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UPDATED: Diana - Assassinated by the "Usual Suspects"

UPDATED:  September 1, 2017  I have updated this post significantly with embedded links, details in the Footnote #2 below.


Today is the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and former wife of Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.  Twenty years ago I was in a personal crisis myself, having just been diagnosed with colon cancer.  I had to wait several weeks for surgery and was in an agony of anxiety over the possible implications and outcome of the surgery.  Like Diana, I had two young sons (who were the ages of William and Harry) and certainly had more work to do on this earth before I was ready to "meet my maker".

So, I was spending most of my time in bed, totally immobilized by anxiety and depression.  I had to take the time off work (I was working full time) because I could not concentrate enough to do my job. Hearing about the death of Diana in a car accident shocked me out of my self-imposed immobilization.  Of course, like everyone else...I spent the next few days glued to the TV, watching the re-runs of the scene of the accident...the tunnel in Paris...floodlit at night with flashing lights...and then the funeral in London, with Diana's sons marching somberly behind her coffin.

I will say this.  Right from the moment I heard the news, I knew that Diana had been murdered.  And I knew exactly who the murderers were.  Crazy! here was I a continent away and within split seconds...completely solved the "mystery".  For those too young to remember the controversy I have copied the outline of the "case for assassination" from RT below and will have more thoughts in comments to follow:


Why did Princess Diana's car crash? 20yrs after her death, conspiracy theories abound
Twenty years after Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car crash in France, conspiracy theories endure. With questions around SAS involvement, a mysterious white car and a bright flash just before the accident, some believe her death was not accidental.
Diana’s then-boyfriend Dodi Fayed and chauffeur Henri Paul were also killed in the car crash on August 31, 1997.
While British and French investigations concluded her death was caused by Paul’s reckless driving and the paparazzi dangerously tailing her limousine, RT UK looks at whether any of the conspiracy theories are credible.

Diana was pregnant

Within six months of Diana’s death, Al-Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, who used to own the famous Harrods department store in London, alleged the princess was pregnant. It was also claimed his son had been planning to propose to Diana the night of the crash.
At the inquest, Al-Fayed accused members of the Royal family of plotting to kill Diana for planning to marry and have a child with a Muslim man. He said the British establishment did not want Prince William, the future king, and Prince Harry, to have a Muslim Egyptian stepfather.
The fact that Diana was partly embalmed after her death, a procedure that would make it impossible to test her blood, adds fuel to conspiracy theorists’ fire that Diana was expecting.
Operation Paget, the British police’s investigation into conspiracies on Diana’s death, ran tests on Diana’s blood found in the wrecked Mercedes and said there was no trace of the HCG hormone that indicates pregnancy.

The mysterious white car

Analysis of the wreckage showed Diana’s Mercedes had come into contact with a white Fiat Uno, based on traces of paint on the car’s bodywork.
The exact car has never been traced, after French police eliminated more than 4,000 similar vehicles.
Al-Fayed claimed that French photographer James Andanson, who owned a similar Fiat Uno, was behind the wheel and was also a secret services agent. The inquest heard Andanson had produced evidence he was at home in Lignieres, 177 miles south of the French capital, at the time of the crash.

Andanson was found dead, around 400 miles from his home, in a burned out BMW at a forest near the town of Nant, France, in May 2000.
Authorities concluded the cause of death was suicide. This is contested by his family.
The Metropolitan Police’s Paget report disclosed that when the car was found, his body was in the driver’s seat, but his head had been detached and lay between the front seats.

The ‘flash before the crash’

Following the crash, the Telegraph reported a witness, Brian Anderson, who was a passenger in a passing taxi, saw “a significant flash of light” followed by a “very loud bang” before the crash.
Another witness, Francois Levistre, told the inquest into Diana’s death that he was driving in front of the Mercedes when the flash lit up the underpass “like the light from a speed camera.”
He suggested the flash came from a motorbike which overtook the Princess’ car seconds before impact. He also alleged that one of two people on the motorcycle walked over to the wreckage and gave a “mission accomplished” hand gesture.
Tomlinson suggested at the inquest into Diana’s death that the bright light witnesses had described resembled plans he had seen in 1992 for the assassination of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, using a bright light to cause a traffic accident.
MI6 denied there had ever been a plot to kill Milosevic.

Former MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson suggested at the inquest into Diana’s death in 2008 that security services were monitoring the princess, and her driver Paul may have been an informant.
Paul was the security manager at the Paris Ritz Hotel, also owned by Al-Fayed, and had been employed by the family for a decade. As the theory goes, Paul was paid by MI6 to assassinate Diana.
Tomlinson famously attested that he had seen Paul’s file and could confirm he was an informant.
Paul made just £35,000 a year (US$45,200), but had £250,000 ($323,000) across 15 bank accounts at the time of death, and a significant amount of cash with him when he died, prompting speculation MI6 paid him off.
“I am certain that this money originated from MI6,” Tomlinson told a French judge in 1998.

Seatbelt sabotage

Neither Diana nor Al-Fayed were wearing their seatbelts on the night of the crash.
In 2005, the mangled Mercedes was examined again and all seat belts worked – except for the one Diana should have been wearing.
However, further enquiries discovered the seatbelts were in good working order in a 1998 examination, suggesting the damage occurred after the fatal crash.

Why did Trevor-Rees Jones survive?

