Sunday, August 20, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: CCTV Cameras Actually WORK in Siberian City!

CCTV Camera Footage of Knife Attacker 
being Chased then Shot by Police Officer

Can you imagine the importance of this earth shattering event?!  After decades of newsworthy events failing to be captured on the Omnipresent CCTV installed on every major street corner throughout the actually happened!  In the historic video above, a CCTV camera set up in the remote city of Surgut, Siberia, actually functioned as intended!

In this stunning footage, the camera actually captured the moment when a Russian police officer shot a knife wielding attacker on the run after he attacked several civilians on the street.  Who knew that the CCTV cameras in Surgut, Siberia would out-perform their counterparts in London, Ottawa and even those CCTV cameras surrounding and cloaking the Pentagon--as it was hit by a cruise missile [fired directly into the offices of the budgetary accountants trying to find the trillions of missing dollars from the Pentagon Budget] on 9/11.

With this groundbreaking success...perhaps Russia can share with the world how to set up and maintain CCTV cameras so that they can provide valuable evidence of crimes in progress [as they were designed to do].  The CCTV technicians in Siberia should now be sent to capital cities around the world to share their wisdom and expertise in the cause of public security, justice and truth! 

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