Friday, June 9, 2017

UPDATED: Rule of International Law versus NeoCON Globalism...World War III on Precipice in Al-Tanf, Syria

UPDATE:  June 10, 2017 Here is a "Breaking News" update by The Saker re the War on Syria.  Good news for the Syrian Government of President Bashar al Assad.   The Syrian army has reached the border with Iraq.
Also - Stephen Lendman's blog is back up having been taken down by Google yesterday (Friday).  Here is a link where he explains what happened to his blog.

Al-Tanf, Syria

While the military tanks line up on the outskirts of the Syrian Desert City of  Al Tanf--American Tanks with the US Stars and Stripes flying high--versus Assad's Syrian Arab Army, USrael and it's vassal western states have been successfully distracted and are, as usual, busy counting the strands of lint in their collective naval.  It has all become, just like Hollywood, so stock and so repetitive.  They dragged out the "Watergate" meme for this one.  The Senators suddenly asking "hard" questions of a "soft" bureaucrat on 24/7 TV.  Hey, a new generation might fall for it--just like the old one did back in the 70's.  Simulated democracy.  Where are these senators when the citizens are being fleeced by the banksters?  Where are they when the threat of WWIII hangs in the balance due to the crazed and pathological Pentagon teetering on the verge of attacking yet another small, militarily vulnerable but resource-rich country?  Oh, that's right...they're asking "hard" questions of a "soft" bureaucrat before the TV cameras.

 It's all a distraction, folks!

US -led coalition Strikes Syrian
Forces near al-Tanf for 3rd Time

It's summer time and the Guns of August are getting primed for another war. Only this time the small, militarily vulnerable but resource-rich country has militarily powerful friends and allies.  Mixed in with the Syrian Arab Army massing on the outskirts of al Tanf are Russians, Iranians...and gawd knows who else.  A line has been drawn in the sand.  Neither side can afford to back down.  If USrael backs down...then its owner...the Ziofascist, Satanic cabal, will unleash a fury of blackmail and False Flag attacks.  Both sides have showered the other with "leaflets".  Threats falling from the air.  Can you imagine the wording of the USrael threats?  "Get out of your own country...or else!!!"

If Russia/Syria/Iran backs down...then they are all toast...literally and figuratively.  Yet the average Joe is glued to the TV watching a warmed-over Watergate pantomime.   When Arch Duke Ferdinand (or his Syrian or American equivalent) is shot...It will come as a COMPLETE SURPRISE.  It will be like the American military was just minding its own business "fighting ISIS" (TM).

It will be like the Syrian Arab Army "lured" the Americans into Syria to "fight ISIS"(TM) for them and the heathen, brutes that they are...attacked "our boys" (TM) for absolutely NO reason!  Grisly photos of American dead soldiers will assault the TV viewers back home...blood everywhere!  The Senators will stop their "hard" cross-examination of the "soft" bureaucrat to "Cry havoc"...and rising up as one..."Let slip the dogs of war".

Permission Denied?

NOTE:  Does anyone know what's going on with Stephen Lendman's blog?  It appears that it's for "invited guest" only.  But there is no place on the notice that explains how to ask to become a guest. Below is what I get when I try to access his site.  Has Lendman been hacked?

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Greg Bacon said...

Something BIG is afoot. Fist, Qatar gets pressured to kick Hamas leaders out, now Lebanon is being told by the Khazar Land Thieves the same thing, while Israel's willing bitch, the Pentagon, commits daily war crimes against Syria, all the while stealing their territory.

I've sent several tweets to the butchers at "Operation Inherent Resolve," the murderers who are bombing civilians and Syrian Army troops, telling them they are committing war crimes and you do know what happens to war criminals? The last time, included a pic of a gallows pole, in case they weren't getting the point.
Surprisingly, no replies!

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

Summer IS when Empires traditionally like to beat up on minions and steal from them. Amazing how the Ziofascists, through their criminally complicit, propaganda manipulative mainstream media network can mesmerize the Western sheepledum into looking the other way.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Lendman's blog is working fine for me with no access ever requested. The format is different than in the past but his latest article is June 8, 2017 so it is up to date. I haven't e-mailed him for quite awhile but when I did I used this address:

james@wpc said...

This gradual encroachment upon Syrian soil by the US/NATO should have been stopped by Russia long ago. It is going to be a lot messier now. But if it is put off again, it will only be even messier next time.

Psychopaths will always do what they always do - lie, cheat and destroy. To the psychopath, Reason and Truth are just tools to set you up with to betray you. Why negotiate with someone you know will betray you and your agreement?

Bashar al Assad and his team know this and hopefully the Russians now know this on a deep enough level to finally act on it; no more ceasefires and no more agreements except total withdrawal by the psychopaths.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

The "guests only" notice was early this morning. When I checked later on in the afternoon the blog was back with a new post but the format was different and somewhat rudimentary. I will keep checking and if it goes down, I will e-mail him so thanks!

greencrow said...

Hi James:

You raise a very important point about Russia's slow reaction to the USrael lawlessness in the Middle East in general and Syria in particular. A long debate has taken place in the alternative media about whether Putin was shrewd to give USrael enough rope to hang itself...or whether he should have clamped down earlier. It is very painful to watch and even more so for the Syrians to endure...but I think Putin had to wait until the world woke up to how pernicious USrael has been and will be in future. Perhaps had he acted sooner...much of the world would have not recognized the psychopathic nature of the Usrael Deep State and sided with them. In other words...the world needed to see the mendacity before they would allow the kind of response that Russia, Iran and Syria HAVE PLANNED FOR USRAEL in the near future. That is my opinion, anyway.

james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
That argument has been persuasive for me at times but what I always come back to this is not the way to deal with psychopaths.

Also, somewhere there must be a book called, "Military Strategy and Tactics 101", with the first entry reading, "When you have the enemy on the run, you do not agree to a ceasefire".

What makes sense to me is that there is a sizeable 5th column within the Russian administration/bureucracy which is a carry-over from the Yeltsin/oligarch days.

greencrow said...

Yes, James, I agree that the Russian fifth column has been and always will be a serious factor in Russian politics. But, again, this supports my argument for why Russia doesn't "go in for the kill" on the psychopaths re Syria. It does not want to entirely loose support of this divisive factor in Russian politics. My gut feeling is that Putin as a general philosophy is always favouring the "give them enough rope and they will hang themselves, eventually" strategy. In all matters, not just Syria. He knows that the West is financially, morally and militarily bankrupt. So, why bring out all the big guns when he can just wait it out for the inevitable "implosion from within". Of course, The Federal Reserve and world wide bankster system counter-acts Putin's strategy by "printing money" in perpetuity...delaying the implosion. Therefore it is at a virtual stand-off. Putin patiently waiting while the Rothchilds keep printing money to wage perpetual wars.

james@wpc said...

"Therefore it is at a virtual stand-off. Putin patiently waiting while the Rothchilds keep printing money to wage perpetual wars."

That's as good a description and summary as I've read anywhere, Greencrow