Thursday, August 17, 2017

What Truth Sounds Like - Abby Martin Describes the "Hell on Earth" that is Palestine

Abby Martin on the Joe Rogan Podcast Program
"...Worse than I could Ever Imagine"

Westerners haven't heard the truth spoken in the Main$tream (Legacy) Media for such a long time that they wouldn't recognize it if they heard it.  The above, hard, searing interview is how the truth sounds.  Imagine if Abby Martin went on one of those drivel talk shows on CNN or FAUX or NBC and talked about the things she's talking about in the video above.  Imagine if she could describe the things she saw during her recent month long stay in Israel.  Now THAT, my friends, would be freedom of the press!

But, the Satanic CIA did it's mockingbird stunt just so that nothing like the above could ever reach the tiny, addled brains of the sheeple. The CIA [Covert Israeli Agenda] destroyed one of the pillars of a true democracy and THAT is precisely why the world is now in the shape it's in...teetering on the brink of nuclear Armageddon.

Then the Internet came along.... and the truth started to seep up through the floorboards again.  What to do?  What to Dooooooooooo!?


Anonymous said...

In fact Abby Martin HAS been on mainstream media, CNN even used her as a prop to attack Russia over Ukraine. Abby joined the rest of the MSM in "condemning Russia over Crimea". She's also lied about Syria. Abby was a 9/11 truth activist. Then she got a tv show on RT, so she dropped the 9/11 truth right after. Now she cross promotes with the son of Sid Blumenthal, long time Clinton employee. Abby Martin speaks limited truths while pushing damaging lies.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Do you have any links to support your allegations against Abby? If so, please provide at least one....especially that she "...also lied about Syria". You say that Abby "dropped" 9/11 truth once she got her RT show. Any proof that she now DENIES that 9/11 was a false flag inside job?

Abby doesn't use expletives on her RT show either....perhaps she has to abide by some of the ground rules of RT.

wallflower said...

Many of us join Abby in condemning Israel...HOWEVER, when she invoked the 'Holocaust' she lost me for good. Truth mixed with a BIG LIE makes the whole a lie, meaning that if it weren't for the BIG LIE there would have been no mass occupation, theft, murder, and the countless atrocities still committed on Palestinians. She also mentioned "Why not Australia?" How does that diminish the BIG LIE? And the fact that occupying BY FORCE anywhere is wrong and unlawful. I agree with Anon above and that until the WHOLE truth can be told (and is/has) without exceptions and biases, there will never be power to their supposed outrage. When she gets hit with a bullet by one of her fellow Jews she may change her mind.

Truth and nothing but the Truth So Help Me God...

wallflower said...

wallflower said...
Russia Today anchor Abby Martin speaks out against Russian invasion of Crimea 3/3/2014

Anonymous said...

Hello greencrow. Here are a couple of links you may find interesting, Abby sold out hard in my opinion, these are just some examples

Anonymous said...

These poor people , living in hell on earth , people need to wake up and see Palestine is a look into our future with these monsters ruling over us unaposed, these monster should not be underestimated, the USA Bolshevik takeover has stepped up a gear and will soon be unstoppable , to stay Satanist free we need to look to the Roman empire, look what these beasts did to the Russian royal family , this group of organised gangsters need stopping before they kill all of humanity.

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower

re the 9/11 truth controversy. From reading the convoluted post you would appear that initially Abby Martin spoke out for 9/11 truth. When she got her job at RT, it appeared she refused to repeat her view on 9/11. This is where Max and Mackay got involved in an argument BETWEEN THEMSELVES as to whether she had recanted her earlier believe. Abby, for reasons she has not divulged, chose to stay above the frey. Significantly, Abby DID NOT specifically endorse the official version of 9/11 (19 Arabs taking orders from a dialysis patient in a cave). If you can find a better link where she endorses the official version, please send.

re the Crimea controversy

I watched the video you linked:

Before condemning Russia in the above video, Abby cites the "lack of information" in those early days of the Ukraine crisis. While she does accuse Russia of "military intervention" which she deplores...she goes on to admit she DOES NOT KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT RUSSIA/UKRAINE HISTORY OR POLITICS to be sure about her stance. Obviously not. She doesn't know (at the time she made the video) that Russia DID NOT invade Ukraine. It already had a military/naval base on the peninsula, from which it proceeded to defend ethnically Russian Crimea from the illegal coup/regime change of a legal President who's electoral mandate came primarily from ethnic Russian Ukranians.

There is an old maxim which I can apply to this argument:

Don't let "perfection" become the enemy of the "good"....but, then again, that is exactly the strategy commonly used to denigrate the courageous and outspoken among us in times of crisis.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be giving her WAY too much credit. Even if shes not outright controlled opposition(And I believe shes more of a careerist and sellout than outright asset or anything), she is a media figure and she is worthy of criticism, especially when shes used by CNN and other MSM to bash an enemy of the US government in Russia, and especially when she abandons the issue that got her a name in the first place in 9/11 truth.

Anonymous said...

