Friday, August 25, 2017

Space Hoax Update: Including more BS about Western Efforts to "Soft Land" Rockets fired into Space

Spacex Logo
Coinkydynk or not?  Spacex and Hoax 
both end with "x"

NOTE TO READERS: August 26, 2017 Yesterday, Northerntruthseeker posted a link to this post and also two very good videos that delve into conclusive detail regarding the Lunar Hoax.  Please visit the above link and avail yourself of the Hoax busting knowledge available in those videos.

Trying to figure out what's really going on in contemporary Western space exploration is like trying to figure out a magician's stage trick while it's still in progress.  There's a lot of smoke, mirrors, sound and fury [not to mention very good graphics and animation] distracting from what is and has always been a Grand Illusion...a massive, taxpayer-funded, budget-busting extortion, fraud and ongoing hoax which has been perpetrated on the Western sheeple by the "usual suspects". It all started in the early 1960's, coinkadynkally, just within a year or so following the Israeli/CIA/Mossad assassination of US President John F. Kennedy.  The Lunar Landing project was, in a now familiar cruel perversion of fact, even dedicated to the slain president.

History will ultimately show that NASA has been one of the greatest successes of the Ziofascist perps--since they began to occupy the government of what used to be the United States but which I now refer to as "Usrael" after they assassinated JFK.  The Lunar Hoax [aka Apollo Program]...was a very successful distraction from the fallout of the assassination...The lying Warren Commission, the Imperial Wars in Vietnam and elsewhere.

It has only been in the last decade or so that the truthers have examined NASA's lunar exploits with the same blinkerless lens that we've examined the 9/11 atrocity and discovered the Apollo missions to be shocking and "in your face" lies--all the duct tape on the Lunar Module--being just the tip of the Lunar Hoax.  The recent rise of so-called "flat earth society" Internet trolls are, IMO, an effort to keep a lid on this small but steadily growing spin-off from the 9/11 Truth Movement.  I, myself have trolls spamming one of my Blog posts on the Lunar Hoax on a daily basis.  As an aside, how is that Google can monitor the entire Internet, yet can't eliminate the slimy trolls that infest Blogger's comments?  You might will arsk.

Anyhoooooo...back to the thesis of this post--which is to provide an "update" to the hoax Space Exploration issue.  A brief review of current headlines on the topic will indicate that the perps are attempting to "privatize" the "star making machinery" (as Joni Mitchell would say) behind NASA [Never a Straight Answer].  Experience tells me that this "privatization" is the regular default of any government when a bureaucracy becomes an embarrassment or potentially scandal-ridden burden.  In this case privatizing the Space Agency is a pre-emptive strike in an effort to avoid the inevitable embarrassment and scandal if/when the Sheeple ever wake up to NASA's monumental 1969 moon landing hoax.  If the truth ever comes out--the government of the day will be able to distance itself from the criminal, extortion and fraud by saying:  "Oh...that [the lunar hoax] was done by NASA...which is has been phased out.  NOW we have a new agency and the new agency would NEVER trick you, folks."  But, IMO, the new agency will continue the legacy of the same old lies because the sad truth is that manned space ships cannot travel beyond the radiation of the Van Allen belts.

Spacex starts lying by pretending it has capacity to "soft land" rockets

Readers, I want to you view the video included in this story by "Mashable" and tell me if you actually see a rocket land on a ship's deck.  I know, I know, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors that indicate that such an event happened...but DID YOU ACTUALLY SEE IT?!  No.  The perps still think we're as stupid as we were back in 1969!

And read this story about the new Spacex Space Suit design:

Spacex Space Suit

Here is a snippet from the Vancouver Province Newspaper.  Please read and I will have final thoughts and comments to follow:

.....The unveiling comes as SpaceX and aeronautics giant Boeing each have struggled to meet deadlines for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, a cost-savings partnership between the agency and private industry focused on facilitating travel to the space station. It could be 2019 before either is certified to fly astronauts there, although both hope to conduct their first crewed test flights next year.

Boeing, maker of the Starliner space capsule, unveiled its minimalist “Boeing Blue” spacesuit in January. Like the new SpaceX suit, Boeing’s product is lighter, and more tailored and flexible, than the cumbersome gear NASA astronauts have worn since the 1960s.

That’s because they’re built for a distinctive mission. For commercial flights to and from the space station, these suits will be worn during launch and reentry, or if a problem occurs causing the capsule to depressurize. As Thuy Ong notes for the Verge, this gear is specifically not intended for spacewalks, so it doesn’t need to provide the same bulky protection from dust and debris, or temperature fluctuation."

Yes, the above snip from the news report, viewed through the post 9/11 truth lens, is chock-ablock full of BS and bafflegab.  The "partnership" between NASA, Spacex and Boeing is code for "privatization"...ironically I just read yesterday that "Blackwater" CEO is talking about "privatizing the war on Afghanistan".  I guess if you "privatize" something--it's like defumigating or sanitizing it.  Whatever.  BTW, the Russians are in charge of who travels to the International Space Station.  They designed and built it and then foolishly shared the technology with the an effort to ingratiate themselves.  But it didn't work.  All the perps did was exploit the Space Station, pretending it was an American project.  The agreement between Russia and the US to share the ISS is up in a few years and I doubt, considering the current Western manufactured diplomatic crisis between the US and Russia...sanctions and will be extended.

So, I submit we can forget sending US astronauts to the "International" Space Station in 2019.  Now, carefully read the BS about the Space Suit design in the "news" report.  Note that they say it's not built for Spacewalks but just to wear on "commercial flights to and from the space station and for launch and re-entry".  I must say they look very sleek, futuristic and "Sci-fi"...which is what NASA/Spacex is all about anyway.  In previous posts about the Space Hoax Industry, I have shared that I actually saw a real NASA space suit once in a museum in the United States.  I was standing there, in front of the glassed-in display case with a complete stranger, a young man.  We were both looking at the space suit, which appeared to be made out of flimsy "sail cloth".  We both simultaneously broke into snickers and laughter and we both agreed that that suit NEVER left terra firma.

The most important function of any space suit would be to protect the wearer from the radiation that abounds in space...particularly radiation from the Van Allen Radiation Belts...which actually, truth be known, function as prison bars on Planet Earth.  The powerful radiation emitting from those belts prevent man (as he is currently biologically constituted) from EVER successfully travelling beyond Earth's orbit to outer space.  Any true space suit would have to address this profound conundrum...[like have several feet of protective lead between the humans and the radiation] so, in that regard, the above Spacex design from what is written about it in the above a massive fail.

Still, as I say, the design is very sleek and futuristic and very Sci Fi.  Which is all that is really required to be successful in contemporary "Space Exploration" far as the perps are concerned anyway.


Northerntruthseeker said...

THANKS for the heads up on this one, Crow.... I may add this one to my own blog as I am working on a new article that covers both the SPACE X bullshit but also some revelations through an interview conducted by James Fetzer sometime ago on the Apollo Moon Hoax...

I see that you have trolls like I do... I find them hilarious at times as they do come out from under the bridges periodically for laughs...

greencrow said...

Hi NTS: Go ahead and add the info on SpaceX ...son of any research you may have on the Apollo Moon hoax. We need to work on raising awareness of this systemic preying on people's gullibility and vulnerability...because it crosses so many lines.

Yes, I have the trolls, and they predominately prey on my lunar hoax posts...which tells us something, I guess.