to fight the Arab populations in the middle east...and now it's being tweaked [via Antifa] for application against whites.

Summary and Conclusions:

Trump and his electoral mandate are being swept aside in the tsunami-like rush to war with the Russians.  The perps see a very finite window to set up their dominoes and are working quickly.  Putin and Russia are being propelled towards confrontation against their wishes.  The Russians have always strategized that, if they can just hold on long enough, the Perps will run out of money and/or run out of western ignorance/apathy/insoucience.  The perps, also responding to this possibility...are turning up the throttle.  Hence the highly provocative weekend raid.  Stay tuned for further developments in this quickly moving story.


james said...

Hi Greencrow,
It's very troubling but not surprising.
Another thing to throw into the mix is Putin's non co-operation with Bibi lately. Israel can't do much to retaliate except get the US to retaliate. Trump may be saying to Russia (under orders from the usual suspects) "give Israel what it wants or else".

US/Israel are doubling down in typical psychopathic nature but I think all they are doing is rushing quicker to the precipice. Which, and I agree with you, Russia has expected and done its absolute best to plan for.

Here's hoping it doesn't get too messy, though.

Ed(itor) said...

Break out the:
a) popcorn;
b) all-night coffee;
c) laughing gas;
d) combat helmets;
e) keys to the bomb shelter.

There is a lot of ramping up going on.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

For Earth's sake I hope you're right and they're rushing to the precipice. Yes, Israel is probably exerting pressure on it's Pitbull to continue to poke the Russian bear. How do you think a Pitbull would fare--in a fight with a bear?

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

I pick c) and e)... as long as e) is stocked with a) and b).


Ed(itor) said...

Something funky going down with the Internet tonight? There are reports which I do not lend credence to at the moment that say Trump is under arrest, has been drugged, etc. But I cannot load a load of my standard blog-read sites.

Ed(itor) said...

Breitbast and jim Stone, to be more precise...

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Checked Stone and found this link to Brietbart

Didn't see anything about drugs. Do you think it's another press "Demand to appear"? This is what the M$M does when they want to show their power over public personalities...they concoct a story that "demands" the personality appear to confirm or deny. Remember the M$M concocted a story about Putin a couple of years ago that he had a young girlfriend who had recently had his baby (a son). Putin was on holidays at the time and did not respond for a week. When he did comment, all he said was "Life would be boring without gossip." They haven't tried it with him since.

Ed(itor) said...

The sites I couldn't read were two run by Intel/warrior types which may mean nothing. From what I can fathom, there is a war among the Zionists/neocons for control of the white House, and I don't have a playbill yet for all the players. There's smoke coming out of the chimney ( ). I don't know if this means they have falled to elect a new Russian prime minister, of if Trump is being burned in effigy, or if they are burning the cables about their recent HAARP attack on Houston, or perhaps hiding data relative to the sonic attacks against US diplomats in Cuba.

As for your suggestion, I think a demand to appear might make sense int he context of allegations (by Wayne Madsen) that Trump is addicted to drugs but it's such a political tragi-comedy that I am left merely;y to spectate.

greencrow said...

Isn't the White House under renovation and Trump staying and working elsewhere? What kind of drug makes you change your mind/policies six times in the course of a day?

Saw the story about the smoke coming out of the chimney in San Fran....The Russians won't be able to do anything right...whatever they do or don't do will be held against them. If there was NO smoke coming out of the chimney...the Usraelites would be saying: "Ah Ha! The Rooskies are using their shredders!!!!

Sorry about the devastation in Houston. The people are really hurting. Don't know if there ARE weather wars going on...but something is strange. We haven't had rain here for almost three months and next Tuesday it's supposed to be over 100 degrees!

james@wpc said...

" How do you think a Pitbull would fare--in a fight with a bear? "

I think the Russian Bear would prevail, actually. It has the technology, as they say.
The Russians with their missiles and now their electronic weapons can disable and/or sink the US Navy upon which it depends for it's military hegemony.

