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Philippines Update: Duterte still bad mouthing US....calls it "lousy". Any idea WHY?

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte reminds me of that 60's song by Jim Croce - "Leroy Brown"..."Badder than Ole King Kong...meaner than a junk yard dog"....sang the lyrics.  Just like the Chicago dude "Leroy Brown", Duterte is obsessed with his machismo image...and seems to have a death wish...based on his risky bad mouthing of the US.  Here are the latest headlines and story and I will have more comments to follow:

From RT

‘I’ve seen America, it’s lousy’: Duterte vows never to visit US

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has fired back at US senators who criticized abuses during his ‘war on drugs.’ While the US lawmakers opposed any possible trip by Duterte to America, the leader said he had no intention of visiting the “lousy” country. There will never be a time that I will go to America during my term, or even thereafter,” Duterte said on Friday, as quoted by Reuters.

The Philippine leader was also surprised that the senators would think he was willing to go to the US. “I've seen America and it's lousy,” Duterte said. The statement came in response to Thursday’s hearings at the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission in the US Congress, where senators accused Duterte’s domestic anti-drug campaign of widespread abuses and casualties.

The co-chair of the commission, Jim McGovern, opposed a visit by President Duterte to the US, saying that he would protest such a move due to multiple violations of human rights by the leader. Hitting back at the accusations, Duterte advised Washington to look at its own “sins” and threatened to investigate them, referring to civilian casualties during wars in the Middle East. “It would be good for the US Congress to start with their own investigation of their own violations of the so many civilians killed in the prosecution of the wars in the Middle East,” Duterte stated.

“Otherwise I will be forced to investigate you also. I will start with your past sins.” The possibility of a Duterte visit stems from an April phone conversation between the Philippine leader and his US counterpart, Donald Trump, when Trump invited him to the White House “to discuss the importance of the United States-Philippines alliance.” Back then, Trump also congratulated Duterte for his “unbelievable job on the drug problem.”

The Philippines’ strongman said that nothing can stop his drug crackdown, including a trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) or impeachment. The anti-drug campaign had resulted in more than 7,000 deaths as of March 2017, according to Human Rights Watch.

But is Duterte's hatred of the US based solely on the drug trade that the US CIA controls world wide and uses to weaken and destabilize third world countries like Philippines?  Not so, according to this recent post from The Duran. It appears that the US created, equipped and funded terror proxy group ISIS in Syria is also helping fund ISIS in the Philippines.  Some Internet sleuths have discovered a connection between the two ISIS factions through a network of money transfers.  So we have the same old, same old "Iran Contra Scandal" --drugs for money and weapons for mercenaries sh!t going down.  The CIA truly is a one trick pony.  But it gets away with it time after time due to having the Main$tream (Legacy) media in its back pocket and right now the M$M is focusing the American population on picking the microscopic lint out of the American navel re Russiagate.  Here is the report on the connection between ISIS Syria and ISIS Philippines:

CONFIRMED: ISIS in Syria helps fund ISIS in Philippines

A network of money transfers from ISIS in the Middle East to its syndicates in Asia combined with the drugs trade has allowed ISIS to enrich itself in Philippines.

A new counter-terrorism report from the Indonesian Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict has investigated and confirmed claims that the ISIS insurgency in southern Philippines, particularly on the island of Mindanao is partly funded by ISIS syndicates in the Middle East, including and specifically in the illegally ISIS occupied regions of eastern Syria.

The funds are typically funnelled to South East Asia using conventional means such as Western Union.

A Malaysian man, Dr. Mahmud Ahmad was said to have received $600,000 from ISIS in Syria which he then send to terrorists in southern Philippines.

Thus far, ISIS has been able to avoid being caught by responsible world authorities due to the fact that the funds are used to recruit local insurgents to ISIS who are then encouraged to open up small individual bank accounts which are used to launder and transfer money to fellow terrorists.

The report stated,

“New recruits would take the oath of loyalty (to the terrorist group) and then be asked to open a bank account, the ATM card for which would be given to treasurer of the local cell, who often had several at once in his or her possession”.

The ‘bottom-up’ approach ISIS uses to fund its activities have thus far been largely successful for the notorious terrorist group. The phenomenon of small account holders pinging small and medium sized transfers to other nondescript personal accounts around the world has largely escaped the red flags of the international banking system which typically looks for suspicious large transfers between parties of interest.

The report also confirmed that in addition to writing in English and Tagalog, the terrorists also used Telegram communications to speak to one another in Arabic and Turkish, two languages which are entirely foreign to Philippines. This suggests that Salafists from Turkey and the Arab world are helping to orchestrate and fund violence in Philippines.

However, the report stated that the majority of funds for ISIS in Philippines comes from local sources which gives increasing credence to statements by President Rodrigo Duterte that the lucrative drugs trade is a key source of revenue for terrorists.

ISIS is well known to control the cultivation, supply and distribution networks of narcotics throughout the world.

As The Duran reported,

“It has been widely exposed that ISIS, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are also big narcotics traders and traffickers. The Afghan heroin trade alone is said to generate over $1 billion per year for ISIS. With Iraq capturing more and more oil rich territory of their country from illegal ISIS occupiers, the drugs trade is becoming even more important for groups like ISIS. It is no coincidence that ISIS have poured resources into Salafist terrorist groups in Philippines in order to stop President Duterte’s war on drugs, a war which could cut off funding for groups like who profit from the illegal drug trade which has ravaged Philippines for years.

