Wednesday, May 31, 2017

OPEN LETTER: to Andrew Scheer - Leader of the Official Opposition - Canadian Parliament

Andrew Scheer announces first act as leader will be to Google who he is
Who is Andrew Scheer?

Dear Andrew Scheer:

Yes, you--and all Canadians--have been busily googling your name since your surprise election last weekend to the position of Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition in the Canadian Federal Parliament in Ottawa.

I was initially pleasantly surprised to read about your victory...even though, prior to last Sunday, I had never heard your name.  It was refreshing, to say the least, to hear that there would be a new face in the Canadian halls of "power" in Ottawa.  Please read my blog post on the matter for further details of my initial (and subsequent) reaction:

Even though I am a geopolitical blogger and deal on a daily basis with area of interest is international and focusses on globalization geopolitics, the Deep [Global] State, wars for Empire including the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine.  I have regular readers checking my blog from all over the world.  You might be surprised to learn that the second highest readership (after the US) comes from Russia and Ukraine.  Although I occasionally touch on Canadian domestic is generally within the context of how Canada is affected by or affects international geopolitics.  Thus, I can rationalize my previous ignorance of your candidacy and the Conservative Leadership Campaign because it was not within my usual scope of interest.

Once you were elected, however, it did fall within my purview and so I published a rather upbeat post on the matter yesterday.  An hour or so after publishing my post, I was shocked to read (after belatedly googling Wikipedia for your bio) that you are one of the 13 Canadians banned from travelling to or within the Russian Federation.  I nearly had whiplash from the 180 degree turnaround in my POV--upon reading this very disappointing piece of crucial information about your history.

In my initial post, I expressed satisfaction that the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would (in you) have a viable opposition.  This was because, as you probably are aware of by reading the Public Opinion Polls, Mr. Trudeau has been in steady popular decline--due to reneging on several promises since his election.  While the media dotes on his change of heart re electoral reform, this is, IMO, a smokescreen to cover up the real reason for his growing unpopularity.  The real reason is that Trudeau is continuing the vassalage Harper foreign policy of following the US globalist, neocon "Regime Change" foreign and military policy--that has dragged the world down to perpetual war since the early 2000's.

My entire political thesis is based on the Rule of International Law and the primacy of Independent National Sovereignty.  IMO, Canada's very existence depends on the Rule of International Law rather than the "survival of the fittest", unipolar, globalization "Regime Change" doctrine of the United States and its "allies".

Since the early 2000's, the United States has declared war on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and has surreptitiously invaded Yemen, Syria and many other countries (the latest being the Philippines) by way of proxy terrorist militias.  Canadians are truly fed up with this escalating chaos and destruction of national infrastructure...and killing (including millions of children) going on non-stop around the world.  Some of us had held out hope that Trudeau would change the international dynamic, as he had promised during the election (I personally held out no hope that he would do this and did not vote for him).  Canadians want to regain our former international respect and reputation based on Peacekeeping, and being "Honest Brokers".  Instead, not only has Justin Trudeau towed the highly unpopular foreign policy lines of Stephen Harper, he has doubled down and appointed, as Canadian foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, who is a supporter of the illegal Kiev Junta which in 2014  conducted a violent "regime change" in Ukraine...snipers...shooting at both sides from buildings surrounding the Maidan Square led to the ouster of a democratically-elected leader, and installed in his place an appointee of US Acting Secretary of State Victoria "cookies" Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, US ambassador to Ukraine.

Freeland's grandfather, who immigrated to Canada following WWII was the editor of a Nazi newspaper in Ukraine.  Freeland supports the Kiev Junta, which has military battalions who wear swastikas and adhere to tenets of neo-Nazism.  Having a neo-Nazi supporter as Canadian Foreign Minister?  How bad can it get?  Well, naively I thought it couldn't get any worse than Freeland.  But then I read your WikiLeaks profile yesterday and saw that along with Freeland, you were also banned from entering Russia.  This ban of 13 Canadians was made by Russia in direct retaliation for sanctions placed on Russia by Canada...after the coup...following obediently behind the US Regime Change artistes in Washington.

