Sunday, June 11, 2017

UPDATED: Gut first impressions of the Gulf Crisis over Qatar

UPDATED:  June 12, 2017 - Another great analysis of the Qatari situation from 21st Century Wire.
Here is a more succinct analysis of what is going on in the Middle East vis a vis the sudden isolation and vilification of Qatar by its neighbours.  Particularly note the reference to Al Jazeera and the recent trip of Trump to the Middle East as contributory causes.

Map of Middle East showing Qatar - 
located on a Peninsula in the Persian Gulf

At the beginning of last week, the world woke up to the shock that there was yet another "hot spot" in the world...the Middle East to be precise.  At the centre of this "crisis" which was played up in the complicit, criminal Western main$tream Media was the tiny nation of Qatar (shown in map above).  This tiny nation is an extremely wealthy (gas and oil deposits) and strategically located Arab kingdom on the coast of the Persian Gulf.  James Corbett was first off the mark in attempting to explain why this nation which will be hosting the 2022 World Cup of Soccer, has suddenly become isolated and vilified by most of its neighbours.  Here is a snippet from the Corbett Report which lists the events that brought the "bombshell" to the attention of the world:

Editorial by James Corbett of Corbett

Bombshell in the Gulf - series of recent events

So what does a geopolitical bombshell look like, exactly? Well, something like what took place this past week in the Gulf. Namely:
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Bahrain, Egypt, Mauritania, Yemen, and the Bayda-based so-called “eastern” government in Libya (and Maldives, don’t forget Maldives!) all cut diplomatic ties with Qatar this week.
The governments of Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Egypt and Bahrain have ordered all Qatari citizens out of their respective countries within the next two weeks.
Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Egypt and Bahrain have also banned all sea and air travel to and from Qatar, with Saudi Arabia shutting down the embattled state’s only land border.
The U.A.E. has made it illegal for any of its citizens to even voice support for Qatar, punishing offenders with hefty fines and up to 15 years in jail.
Egypt is trying to get the U.N. to investigate Qatar for a 2015 incident where the Qataris allegedly paid $1 billion to a terrorist group in Iraq to free 26 hostages, including members of the Qatari royal family.
Egypt issued a 10-point ultimatum with a 24-hour deadline calling on the Qataris to sever diplomatic relations with Iran, expel members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, close down Al Jazeera, and end support for terrorist organizations, among other items.
Turkey’s parliament, meanwhile, has fast-tracked legislation allowing troops to be deployed to a Turkish base in Qatar in an apparent show of solidarity with its regional ally.

That, my friends, is a geopolitical bombshell.

So, as per usual...there is a lot of smoke and mirrors that confuse the issue and cover up the real smoking guns.  It appears that the Arabic newspaper Aljazeera run out of Qatar is somehow at the centre of the crisis:

Aljazeera gives regular updates on the Qatar crisis.

Threats and counter threats are being issued through the press.  Here, the German First Minister warns Qatar and its neighbours about fallout of failure to resolve the crisis:

German FM warns Qatar standoff could end in war

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has warned that a row between Qatar and its Arab neighbors of the Persian Gulf region could end in a war.

Gabriel said in comments published on Saturday that there was still an opportunity for Qatar and the leading members of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council to defuse tensions, otherwise, he said, the threat of war between them loomed large.

"There is a danger that this dispute could lead to war," Gabriel said in an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

The top diplomat regretted a “dramatic” harshness in relations between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

The three Persian Gulf states, along with Egypt and the Maldives, cut ties with Qatar a week ago, accusing the country of supporting terrorism. Qatar’s three neighbors have also halted sea, land and air transportation with the small kingdom, effectively imposing a blockade on it.

Doha has denied the allegations of support for terrorists while maintaining that Saudis and allies have been constantly pressuring Qatar over the past months to dictate their foreign policy on the kingdom. Qataris say they are open to talks to mend ties with Saudis and allies, but insist that they will remain independent in major foreign policy issues.

Gabriel said he had personally held meetings with counterparts from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey this week while speaking by phone with the foreign ministers of Iran and Kuwait to highlight Germany’s concern regarding the Qatar dispute.
“After my talks this week, I know how serious the situation is, but I believe there are also good chances to make progress,” he said.

Then Qatar responded...demanding that the "demonizing campaign" that had "started out of the blue" needed to cease.  Hmmmmm.  This is starting to sound, and smell, familiar.  Demonizing campaign?  Going from zero to WWIII conflagration in a matter of seconds???  Where have we all seen and heard of these tactics before?  Here is a report From RT

Qatari FM on crisis: Doha demonizing campaign ‘groundless & improvised,’ started out of the blue
Now  we have the nugget of truth lying in the swamp of lies....It's all about being able to control the mainstream media in the region.  Not being able to brainwash the population?  Now, WHO would be upset about that situation????