During al-Qaeda’s war on Libya, Revolutionary Leader Muammar Gaddafi warned that many of the terrorists were on drugs.

Gaddafi turned out to be absolutely correct. The pills about which Gaddafi spoke shortly before his assassination at the hands of terrorists was something called Captagon, a super-strength amphetamine that according to that generally anti-Assad and anti-Gaddafi British magazine Spectator is used widely by jihadists.

The Spectator reports that 11 million Captagon pills were seized by Turkish authorities at the Syrian border and that a Saudi Prince was recently caught trying to smuggle two tonnes of the drugs on a private jet.

The magazine interviewed a ‘former’ jihadist who claimed,

“We would fight them, slaughter them…The moment we take a pill we would stop thinking about anything”.

The drug addicted terrorist also claimed that, “You even stop thinking of your own family”, when on the pills.

Further reports found that stashes of the drug cocaine were found by Kurdish fighters in Syria at a property occupied by ISIS war lord Emir Abu Zahra.

Other reports have found that ISIS are working with the Albanian mafia to smuggle drugs throughout Europe. Drugs represent half of Albania’s GDP and is known as a country where ISIS have one of their biggest yet rarely spoken about strongholds in Europe. The ISIS-narco trade is even more apparent in the occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. Here, the Albanian mafia essentially rule the roost. According to the British paper Daily Mirror, ISIS have seized over $4 billion worth of drugs in Albania.

READ MORE: Here’s why Albania is a failed state

This issue is hardly discussed in the west where hard drugs are regularly consumed not just by miscreants and bandits but by politicians, financial workers, lawyers and other high net worth scoundrels. The fact is that the big-money of the west fuels the ISIS drug trade which in turn helps feed suicide bombers and other ISIS, al-Qaeda and FSA fighters with drugs that allow them to commit their crimes against humanity with ease and without a second thought. We all realise that the west is more interested in regime change against secular governments in the Arab world and possibly beyond (think Philippines), but are they also more interested in ‘getting high’ than in fighting terrorism? The reality rather speaks for itself.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is hated by those who use drugs, profit from the sale of sale of drugs and supply drugs to terrorists. This is all the more reason for those with a clear conscience and pure intentions to support Duterte’s war on drugs as well as his war on ISIS. It is after all, the same war and it is a war that must be waged without mercy”.

It is becoming increasingly clear that in order to defeat terrorism in the Philippines, the war on both drugs and international money transfers between jihadists must be tackled simultaneously."

I have to conclude from the above that the CIA is the worst criminal gang in the history of the world.  It is truly on a path of world destruction and should be disbanded and thrown to the winds as JFK intended to do prior to his untimely demise. 

Perhaps it will be someone like Duterte and his allies in South East Asia that finally stops the CIA narcotics trade in its tracks.  Suicided Pulitizer Prince winning investigative journalist, Gary Webb, would be pleased to read the following headline...also from The Duran:

Indonesian President on drug dealers: “GUN THEM DOWN”

Joko “Jokowi” Widodo is following Rodrigo Duterte's lead against narcotics. Indonesia has executed 14 convicted drug dealers since 2014 and looks set to become even stronger in a crackdown on the drugs trade. In the summer of 2016, Philippines elected President Rodrigo Duterte who campaigned heavily on his tough law and order approach to the drug crisis.

In spite of recent tensions over the death of 7 Indonesian sailors by non-governmental Philippine gangsters, relations between Manila and Jakarta seem to be on an upwards trajectory. It is becoming clear that in the war against drugs. Jakarta and Manila will need each other to jointly police the blood-soaked narcotics trade in the region.

Due to their large maritime borders, it is furthermore becoming increasingly necessary for joint Philippine, Indonesian and Malaysian cooperation against drug traffickers. Although Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur continue to have tensions, Philippines retains good working relations with both states on many important issues.

Because the problem is international, one country cannot do it alone. There is now hope that due to Widodo’s Duterte like statement, such a thing could transpire if diplomatic efforts are increased on all sides. This is all the more important as the drugs trade is becoming increasingly important as a financial bedrock of ISIS style terrorism in South East Asia and throughout the world."


In summary, no wonder Philippines Duterte hates the US and "calls it "Lousy".  Duterte made his career fighting the drug trade in his native land and he knows more than anyone who is behind this rat's nest infestation. The Mafiosi CIA is doing its usual number, as it has been for more than half a century.  It is attacking vulnerable nations that grow drug crops (like Afghanistan) with the help of NATO [including Canada, dontcha know] cornering the drug trade and then trafficking the drugs through other vulnerable but resource-rich countries.  The CIA launders the drug money in the weapons trade business and then gives the weapons to proxy terrorists like ISIS to terrorize and destroy other countries.  A vicious and lucrative crime cycle.

Except now, the CIA is losing its cover under the glare of the Internet light--and leaders like Duterte and Jokowi” Widodo are actually doing the only thing that will stop the drug trade...kill the drug dealers--like the rats that they are.  I am against the death penalty in all cases with the exception of  cases of drug kingpins....they truly are the junkyard dogs...or rats... controlling  "Lousy" USrael.

Jim Croce - Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

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