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CawRANT Events #52

CawRANT Events #52

Goooood Morning Everybody! It's yet another beautiful, sunny day in the Pacific North West.  Just a few marine clouds in the sky.  It's been virtually dry for the past three months.  We've only had about two days of rain.  That's not a good thing in a rainforest, as I have pointed out many times on this blog.  Rain would be welcome anytime now but at least the forest fire smog is gone.  There have been light but steady winds driving it offshore.

We've settled in back at home after our two week annual sail of the Gulf Islands.  This year, as many of you will remember, we took along our "virtual crew"...GreencrowAsTheCrowFlies" readers.  It was fun having you along and added a certain spice to our trip.  You can revisit our trip and follow our journey by going HERE and clicking on the various ports/posts.

In a recent post I discussed concerns held by myself and many alternate bloggers about Google playing around with our stats and causing wild and improbable fluctuations in same.  Northerntruthseeker and Penny For Your Thoughts, corroborated that this is going on at their "Blogger" platforms as well.  NTS is thinking about going to another platform.  Personally, I like the way that Stephen Lendman's blog looks now that he has left Blogger.  It's a very big step to take and one would certainly have to be confident in the outcome...that it wouldn't be just jumping "from the frying pan into the fire".

But, as usual, there is a never ending wealth of topics to RANT about today so I'd better get started.  First, we have:

Canadian Newz

Newly (s)elected Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Scheer, is trying to create some headlines by saying he's going to shun the "rebel" (right wing?) media from now on.  You'll remember Andrew, he's the OTHER Canadian parliamentarian who's banned from visiting Russia.  The other being Foreign Minister and neo-Nazi supporter Chrystia Freeland.

Andrew still hasn't told Canadians why HE thinks he was chosen as one of the Canadians to be banned by Russia in retaliation for Canada banning some Russians after the illegal Kiev Coup in Ukraine.  Someone commented on one of my posts about Andrew that it was simply because he was the "speaker of the House of Commons" at the time of the banning.  I disagree.  There was a report I found on Google that Andrew met with a delegation of Kiev Junta Ukrainian fundraisers during the group's trip to North America.  That certainly would make more sense than a very stupid singling out of a parliamentarian due to his official position.  Russians aren't that stupid.  In any case, Andrew has kept an unusually low profile since his selection and I believe it's because he knows his career as Leader of the Opposition was stillborn and "dead in the water" from the start.

Still on Canadian news...the NAFTA ["free trade"] negotiations are starting up again.  Everyone knows that if there were ever such a thing as "free trade" you wouldn't need to have a complicated agreement to enforce would just exist between the relevant trading partners.  IMO, the more complicated a trade agreement is...the more phony it is and the more ulterior political motives are involved.  In the case of is and always has been a Trojan Horse for the end goal of the globalist neocons...a North American Union.

North American Union Agenda Escapes Trump

Trump, the bumbling nincompoop, didn't get the memo on the long term agenda of NAFTA and so therefore tried to turn it into a showcase for his "Art Of The Deal" skills. lol.  It has nothing to do with "deals" and business.  NAFTA is a slow and steady erosion of the sovereignty of all three countries involved, Mexico, USrael and Canada.  The Ziofascist Deep State is aghast at how Trump has raised the hackles of the Mexicans ("the Wall") and Canadians (using that old shopworn canard "softwood lumber").  Trump just doesn't "get it" and is a bull in the NAFTA chinashop!

I wish I didn't have to call Trump a "bumbling nincompoop".  Far be it from me to kick the slats out from under the last hope for a global reprieve from WWIII.  The alternative to Trump during the US election and since is terminally corrupt rule by pedophile blackmail and/or the threat of nuclear Armageddon.  Unfortunately, Trump, since his election has been his own worst enemy.  Surely to Gawd he must have learned SOMETHING about the workings of the Deep State by now and received some decent advice on how to counteract them.  But NO! He just lurches from one ridiculous political stance to another.  Slip, Sliding Away....

DAHBOO7 Says "Black Sky Event" Drill
Scheduled for Next Week Will be Staged
to bring about a North American Union

This Week in Celestial Phenomenon History

This week is supposed to be momentous in terms of the juxtaposition of celestial phenomenon and contrived political events.  This has been arranged so that the Sheeple will be in awe and captivated by the "beauty of our weapons".  There's the naval drills supposed to be being held in South East Asia...but now put on "pause" due to the second major naval collision of a US destroyer in three months.  Some are attributing the collisions to a "Donald Cook"-style overpowering of the electronics.  Then there's the "Black Sky Event" described by DAHBOO7 above.  I posted DAHBOO7's video because he says towards the end that one of the goals of the drill is to "bring about a North American Union".  Perhaps there was/is some kind of Celestial False Flag planned for the next week or so...but with the concerns about military viability of the US Navy...this may have been thankfully put on "pause" as well.  When I heard about the second US destroyer being involved in a very suspicious "accident"...I thought of all the "fragging" that went on in the dying days of the Vietnam War.  Just Saying.

