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UPDATED:Double Voter's Lists...Is this the caper the West's election cheaters are using now?

UPDATED:  June 6, 2017 Well, Well, Well.  What do you know!  Here is a report in the CBC that says some Federal Conservatives are complaining about the authenticity of last week's leadership vote.  Read the following quote.  It's  about 7000 people being eligible to vote and a discrepancy IN THE VOTERS' LIST!!!
Perhaps the most serious concerns raised about the vote come from Bernier's campaign. As first reported by the Globe and Mail, Bernier's camp has raised concerns about a discrepancy in the final ballot count. It points to a difference of about 7,000 votes in the number of ballots the party said were cast and the list of voters given to the various campaigns before the weekend convention

Bill Still Report
Alleging that Seth Rich was murdered after
he discovered the DNC were using two
different voting lists to fraudulate the results

Watch the video above.  The methodology described is very complicated, but video blogger Bill Still seems to think there was a sly creation of two "official" voter's lists or, "rosters" as Still calls them. These lists were used during the 2016 US Democratic campaign for the presidential nomination.  Hillary's campaign team held one list.  Duplicate votes could be inserted and negative votes (against Hillary) could be surreptitiously removed.  This method of fraud/stealing the election also, coincidentally, results in lower than usual voting turnouts.. 

Now read this CBC report about the recent Canadian Province of Nova Scotia provincial election.  Just like what happened out here in BC (where the election, held on May 4th is STILL up in the air with a minority government...that hasn't officially taken office yet.  Incredibly, the BC Liberal Premier, Christy Clark, is still in power....whatever).  But back to the main story.  Here is what happened at the other end of the country in the Province of Nova Scotia, where a minority government would also had occurred if there had not been a weird "very low voter" turnout.  Please read the following report and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

'Honestly, I don't get it': Nova Scotia voter turnout drops to record low

'When the most Nova Scotians choose, as their choice, not to vote, this is an issue'

By Preston Mulligan, CBC News Posted: May 31, 2017 3:10 PM AT Last Updated: May 31, 2017 4:06 PM AT

If you asked a Nova Scotian before the election if they intended to vote, there was about an 80 per cent chance they would have said yes, according to one poll. Maybe some were lying, maybe some forgot — or maybe some just didn't care. Whatever the case, voter turnout in Tuesday's provincial election was at an all-time low.

Corporate Research Associates polled Nova Scotians ahead of the election about their intentions. "Close to 80 per cent of the people we talked to had a definite intention to vote," said Don Mills, chairman and CEO of the market research firm. "Based on the intentions, we expected the voting to be better than last time, probably in the mid-60s."

In fact, just 53.55 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot, according to Elections Nova Scotia, down nearly five percentage points from 2013.

"It's very difficult to understand," Mills said. "Honestly, I don't get it."
'Saddest' part of election night

Neither does Liberal Premier Stephen McNeil, whose party was handed a second consecutive majority government in Tuesday's vote. On election night, McNeil was all smiles at the podium in Bridgetown, N.S., but he lamented the poor voter turnout the next day. "You know, that's the saddest thing about last night, to be frank, is that voter turnout continued to decline, and declined sharply last night," he said Wednesday.

Now, what do you think is more likely to have happened in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia?  Do you think that nearly 30% of the population simply "forgot" to vote?  Or, was there a complicated scheme such as the one described by Bill Still in the video above, involving two voters lists, implemented to steal the election?  Here are the official results of the Nova Scotia election.  The winning Liberals have just 3 more seats than the combined opposition...very tight.  I used to live in Nova Scotia...years ago and know how corrupt politics is in that province.  But, hey, you be the judge.

Bill Still might be on to something.  The fraud "two voters' list" methodology might have been used, not only in the Democratic Presidential Nomination campaign...but in many, many elections across the West...many of which have had abnormally LOW VOTER TURNOUTS.

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