Tuesday, August 22, 2017

UPDATED: Joaquin Flores says Russian Weapon "Khibiny" may be behind US Navy Global Operations "Pause"

UPDATE:  August 22, 2017 RT is reporting that as a result of the USS John S. McCain collision with the Liberian Oil Tanker, the Admiral of the 7th Fleet will be removed from his command tomorrow.
Russian Jets Buzz over USS "Donald Cook"
in April, 2014.  Was the Cook
electronically disabled by Khibiny?

Yesterday, as I posted in my CawRANT Events #52, speculation arose about the cause of the latest collision (the fourth in several months) between a US naval ship and a unhostile vessel.  It is extremely unlikely that happenstance accounted for this series of similar unfortunate events.  But here is the official story from the Lega$y Media. First, the "Official Story" from the CBC.

RT is reporting roughly the same version.  As we're all aware...global geopolitics is very much like an iceberg....only a tiny fraction appears on the surface.  It is in the interests of ALL states to maintain their citizens like a mushroom crop...kept in the dark with Sh!t thrown on them. So, keeping this in mind...it is important for non-sheeple to keep an open mind about the causes of this latest accident.  The timing is very suspicious...just as the US Navy is setting forth to conduct a very provocative "drill" in the disputed waters of South East Asia.

The as yet unexplained "accident" has resulted in an unprecedented "pause" in all US naval actions.  As Joaquin Flores notes...this is the real "tell".  To completely pause all naval activities all over the world is prima facie evidence that there is a systemic concern resulting from the event.  Please read the following post of geopolitical analyst, Joaquin Flores and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

From Fort Russ

"BREAKING: US Navy orders halt to all global operations after 'incident'
August 21st, 2017 - Fort Russ News - 
by Joaquin Flores for FRN - 

In the daily chronicle of the imploding US empire, this particular story of the day is sure to send shockwaves. Several hours ago, various international news agencies, have reported the following. The Independent writes, in part:

"The US Navy has ordered a "worldwide operational pause" after a warship crashed into a merchant vessel in Singapore. Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson called for the one-day pause for a safety review to be carried out over the next few weeks within the separate commands.

The USS John McCain collided with an oil tanker off the coast of the Asian island in the early morning of 21 August resulting in five injuries and 10 missing sailors. It comes just a few months after the USS Fitzgerald's collision with a container ship on 17 June 2017. Seven sailors were killed in that crash, some as young as 19 years of age.

It is the fourth accident to happen involving the US Navy in the Pacific theatre, which prompted Mr Richardson to say in a statement that the Navy needs to "ensure we are taking all appropriate immediate measures to enhance the Navy's safe and effective operation around the world."

Certainly this will lead to all sorts of speculation. Quite a bit of this speculation will probably pan out. Quite a bit of it won't. These collisions may indeed be more than just a coincidence.

There was the October 27th, 2015 incident, Voltaire reported then:

"A Tupolev 142 made numerous approaches to the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, which was working on manœuvres with the 7th fleet and the South Korean Navy to the East of the peninsula.

Since April 2014, the Russian Air Force has engaged in a number of actions aimed at testing their system for scrambling NATO communications and commands.

This time, the US Navy sent up several of its planes before the Russian Tupolev scrambled the US communications and commands, so that they were finally able to chase the intruder away. However, the Tupolev got as close as 500 feet from the aircraft carrier without either the carrier or the 7th fleet being able to react, which proved that Russia is now able to destroy a NATO flagship."

The June 17th incident was also quite fantastic. But there was also the incident on or about May 31st 2015. In that case as reported by state news agency RIA, Russian military aircraft were scrambled to head off a U.S. warship in the Black Sea that was acting, in RIA's words, "aggressively".

And prior to this was the April 2014 incident involving the USS Donald Cook. In this case, it appears the Russians were successful in scrambling the electronics. The US has previously officially acknowledged that the Russian Federation is quite ahead of the US in terms of EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) weapons. The Russian weapon is apparently called 'Khibiny'.

"The State Department acknowledged that the crew of the destroyer USS Donald Cook has been gravely demoralized ever since their vessel was flown over in the Black Sea by a RussianSukhoi-24 (Su-24) fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare device."

There have been several other similar incidents as well.

Russia may or may not be involved in this incident. The US has several problems with competency in the military, and it also has numerous geo-political opponents that are quite capable. The Iranians, for example, possess the Magrav which effectively operates similarly to the Khibiny. But we may even hear this recent incident used in some corridors in Washington, whether stated publicly or not, to make center-piece a decisive and immediate action on Russia.

