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UPDATED: Fascist Entities--Unable to Attract Tourism to their own "Nations"--Strike at Yet another Tourist Mecca!

UPDATED: August 19, 2017 - BREAKING NEWS - RT is reporting that bombing the Iconic Catholic Church. La Sagreda Familia in Barcelona was "Plan A" for the terrorists who, instead, rammed a rented Van into tourists strolling on Las Ramblas in Barcelona.  If you read my post below you will see that I have predicted for over a year now that this "Most Beautiful Building in the World"...Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece, will forever be a target for the diabolical, evil perps--who have been behind all atrocities from 9/11 onwards.

Green with Envy over Tourist Wealth that
has avoided their Rats Nests for decades
Perps decide to directly attack Tourist Meccas

Everyone is talking about the latest False Flag in Barcelona, Spain.  ISIS has officially taken "credit" for whatever happened there--the facts of which are, as per usual--shrouded in an onion skin of lies, half truths and disinformation.  We even have the shopworn story about the conveniently dropped "passport" of the Arabic patsy.  They really ARE running out of ideas!  And just today, there is yet another attack in another tourist area of Spain...a beach 120 km south of Barcelona.

Here is the official story from the CBC.  RT has also reported on the False Flag and have connected the dots between the Barcelona attack and four other similar attacks in European Hot Spots:

"5 terror attacks in Europe when vehicles were rammed into pedestrians (VIDEOS
Published time: 17 Aug, 2017 17:58


Last summer (2016) after the Nice, France attack, I published a couple of posts where I blamed the recent spate of "tourism/terrorism" on simple greed and envy.  After all, standing back and/or flying high like a crow...and observing the situation, it's obvious what's going on here.  Some "entity" is very jealous of the mega bucks being amassed by certain European tourist meccas and is trying to destroy this overflowing and never-ending fountain of riches.  One after another, the entity has picked off the tourist hot spots....Germany during Oktoberfest, France during the high season on its Mediterranean beaches and Barcelona on the Ramblas.  It's not rocket science's all about destruction of local (national) economies...and here's the important angle.  It is also an attack on nationalism itself...the national culture of the country is under attack.

Having visited Barcelona and walked along the Ramblas, I can say that Barcelona is one of the treasures on this planet and a "must visit" for any would-be tourist.  The huge cathedral "la Sagrada Familia" designed by Antoni Gaudi is spectacular on the outside but particularly on the inside where, with its incredible stained glass walls and parabolic light flooding the has a transcendent, unearthly beauty.  I have written about it previously.  Significantly, and ominously, it's design includes four huge facades, one of which is a depiction of the Crucifixion of Christ--with the inscription over the cross (in Spanish) "Behold Jesus, the King of the Jews".  When I saw that inscription during my stroll around the church...I thought "Oh no.  That's like a red flag to a bull".

La Sagrada Familia
I hope to return to Barcelona when
this "most beautiful building in the world"
is finished and celebrated in 2026

With the aging of the Western Population...and the seniors finally having lots of time and, more importantly, money in their pensions, for travel...the race/contest is on for attracting these millions of dollars in cruises and excursions.  Westerners haven't been provided (by the complicit M$M) with numbers regarding the various nations' incomes from tourism...but I will bet that tourism has suffered immensely in the US and in Israel.  Who would want to holiday in countries constantly in domestic chaos and engendering negative publicity due to incessant warmongering?  Now, WHO would be calculating enough to use cowardly sabotage and False Flags to try and deter some of these tourist dollars from going to nations other than those nations they themselves live in? Well, let's follow the evidentiary crumbs...ISIS has admitted it's behind the terrorist attack.  USrael/Mossad is behind ISIS...ergo. So there is that rather direct connection.  But, less visible but more compelling is the stink that arises from this latest atrocity.  It is the usual stink.  It is the very familiar stink of the "usual suspects".  

In summary, while I agree with the almost unanimous verdict arrived at by the alternative media that Barcelona was yet another false flag.  I believe I'm unique in that I detect that the agenda here is economic, rather than political...or, that it is a combined agenda....with the ultimate aim of destroying and/or redirecting the Tourism Industry in Europe.

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