Thursday, May 18, 2017

Syria's Final Fight for Survival as a Nation - is a warning to ALL, small, vulnerable nations (like Canada)

US Jets Flying Over Syria

Syria is, at this very moment, fighting for its life as a nation.  If it cannot send it's soldiers anywhere in its sovereign territory, it is no longer a nation--but merely a piece of geographic be cut up and divided amongst competing carnivores.  What insouciant citizens of Canada and other small, vulnerable Western nations don't or won't accept is that--a threat to Syria is a threat to Canada.  Period.  Small, militarily vulnerable countries don't count on nukes for self-preservation, like North Korea, Russia, US, China and Israel...we count on the rule of International Law.  When USrael deliberately tramples on International Law...they thumb their noses at, and are a direct threat to, all nations who can't take them on on the battlefield.

Canada thinks it is an "ally" of the US.  As Paul Craig Roberts and other honest Americans have told us over and over...the US doesn't have only has vassals.

Today, under cover of all the disinformation about Trump fogging up the airwaves...the US has attacked the Syrian military on sovereign Syrian soil.

Here is a snippet of the report from RT and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

The US forces in Syria have bombed a militia group fighting alongside the Syrian government forces in southern Syria on Thursday, the US-led coalition has confirmed.
The coalition said in a statement that the Syrian forces "posed a threat" to US and partner troops at Tanf base near the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border.

The Syrian forces allegedly entered a so-called "de-confliction" zone in the Homs Governorate, which was perceived as a threat to "US-allied troops." The militia forces allegedly clashed with the Pentagon-backed Maghawir Al-Thawra militant group (formerly known as New Syrian Army), which called in coalition air support.

“We notified the coalition that we were being attacked by the Syrian army and Iranians in this point and the coalition came and destroyed the advancing convoy," Reuters cited a militant representative as saying.

US special forces have been present in the area "for many months" to train and advise Free Syrian Army fighters. Damascus considers such Washington's presence illegal in the country, as no official invitation has been extended to the US to conduct any military action on its territory."

Russia has obviously been hoodwinked (again) by the globalist Ziofascists in Syria.  How many times will Putin try to include USrael in negotiations and "agreements" only to have that entity use the lessening of violence to force their Ziofascist, military boot further inside the Syrian door?  Russia now has the obligation to protect Syria from this agreement...which denies the essence of national sovereignty...the right/ability to travel the length and breadth of Syrian sovereign soil.

The US is in Syria illegally and in contravention of all International Law. Yet it attacked a Syrian convoy headed to one of its illegal military, bases killed Syrian soldiers and destroyed tanks.  Apparently, according to RT.  Syria had been "warned" by the US and Russia not to head towards the phony, so-called "deconfliction zone".

Syria had no choice.  If it wants to survive as a must demand the right under International Law to travel anywhere within its legal boundaries have no meaning...and ultimately, the concept of nationhood has NO MEANING.  So, in pure and simple English.  Syria is not only fighting for its own is fighting for the lives of all citizens of small, vulnerable countries--like Canada.

If Canadians (most of us) had two brain cells to rub together...we would all get down on our knees tonight and pray for Syria.  Pray that it defeats the demonic killers who stalk it...Pray that the globalists get driven out of Syria and, indeed, the entire Middle East.  Pray that Syria is successful in upholding the tenets of International Law...or we are ALL doomed.

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