Hi wallflower , maybe you could listen to Dr Raphael johnson , most probably the most informed man in the west on Russian historical affairs relating to the khazarian empire , you will most definitely learn from this victimized most brilliant man , victimized for telling truth .

wallflower said...

Thank you Anon...I will check Dr. Raphael Johnson out.

What I see in Abby Martin is a 'black widow' spider type of personality and purpose. Her apparent agenda(s) stay true to planting the seeds of manipulation then exiting quickly out of the web she intended for to capture her prey. By planting just enough outrage of truth (by real truth revealed) she captures the ignorant who dwell in partial truth, persuades them in her language and decent...then has her captured and adoring audience to spread her venom and fame. Classic. Most men fall for it because of her looks. So the fruit of not mentioning AIPAC, ADL, ZOA, etc is the professional sell out she really is, in fact she makes clear that Zionist are not to blame in this video. A Jewess queen of anarchy in the most subtle way. The fact that she is able to work out of DC (deception capitol) and is accepted by msm...What she did with RT (aka moral compass) was to boldly condemn Russia on a Russia Today platform which was cloaked in some kind of righteous indignation that was all-by-design-bought-and-paid-for treachery. A moral compass makes no yield to lies.

greencrow said... have successfully avoided and distracted from any discussion of the truth of what Abby Martin was saying about Palestine in the this on purpose?

james@wpc said...

Good call-out, Greencrow, but in fairness to Wallflower, anon started it and first pulled you into the distracting narrative and then Wallflower followed.
Abby Martin is first and foremost a journalist which means we should treat her (and every journalist) as a . . . . journalist. The primary motivation for any journalist is to have a job to make money. To do that they have to promote themselves. That's job #1 because from their point of view, no job means no money and no platform to tell stories truthful or not.

So self promotion #1 and story #2. If we are lucky the story is true . . . mostly . . . within the constraints of the job.

We amateurs do not have these constraints but then we don't have the same platforms. So, not defending anyone but just pointing out reality.

Anywaaaay, excellent video, Greencrow, and thanks for putting it up. The hypocrisy and cruelty of the israelis is off the scale and the more people know the better.

greencrow said...

Thanks James. I can always rely on you to provide a calm, judicious analysis. And I DO appreciate it, always!

james@wpc said...

Thank you, Greencrow. I have spent the last year having intermittent contact with an investigative type journalist and the experience is reflected in my previous comment. It was a learning curve!

The video you put up has a very valuable message and that is probably why anon turned up so quickly to make the conversation about the messenger instead of the message. Each video should be judged on its merits. You can't be expected to be a judge on everything every journalist does and why.

greencrow said...

Anon was a troll...and I knew what the strategy was right away. Drag everyone down to their level is what their overall strategy is...everywhere and all the time.

greencrow said...


Regarding what Abby actually said that was so dangerous to the perps...she eloquently described the day-to-day oppression of the Palestinians...which shows how relatively pacifist the Arabs are that they would put up with intense violent oppression for over 50+ years.

But what she and the interviewer did was question the original premise of the occupation. THAT was the big No No. They briefly went over the history of why Israel was chosen for the Zionist project. When Abby said..."Why didn't they set it up in Australia?" Well, that really is thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

"Anon was a troll". No, I'm just not a sycophant like you clearly are, get over yourself please and stop being a groupie for media people. We should be holding media people accountable, not making excuses for them because they throw some crumbs like you shamefully did, greencoward(or maybe greenapologist fits better)

james@wpc said...

Kenya was seriously proposed at one point and there was always Birobidzhan. But only Jerusalem would do for the bankers. It has that certain necessary cachet for ruling the world from.

Abby could do with some serious research on the history of israel and would be able to make even more telling arguments.

I think it is a common mistake to think journalists are fairly well informed. I tended to think that but my experience has led me to realise that they are not well informed at all. And that makes a certain sense as they live inside their own propaganda bubble and it is not in their interests to learn that they are wrong on most things.

greencrow said...

Someone who calls another a "coward" anonymously

greencrow said...

Hi James:

I believe there still are a couple of "Plan B's" on the planet...New Zealand and Tasmania being two of them. Abby is young and she lacks experience. But perhaps if she HAD experience she would never have reported so honestly on what she experienced during her month in Israel.

james@wpc said...

" But perhaps if she HAD experience she would never have reported so honestly on what she experienced during her month in Israel."

Haha, good point, Greencrow. I have found that the more you know, the more complicated it gets. Which is an arithmetical thing; the more facts, often the more variables and therefore the more complicated.

But (and to get more general), it is possible to simplify the more complex problem from there. It means creating higher order concepts, though, which you often appeal to in your writing, Greencrow.

For an example of that, par excellence, I recommend people listen to Jordan Peterson's talks - especially his biblical lecture series or anything on mythology . . . or Jung. I could go on. Did I say I'm a big fan of his?

But (again), here's the problem. Few people can wrap their minds around increasingly higher order concepts because this takes high IQ coupled with high diligence or 'conscientiousness' in Peterson's terminology. That doesn't leave a lot of people.