Diana’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, was the only survivor of the crash.
Rees-Jones, who was employed by Al-Fayed, suffered severe brain and chest injuries, and every bone in his face was broken. He spent 10 days in a coma.
The former soldier returned to England the following year.
While interviewed four times by French authorities, he said he could not remember the crash.
Responding to claims that he was part of a cover-up, he said: “I am not part of a conspiracy to suppress the truth at all.
“All I have ever done is give the truth as I see it.”

First of all...RT leaves out one huge element to the story...the length of time it took the ambulance carrying Diana to transport her to the hospital.  I believe it took over an hour to get Diana from the scene of the assassination to hospital, which was only a few kilometers away.  During this time, Diana was kept closeted in the Ambulance being "worked on" by so-called paramedics.  Who these individuals were has never been established.  Again, unreported in the article above, there was a doctor who happened upon the "accident scene" moments after it occurred.  He opened the door of Diana's vehicle and spoke with her.  She spoke back.  After making a cursory assessment...this doctor determined that she was not gravely or critically injured.  So, what happened to her in the Ambulance?  WHY did it take so long to get her to the hospital?  

Another element missing from the story is the mix-up of Henri Paul's blood sample which "proved" he was over the limit.  At the inquest held into Diana's death it was testified by lab witnesses that the blood type of the "sample" DID NOT MATCH THE BLOOD TYPE OF HENRI PAUL!!!

You would have thought that that testimony alone would have been a "slam dunk" for a conspiracy to commit murder....but Noooooooooooooooo.  The Perps don't sweat such evidence.  They just ignore it and "move on",

So, I followed the Inquest into the Death of Diana every day on the Internet.  There was an official Inquest website that posted the word-for-word testimony the evening after every days' proceedings.  I read each and every posting.  Every day, the evidence piled up higher and higher, pointing to an assassination and a cover-up--from the highest quarters.  This included the Queen herself, who met with Diana's butler over some "gifts" that Diana had supposedly given him.  This meeting was very suspicious.  The butler later burned some items in a backyard...whatever.  The evidence brought forth in the Inquest reeked and stunk of conspiracy.

Yet, when the verdict was pronounced, it sanitized the entire episode and anyone who dared suggest otherwise was given the frozen stare.  The verdict declared that Diana's death was an "unlawful killing".  This was the strongest verdict that the jurors were allowed to pronounce.  They were not allowed to point to any individuals or agencies as the culprits.  So the fact that no one could be held responsible, doomed the inquiry from the start and eviscerated it of any impact--or justice.  Then, the perp-controlled media took over and whitewashed the verdict and the evidence until what remains is what was reported by RT above.

Why did Diana have to die?  Well that was obvious to even the most casual observer.  She knew she was targeted for death and spoke openly about her "husband planning to kill her in a car accident" for Gawd sakes!  After Diana gave a shockingly honest interview about her failed marriage on the BBC TV show "Panorama"...I knew she was not long for this world.  Diana had given the metaphorical "finger" to the Royals and the British Establishment for far too long.  But, I don't believe that is the only reason why she had to die.  She had to die because she threatened the globalist, Ziofascist perps with her campaign to ban landmines [which they were planting all over the Middle East] and, horrors of all horrors, her relationship with a Muslim...her impending marriage to him...and her pregnancy by him.  THIS is why Diana had to die.  I mean, how could they start a never-ending Middle East War for Israel's Yinon Plan [9/11 was already in the planning stages and would occur just 4 years later] if the British King had a Muslim step-father and half sibling?

Think about it.

Footnote #1:  My cancer surgery was a complete success and I lived to raise my boys...unlike Diana.

Footnote #2:  Readers are advised that, since posting it yesterday, I have added a lot of great links to this post.  They support my contention that Diana (and Dodi and their chauffeur, Henri Paul) were murdered in an assassination plot hatched by the British Establishment and the "Usual Suspects".  The most important link is this one, which includes a link to the documentary film "Unlawful Killing".  I am unable to upload this YouTube video directly to my blog, for some reason.  The reason I have accused "The Usual Suspects" as accomplices in Diana's assassination is because...without the direct and unflinching support of the Jewish owned world wide press, this massive cover up would not have been possible.  Just like the assassinations of JFK, RFK MLK, JFK Jr., Paul Wellstone and many other prominent people who threatened the globalists and the military/industrial complex...Diana's murder could NOT have been carried out and covered up without the main$tream media....owned predominately throughout the West by the "usual suspects".


Ed(itor) said...

Glad you made it... but the Luce media empire brings back its original story to beat down the people who know and wonder...

james@wpc said...

I remember watching that doco and the thing that has remained with me is the disinterest of the journos covering the inquiry and their willingness to spin everything.
I thought it was a brilliant idea on the part of the filmmaker to watch the so-called watchers.

james@wpc said...

The tragedy of Diana's death, in particular, shows the complete fabrication that is our society, it's culture and it institutions. It's all a lie and it is available to see if you just look. But you need to hang onto the truth that you see with 'your own lying eyes' in the face of collective wisdom and official pronouncements.
The trouble is it's not a pretty picture.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Writing the Post about Diana made me quite sad and depressed. I was taken back to that time in history and in my own life when things were quite difficult. The Inquest into her death was totally unable to hide the fact that she had been murdered...the evidence screamed murder...yet the press was and is so powerful that they totally covered it up...and the people did NOT want to know the truth. That was the saddest part. They still do not want to know the truth...and that is the element that is driving humanity downward in this death spiral.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Time magazine should change it's name to Lies Magazine.