Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"Situational Awareness" vs. Trump's Foreign Policy of "Strategic Incoherence"

Trump's Foreign Policy - "Strategic Incoherence"

Eight months into Trump's presidency, I'm finally beginning to get a handle on what he's all about.  I mean, he's been all over the map re foreign and domestic policy during and after his election.  Like a moving target, nobody can figure him out.  The most I've been able to figure out prior to this most recent that I now know why Trump had to declare bankruptcy several times in his business career.  He bites off more than he can chew and he makes promises he can't keep.

In other words, he's a Big talking fraudster and that's why he was able to climb to the top in the real estate business.  I mean, what's the difference between promising the tallest building in a city and the longest wall on a continent. Nothing, right?  So long as you can get someone else to pay for it.  Trump doesn't have the emotional or intellectual capacity to switch gears now that he's president.  He still can't strategize more than 10 years down the road--certainly not considering future generations.  Critics call him a bully...and suddenly switching sides on an issue and expecting to drag everyone else along with you certainly has elements of bullying.  But Trump's main strategy...which also employs bullying as a to be "strategically incoherent".  It's not an accident that he can't give a speech beyond grade 6 comprehension.  Keeping his words simplistic and deliberately vague is part of his strategy of incoherence.

With his predecessors...the diabolical puppet twins, Bush and least they could state a policy and then follow through.  At least, AFTER they gained the presidency...before that, of course they said what they thought the people wanted to hear...and after their election they said what the cabal wanted them to say.  Trump, to an extent has done this as well.  BUT he has also flipped back and saying all along he "wants to have a good relationship with Russia"...then signing more sanctions against Russia into law.  Just the other day Trump repeated that he still thinks the US can have good relations with Russia.  Incoherence at its most profound.

Then there was the off hand remark to the press that he was going to respond to North Korea's frantic behavior in the face of the US and South Korea running military/naval "drills" off its coast with "fire and fury".  From CNN:

Washington (CNN)The month of August has been a roller coaster of fluctuating tensions for the US and North Korea, accentuated by a war of words between the leaders of both nations.Trump says 'all options on table' after North Korea fires missile over JapanAt times, President Donald Trump's words have nearly mirrored the notoriously aggressive threats of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and at others he seems to suggest signs of progress toward hopes of a diplomatic resolution.

The problem with this kind of incoherent foreign policy is that it provokes matching unpredictability in other countries--as they lose trust in the United States's capacity to behave responsibly according to International Law--common sense and/or logic.  Of course, the United States is now the most feared country in the world, according to at least two world wide polls taken on the topic.  That fear is the result of decades of gratuitous warmongering against militarily vulnerable but resource-rich smaller nations.  What Trump is doing by pursuing an incoherent foreign policy is force the rest of the world [ROTW] into a corner and force targeted nations to consider pre-emptive strikes of their own against the Bullying Behemoth that the US has morphed into over the past 50 years...ever since it became occupied by its "wag the dog" Ziofascist handlers.  But the support of its strategy of willfully blind to "cause and effect" in the way the rest of the world views it.

A case in point illustrating a possible pre-emptive strike would be the still unexplained incident in the seas off Singapore on August 21, 2017.  For some still unexplained reason, a US Destroyer, the significantly named "USS John S. McCain", lost it's "situational awareness" and caused the fourth in a series of similar collisions with unhostile vessels (or the ocean floor). Please read the following and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

USS John S. McCain

The following report from RT describes the three other recent US naval collision blamed on "situational awareness"

situational awareness

On June 17, seven American sailors were killed following a collision between the destroyer ‘USS Fitzgerald’ and a Philippine-flagged container ship some 56 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka, Japan. The ship’s commander and executive officer were relieved of their duties following the probe into the incident, which was blamed on loss of “situational awareness” and poor seamanship.

Another notable incident involving US Navy ships occurred in January, when the guided-missile cruiser ‘USS Antietam’ ran aground in Tokyo Bay near the port of Yokosuka, Japan. No one was injured during the grounding, but the vessel damaged both its propellers and spilled 1,100 gallons of hydraulic oil, prompting environmental concerns.

In an incident not connected to the Seventh Fleet, the guided-missile cruiser ‘USS Lake Champlain’ crashed into a 60-ft South Korean fishing boat in May. No one was injured during the open sea incident.

Summary and Conclusions:

While there have been no results from the US Navy investigation into the USS John S. McCain collision yet, according to senior officers, the possibility of a foreign hacking into the computer radar systems of the vessel is not going to be excluded from the investigation.  The US Navy has called for a "pause" in operations until the cause of the latest collision is determined.

Well, I would not doubt the possibility of stealth "Khibiny"-type weaponry being used to disrupt US "drills" in the hotly contested and crowded seas of South East Asia.  We know the Russians, for one, have developed just such weapons as a less catastrophic alternative to open conflict. 

I would also not doubt that Russia has shared it's "Situational Awareness" weaponry with its allies in the region, as a way of combating the US's policy of "Strategic Incoherence" on a low level basis.  The two policies go hand in hand.  If an enemy is throwing you off balance by being psychotically unpredictable...what better defense/response than diminishing that enemy's "situational awareness"?

It is not likely that such a response will correct psychopathic behavior...but at the very might cause the perpetrators to "pause" and reflect on whether the playing field has been surreptitiously tilted beneath them and/or whether they have the physical/military capacity to respond with "fire and fury".  At the very least, this gives the targeted countries and the ROTW a breathing space from the never-ending psychopathic threat of nuclear Armageddon.


BuelahMan said...

I warned everyone that contrary to what they heard from Trump's lips (and felt obligated,... no, compelled, to BELIEVE him because, why? He said it?????) he is the same as the others. Controlled by the jew. But in Trump's case, he is a conman... an actor who knows how to blow smoke up everyone's ass (except mine, apparently).

Here you go trying to explain it and not even mention the word jewish control and influence.

You should be very clear, unless you are simply unaware (which would be impossible simply from my input here): jewish power and control are what handles Trump. It is what made him bankruptcy king. It is what made him the suggested real estate magnate (who goes bankrupt pretty often). It made him a TV star and celebrity. jew POWER is what made him POTUS.

Trump is what the jews made. Trump does what the jews tell him to do and how and when and why and where....


greencrow said...

Did you think Hillary was better, BuelahMan? If so, how? The "choice" was between two very compromised candidates. The only difference was that Trump did not YET have blood on his hands...of course he bloodied them soon after his election with his bombing of the Syrian military base on no evidence whatsoever...which is precisely when I gave up on him.

What my thesis is in my post is that it would appear that the Russians (and perhaps their allies) are in possession of a weapon which is the military equivalent of a needle full of "knock out" drug delivered by a psychiatrist into the backside of a raging psycho in a insane asylum. The weapon temporarily incapacitates the entity and prevents it from engaging in violent behavior. My thesis is that this is a genius approach to warfare and...if I may extrapolate, very "Putinesque".

BuelahMan said...

Did you think Hillary was better, BuelahMan?

Written, perfectly, like a believer in the system.

The "choice" was no real choice. They presented that despicable hag against another lying neocon, jew controlled Bush-Obama same old same old. They did this to make sure ppl would vote for Trump.

Of course she wasn't better and I told you that before.

My entire focus has been NEVER AN R OR D AGAIN.

I am saying stop participating in a rigged system that makes anyone that participates a fool who is forced to ask a silly question like your first one.