Saturday, August 12, 2017

Gulf Island Cruise 2017 - Epilogue and Catalogue

Sails Raised - The "Main" and the "Genny"
Setting out to Sail Back to Vancouver
Across Georgia Strait

We're back and unpacked from our yearly Gulf Island Cruise and the crew are recovering nicely.  I hope my "virtual crew" [you readers who I took along, via the Internet] are also resting comfortably.  It was a pleasure having you along and your presence made the trip even more meaningful, adding an element of sharing and mentoring in the "sport" of sailing a small craft through familiar waters.  At our ages, we don't know how many more of these sails we will be able to passing down the information and experience to others is key.

When we re-entered the Port of Vancouver after our eight hour sail/motor across Georgia Strait in calm waters, we felt as if we were entering a war zone or the aftermath of a "Nuclear holocaust" dense was the smoke from the wildfires blazing in the BC Interior.  In all our 45 years on the West Coast, we've never seen so much smoke.

Port of Vancouver, and City Outline
Shrouded in Smoky Haze from BC Forest Fires

There must be a lot more forest fires in the interior than we are being told.  Just yesterday, the BC government issued a complete ban on anyone entering the BC Back Country. Of course, as the Captain said, the winds are blowing from the opposite direction of normal for this time of year, which has resulted in the smoke blowing towards metro Vancouver.  Anyway, today for the first time in 6 weeks, there are "real" clouds in the sky and a slight prediction of rain for tomorrow.  One thing I meant to mention...throughout all these weeks of smoky overcast...there have been NO chemtrails.  I have looked for them every day and detected none through the orangey-grey haze.  Wonder WHO makes these decisions.  Who decides: "Hey, we have enough haze down there in the Pacific North let's move the chemtrail program to, say, Hawaii"...or some such?

As we look ahead to the last few weeks of summer 2017, I see some dark, geopolitical clouds on the horizon. There's the usual late August, early September fear of a major False Flag.  This annual psychological terror time period has been with us since at least 9/11.  This year it comes in the form of an EMP [electro-magnetic pulse] threatThe EMP threat carries with it the entire catalogue of contemporary fears...loss of electricity for daily needs, darkness and immobility due to no fuel supply for our cars...and, perhaps worst of ALL...loss of access to our cell phones and Internet devices...will we even be human anymore without instant connectivity to the Internet???!!!

So, as we brace ourselves for this seasonal terrorist rite of passage...let me again thank my 'virtual crew' for your patience, forbearance, interest and support during our humble voyage and, for those who like to reminisce...I have provided below two maps of the geographic area and catalogue of links to posts made during the sailing cruise:

Map #1 Sailing from home port near
Coquitlam down Burrard Inlet
UNDER Lions Gate Bridge
to Bowen Island (Snug Cove)

Map #2 - Our Route - from Vancouver
across Georgia Strait to Gabriola then
through Gulf Islands down to Sidney then
back up to Nanaimo and return to Vancouver

2017 Sailing Itinerary

Part Six - Dog Daze of Summer, Port Sidney Harbour, Vancouver Island

Part Eight - The Captain Speaks, Ladysmith Harbour Vancouver Island*

Part Ten - And the Winner Is:  Nanaimo, BC Vancouver Island 

Part Eleven - Shine On You Crazy Diamonds, on board the "Limerence" in Georgia Strait

*Some posts were saved and published later due to connectivity issues


BuelahMan said...

Has Fukushima caused massive fish die-offs? Or has Rense lost his mind?

greencrow said...

Hi BuelahMan:

I don't know what Rense has been saying lately. Can you specify what he's said about Fukushima and/or the fish die off? Yes, there are less fish generally speaking on the West Coast these days. It's difficult to say whether it's climate (warmer waters) related, pollution related (all that plastic swirling around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) or radioactivity from Fukushima.

With all the combined assaults on our planet, it's a wonder there are any fish left at all...and I have predicted in the past that "wild" fish as we have known them will disappear during my lifetime.