Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trump/Paris Climate Treaty News Cumulus

Due to a social event this weekend I will not be posting as much as usual...I will, however, offer the following snippet from one of my favoUrite Blogs..."Occurrences". for my reader's edification.  Please read the following and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:


turbulent hot air

There are eight articles on the Trump/Paris Climate Treaty news cumulus at and further extensive coverage at which has been ongoing there. [Ed.: I think the subject is a lot of turbulent hot air and will remain purposefully so until and unless the use of military weather modification technologies as a matter of national policy is acknowledged and brought to a halt.]
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Regular readers will by now know my feelings about the "climate change" issue.  It is expressed succinctly by Ed from Occurrences above.  I believe the "carbon tax" bs is actually an extortion racket--to force nations to pay for protection from weather modification....and the costs of chemtrailing millions of tons of coal dust and chemicals into the atmosphere from their "white chemtrail jets".  

Yesterday, I heard on TV that Trump called climate change a "fraud".  He is correct, but calling it such could bring down even more serious repercussions from the NWO on his head.  The Satanists' efforts to monetize their nefarious weather warfare techniques is one of the pillars of their diabolical agenda and they will not forfeit it easily.  Watch out Trump!  

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