Like Britain before it, The US needs to rule the seas before it can rule the world. It needs the Navy to be able to impose trade blockades and to transport massive numbers of troops and supplies unhindered.

It also needs the Navy to transport its fighter/bomber jets and while it has long range facilities like Diego Garcia, it needs the Navy to supply its needs, too. Otherwise it becomes a very small prison for very large planes in the middle of a very much larger ocean.

Without the US Navy, the US govt is limited to the Americas on the other side of the world. And the Russians obviously know this.

Russia also has superior fighter jets and in a skirmish with the US, Russia would win even without its electronic weapons. The US knows this, of course, and so cannot allow a head to head fight to erupt but will push the limit relying on the Russians not to get very serious and retaliate in full because the Russians are trying to avoid war. Their understanding (because of not being driven by psychopaths) is that even if you win a war, you lose.

What the usual suspects want is a 'state of war' to be declared (without actual head to head fighting starting) between Russia and the US so that the US can pressure Europe (NATO countries) to not trade with Russia at all and so preserve Europe as a sole client state of the US (and using US$ exclusively).

So it's a financial/trade tug-o-war over Europe using military bluff for the survival of the bankers (and their shitty little country), imho. But not without its dangers.

Ed(itor) said...

Sat AM check-in: Nuclear missiles still unlaunched and under lock and key (check); The Donald still alive, ambulatory & functional; Hurricane Irma still well off-shore (check). Vancouverites can always dial up HAARP and make a request. I am sorry about Harvey and Houston too but I am convinced the event was man-made. Have you read Begich's "Angels Don't Play This HAARP"? Especially the part about mind control, and how it can be targeted to tweak personal bodily resonance to mimic pharmaceuticals? Especially the parts about secrecy, retroactive classification, etc.? The occult operatives of the world are at play in ways we can only try to understand.

Ed(itor) said...

Ed(itor) said...

“… the conclusion from all this was obvious: Russian-American relations aren't merely cooling – they're falling off a mountain, and even powerful braking forces of traditional diplomacy can't stop the avalanche…..”

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Absolutely spot on with this comment. Particularly your assessment of the Russian strategy regarding the US Navy. Thanks!

greencrow said...


Yes, it's a day-to-day crisis with the Donald "at the helm". Still...I would advise the Russians to keep to their current plan...and continue to hope that "the problem" will solve itself...i.e., that Americans will rise up and toss the Psychotic Behemoth Deep State out of their lands.

james@wpc said...

You're very welcome, Greencrow :)

I'll just add that the demonstrations of their electronic weapons is Russia communicating with the US military rather the politicians. Clearly, they can't communicate at any sensible level with civilians in power and have basically given up on that idea.

We may have seen some fruits of this strategy with the sacking of the head of the 7th Fleet recently. He may well have told his political masters the truth of the situation and got himself sacked for it. But the stakes are high and those below the political appointee level will simply not co-operate in national suicide.

Again, here's hoping, anyway.

greencrow said...

"...those below the political appointee level will simply not co-operate in national suicide."

Well, they'd better declare this publicly, and soon!

james@wpc said...

"Nuking another country just because it seeks to acquire nuclear weapons enjoys virtually zero support from US nuclear troops,” wrote the former missile launch officer.

It's a start!

Ed(itor) said...

While I share your hopes and sentiments, I think you are waiting for Godot. The sheeple remain asleep, and the iron grip of God's chosen remains intact inside the media, the Congress, the White House, the military (primarily through surveillance technology), and the economy. There is virtually no way any awakening can accomplish what it needs to because of advanced(and still largely unknown and understood, even unveiled) DARPA technology. I am reading Annie Jacobsen's book on DARPA. When they turn all that research inward onto the American people, it'll be like what the Confederate soldier said about the Union ranks attempting to take Marye's Heights" "not a chicken could survive when we open up".