So, it may well be that the trilogy of Turkey, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood has actually been created by Saudi Arabia’s blundering- which just adds to the gargantuan failure of the plot. But what is really at the core of the Saudi plan is to silence all debate which questions the Saudis. It’s really that simple. If you can’t buy media, then simply threaten the state which owns it to have it shut down.

In reality though, they are doing the opposite and actually making Qatar cool and creating more debate than ever.

But to really understand this in terms of world have to connect the dots between Saudi Arabia, its allies and Israel and, ultimately, the parent company, USrael.  USrael as was displayed flamboyantly during Trump's recent Middle East allied with Saudi Arabia.  They have long decided on the "Seven Countries in Five Years" pathway to Ersatz Israeli destruction of the Arabic culture in the Middle East.  Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the planet, they have been stymied and stuck for several years now at the Third (or is it the fourth) country lined up to be systematically destroyed and its population scattered to the winds.

Russia and Iran have allied with Syria to draw a military line in the desert sand and have effectively stopped the "Nile to the Euphrates" Israeli Wet dream in a puddle of putrid bodily the war for Syria grinds to a conclusion...and defeat for the dream. One immutable principle to keep in mind...USrael never quits.  After literally has "all the time in the world" to complete the Satanic vision of global hegemony.  It has simply doubled it always does...after a set back.  It has focused on its perceived reason for its defeat in Syria...lack of control of the Arabic press...lack of ability to threaten, terrorize, manipulate and brainwash the Arabs (to accept Iran as the enemy du jour) it so successfully threatens, terrorizes, manipulates and brainwashes the sheeple throughout the West...particularly the United States.

Qatar must be sacrificed to the God of Perpetual War. "Can't destroy Syria?  Perhaps it was too big anyway...let's pick on a tinier nation...What about Qatar???  Qatar has Aljazeera (which we thought we had bought and were in control of a few years ago...but apparently not).  Even though Qatar has the biggest US military base in the Middle still naively believes it has a modicum of independence and doesn't need to line up against the same "enemy du jour" (i.e., Iran) as dictated by USrael.  Well, in that regard, it needs to be taught a lesson. Now, we will use its vulnerability due to it having been chosen to host the World Cup. (Greencrow's rendition of the Perps' diabolic thought processes).

But, these are still early days and the situation is still highly fluid.  Everyone is testing the waters and looking for "soft spots" and vulnerabilities.  Most importantly, Russia has declared it wants to get involved to "negotiate a settlement"...always a problem for the hegemaniacs.  Russia has influence on Turkey...and has demanded that Turkey remain "neutral".  Also a problem.

So, in summary, as indicated in the headline of this post...these are just the greencrow's "as the Crow Flies" first "gut" impressions/attempts to "connect the geopolitical dots".  Stay tuned.


Penny said...

Clarify Russia has demanded Turkey remain neutral?
Because it is unclear to me what is meant by that.

Russia shouldn't demand anything.

To my knowledge and understanding Turkey and Russia have been communicating since day one on this crisis- With Erdogan playing the diplomat- and Russia and Turkey both calling for diplomacy.

Turkey has a military base in qatar- has sent food and has generally good relations with Qatar....

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

I got that info from one of the links in the post...can't remember which one now. Perhaps when I have time I will review them later on. Upon reflection, "demand" was too strong of a word to have used...I should have used the word "advise". Russia, wanting the crisis solved through negotiation, wants to remain as neutral as possible...while helping Qatar to survive...just like it has helped Syria to survive. Turkey wanted to go in and militarily assist Qatar by way of the military base it has there. It's weird in todays geopolitics...particularly when you see our nation...Canada going over and militarily assisting one side of the Ukraine civil war...that the principles of negotiation (i.e., neutrality) are being valued.

Penny said...

Thanks GC. I'd rather ask for clarification then make a wrong assumption...

Turkey will send troops to guard it's base that's one thing I think they will do and probably should do,given the location of that massive american base in qatar.

Turkey was talking with everyone as soon as this broke- Exercising diplomacy right off the bat- Turkey has no interest in this game being upped and the move against Qatar is another move against Turkey.

The base
The whole silk road china thing, which saw Qatar and Turkey very interested

"Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has spoken by phone with the leaders of Qatar, Russia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia on lowering tension, presidential sources said, after Arab powers cut ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting Islamist militants.

"The importance of regional peace and stability was underlined in the talks, as well as the importance of focusing on the path of diplomacy and dialogue to lower the current tension," the sources said in a statement"