Russia being attacked by global financial thieves and warmongers

The longer it goes on and the more blatant it gets, it becomes crystal clear what the end game is of the economic sanctions being leveled at Russia by USrael.  This is out and out warfare to destroy Russia financially.  Here we have Russian Federation Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov slamming the US for its withdrawal of embassy visa services due to the tit for tat reduction in embassy staff initiated by the then "lame duck" Obama.  This financial equivalent of a nuclear attack  goes almost unnoticed in the Legacy Main$tream Media.  So, if the Americans eliminate travel from Russia to the US...then according to tradition...Russia must eliminate American tourism to Russia...and the vassal states will soon follow.

It is a slice to the jugular of Tourism in Russia.  so the end game is to financially castrate, strangle and isolate Russia from global commerce and tourism--the two big moneymakers in contemporary economics.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to mop up in Syria and drive the USrael proxies from their rat's nests and lairs.  Russia is still trying to apply the rules of International Law to the "above the law" entities behind the world's neverending warmongering.  Here's a recent report:


"Russia demands investigation of allegations US and UK supplied chemical weapons to terrorists

Russia demands investigation of allegations US and UK supplied chemical weapons to terrorists. Specifically, chemical weapons confirmed by the OPCW to be in the hands of terrorists in Aleppo and Damascus are said to have derived from the US and UK.

Today, the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Maria Zakharova stated,
“This information requires immediate verification by international bodies. This is not the first time when the western countries, namely, the representatives and the states involved in the US-led coalition, are suspected of supplying and supporting extremist groups, terrorists and militants. The information requires serious attention and immediate verification”.
This crucial information that Russia intends to verify as soon as possible not only validates an OPCW report and mission which signed off on the fact that the Syrian government has not possessed chemical weapons since 2014, but that the terrorists in Syria which have been known to use such weapons may have obtained them via the United States and United Kingdom."


All the Global Distractions (including M$M obsession with Eclipse/"Black Sky Event) are geared to hiding the fact that the West got it's @$$ kicked in Syria:

No matter what the distractions and the Ziohollywood types will fall all over themselves in the creation of manufactured hype...nothing, no NOTHING can hide the truth that the Zios were finally beaten at their own game in Syria.  They have lost for the first time since 9/11.  Here is the proof.  A video of an ISIS fighter telling the camera why he's given up.  In Arabic he says "It's finished".  You tube will not allow me to upload the actual video onto my blog but you can cut and paste the URL below:

ISIS "It's Over".  Video blocked by YouTube

Faced with admitting to the world that they lost...they instead decide to re-write history.

Ever since Donbass stood up to the Kiev Junta Ukraine neo-Nazi batallions in 2014 and defended their ethnic Russian homeland from being take over by the West...the perps have been gnashing their teeth about yet another "Flag" flap.  It seems that the Novorossians used a flag very similar to the one the Confederate soldiers fought under in the Civil War.

Flag of Novorossiya during Recent Ukraine Civil War
wherein the ethnic Russians were victorious

Not wanting to perpetuate any confusion or ambiguity in the Usrael Sheeple, the perps decided to get rid of all symbols of the US Confederate Army, but particularly the flag...which they immediately demonized and tore down from public buildings.  This engendered hysteria, which they have taken to perfection--due to their complete control over the Legacy media... and which is now spreading even to non-Confederate statues and symbols.

Speaking of Novorossia

...or as the name has recently been changed to---Malorossia---I had to laugh recently when I saw that the leader of the Donbass forces in the Ukraine civil war Alexander Zakharchenko, announced that they were going to take some time to re-evaluate the name "Malorossia" as there had been some dissention amongst the population to that name.  So where does that leave the new flag of Malorussia (below) which was supposed to replace the battle flag above?

New Flag of Malorossia???

The reason I find the switcheroo regarding flags because I see the black irony in USrael going to all the trouble to re-write history and denigrate entrenched American History, lore and culture...not to mention Tourist destinations [I, myself, travelled to Gettysburg many years ago and actually stood on the exact spot where Lincoln stood when he gave his "Gettysburg Address"].  So, rather than have Americans "confused" by the use of the (standard and universal) battle flag by the Novorossians...they decided to destroy the image/popularity of the Confederate Battle Flag.  THEN...the Novorossians decided to abandon the use of this controversial battle flag.

Are You Confused Yet? 

Well, if not, then you can consider yourself immune to sheeplefication.  And on that somewhat light note...I leave you "armed and dangerous" to face the events of the coming week!  Bye for now and have a great day!

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