The US is more than aware of the problem it has on its hands, even from wargames. The Nimitz class carrier (Big Stick) Theodore Roosevelt was electronically disabled by a Magrav-like event and limped into Portsmouth unannounced: a French sub went entirely undetected, and disabled the American fleet in war games.

There's a larger picture here, outside of the intrigues of specific military tech. And this really had us thinking - what would news of things be that were obvious symptoms, even belated symptoms, of the Empire's collapse?

How would they couch the end to US military operations around the world? What really got us thinking this is - think about it - why would they halt all global operations, for an accident?

That makes no sense on the face of it - though I'm sure there's some technical reasons they will publicly state. But halting all operations globally will certainly cause independent analysts to infer that, given the cost vs. benefits of freezing operations, let alone the public perception- with this in mind, operations were still put on pause which seems to mean there is an unpredictable and uncontrollable threat to the US Navy worldwide. Or, they want the public to believe so.

That seems like an awful huge step that sends an awful huge message. It raises questions to us, like, what did they actually hit? How many really died?

Why wouldn't they just halt operations on that region, or even just halt operations on that 'lane'. Why globally?

In general, what's being proven here, and what also explains the US strategy for world domination following WWII, was to use its Navy to dominate countries without adequate defenses. But with adequate defenses, and some creativity, they are today relegated to the status of giant sitting ducks. In war games, Iran effectively demonstrated its ability to use very small craft to overwhelm and take out a US-type battleship.

See, this reeks of asymmetrical warfare. And yet, instead of going on 'full alert', and doubling down on Naval deployments - rather than increasing them or making at least a bold-if-empty statement about 'resolve' or 'professionalism', we have this very sad-sack 'halt' on global operations.

This may be what an asymmetrical 'retreat' sounds like. As you know, the US, in the image it normally likes to sell the public, never loses. Even when the First Marine Division during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War was spanked by the Chinese, Maj. Gen. Oliver Prince Smith is claimed to have said: "Retreat, Hell! We're simply attacking in another direction".

Did the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John M. Richardson put the entire US navy out of operation(s), or did ... the rest of the world?"

The relative silence of the Legacy Media (particularly the BBC) to this extraordinary event says it all.  I always like to read the BBC's take on these anomalies and then work backwards through their lies and omissions to get at the truth.   I call this process "drilling the message"  or, more accurately, "drilling the message drill".  This morning, the BBC is downplaying the incident...relegating the story sub-headline and the discussion largely to a "mopping up" exercise.  Mention is made, however, of a "twitter" reference by an Admiral to a "possible cyber attack".

Adm. John Richardson

2 clarify Re: possibility of cyber intrusion or sabotage, no indications right now...but review will consider all possibilities


james@wpc said...

One of these "incidents" is unusual enough but four in eight months is a campaign. Obviously, something links them together and the US Navy has confirmed that by suspending all naval operations.

I do not recall the retired US Navy admiral's name but a decade ago he announced that the navy had two types of ships - submarines and targets. This comment was in response to the Russian Sunburn missiles. The trouble is for the Russians is that the Sunburn is an all or nothing weapon. It now seems they have another weapon that lends itself to incremental increases in deployment. How sad for the Empire.

Joachim Flores is one the top analysts around.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Thanks for your astute comment. Yes, the Khibiny is so nebulous...so silent and invisible...so covert and devious... that for the US to come out and accuse Russia of using it (if they have) it would appear that the entire US government has all donned tinfoil caps. That's the genius of it...if it exists. The CIA has brainwashed the entire Western societies to despise "Conspiracy Theories". So now, how can they proffer this one without looking like complete fools?! Hoist on their own petard!

greencrow said...

Yes, James, Joaquim Flores has a lot of credibility in the alternative media. I have been reading his analyses for years and he's usually a bit ahead of the curve on most issues.

greencrow said...


Here is the latest rationale for the USS John S. McCain collision.

And here is my first post on the Khibiny from way back in November, 2014


james@wpc said...

Apologies to Joaquim for misspelling his name :)

Yes, I read that Russian fighter buzzed the USS Donald Duck for a full 90 minutes. The Donald Duck was conducting joint manoeuvres with the Romanian Navy. Embarrassing! So it was a Russian message to the Romanians as well as the US.

Aah, that Russian sense of humour!

greencrow said...

RE the USS Donald...if that had been admitted and properly investigated by the US ...it would have probably saved the lives of the sailors who have since died in the Fitzgerald and McCain collisions.

Someone is criminally negligent here...but we'll never find out who.