Ostensibly, Washington is covering its 'serial coup/regime change' destruction of International Law (upon which Canada's survival depends) under the fig leaf of opposition to Russia for the "crime" of allowing the Crimea to return to Russia after over 90% of Crimeans (ethnic Russian Speaking people) voted in a referendum to return following the violent Maidan coup...after which the Kiev Junta passed laws denying official language status to the Russian language in Ukraine.

Now, Mr. Scheer, as a student of Canadian politics and history, the two political issues mentioned in the paragraph directly above should ring a very loud bell.  Referendum?  Where have we heard that before?  Didn't Quebec have the right to hold a referendum to determine its future?  Are we to distinguish between the Quebeccers' right and the right of the people of Crimea?  Does one group have the right under International Law but not the other?  C'mon.  Secondly, Language Rights.  As a Canadian, you have been reading French on your cornflakes cereal boxes for long enough to know that a minority as large and important as the French Canadians deserves to have its language recognized as an "official language" of the country.  You, yourself, prudently mastered the French Language as a prerequisite to entering Federal politics.  The Kiev Junta banned Russian as an official language and you don't think the people of the Donbass and Crimea have a legitimate grievance?  C'mon! I won't go into all the other discriminatory practices the Kiev Junta imposed on the cutting off social security payments, the gas, electricity, etc.

The above has all been but prelude to the two fundamental questions I want to ask you---and that I believe Canadians deserve to have an answer to:

1.  Why do you believe YOU were selected to be one of the 13 Canadians banned from entering Russia?  I can't find this specific question answered anywhere on the Internet.  To my knowledge, you have made no public statements on the issue.

2.  As a Federal Leader, do you plan to respond to the wishes of Canadians expressed over and over and reflected in Public Opinion Polls that Canadians do NOT want Canada dragged into international conflicts and morasses and particularly ones that destroy or corrupt the rule of International Law...upon which Canada Depends?  In other words...Who do you plan on representing?  The people of Canada, or the Serial Globalist Deep State "Regime Change" artists?

Inquiring and concerned Canadians want and deserve to know.

Yours respectfully,



Penny said...

I saw this man had been selected- assumed he must have all the 'right stuff' for the job- however one wishes to define that?

Interesting that Russia has him on there banned list... Clearly he's been up to no good. And this probably explains his selection.

Penny said...

First Deputy Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament A.Parubiy made the comments in an exclusive interview for The Globe and Mail during his visit to Canada

"Mr. Parubiy’s visit to Ottawa included meetings with Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson and James Bezan, the parliamentary secretary to the defence minister, the Ukrainian embassy said. Mr. Parubiy was also scheduled to hold meetings with House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer and other MPs"


greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for your comments and for the valuable link to the Ministry of Ukraine...which I encourage my other readers to have a look at. It appears that one of the Ministers of the Kiev Junta visited Canada in February of 2015. He met with Canadian Members of Parliament, including Andrew Scheer, and asked that Canada encourage the US to send "lethal weapons" to the Junta to be used against the citizens of the breakaway provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk. The "Minsk Accord" had already been worked out to end the civil war of 2014 that had erupted in Ukraine following the illegal coup which ousted the democratically elected President.

Why he met specifically with Andrew Scheer...who was then the Speaker of the House it is unclear. Perhaps it was just a formality. Looking at the situation with 20/20 hindsight...I don't think Scheer should have agreed to meet with the Ukraine Minister. A Speaker is supposed to be neutral...above all.

The biggest mistake that Scheer has made and continues to make is to be silent on why he was banned. This is a sign of arrogance and short-sighted political acumen. Canadians have a RIGHT to know about this serious development in his political career.

SEEKIT said...

You seem to want THE PERFECT MAN , anybody that perfect gets Crucified just like JesusChrist

greencrow said...


Thanks for your comment. I see your point. I always try not to allow "Perfection" to become the enemy of the "Good". However...the longer Mr. Scheer fails to address this anomaly on his resume...the more it will appear to be a sign of the arrogance and failure to consult the people of Canada. These two characteristics are exactly what got Previous Conservative Leader Stephen Harper turfed.

Anonymous said...

He was banned because he was Speaker of the House at that time. It was the position he held, not anything he had done.

greencrow said...

I heard that he was banned because he met with a delegation of Kievian Junta representatives who were on a fund-raising trip to North America and who also met with FM Chrystia Freeland and some American authorities in the US during their trip,