Friday, May 5, 2017

North Korea claims CIA plotted to kill Kim Jong-un - From the BBC

The plot involved targeting North Korean Leader
Kim Jong-un at a public event

The headline in the lying BBC today says that the CIA is planning to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by covert means.  What's new?  They are also planning to kill Russia's Putin and the Philippines leader Duterte by covert means...just like the same Satanic entities murdered JFK, Palestine's Yasser Arafat, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, and even Toronto's controversial mayor a few years ago.  In other words is "bidness as usual".  The significance of the headline being published in the BBC is that this is the preferred communication vehicle the Satanists use to update one another on their plots. Here's a snip from the BBC report and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow: 

"....A North Korean referred to only as "Kim" was paid to carry out an attack with biochemical substances, the ministry of state security said. The plot was foiled, it said, but gave no details on the fate of "Kim". The CIA declined to comment and South Korea has issued no statement so far.
The North's claim comes amid continued high tension on the Korean peninsula.
US President Donald Trump has promised to "solve" North Korea and stop it developing nuclear weapons.

It said that "Kim" had been told that the best method was the use of biochemical substances,
including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance" whose results would "appear after six or 12 months". "Only the CIA can produce such substance", it said, adding that South Korea had borne the funding. The ministry alleged that the North Korean man had been "turned" by the CIA and the South Korean intelligence service while working in Russia in 2014. The ministry refers to two payments to "Kim" of $20,000 (£15,500) and a further two of $100,000 for "bribery" and obtaining equipment. It refers to another of $50,000 but it is unclear if this is additional...." 

Do you suppose that THIS is why the North Korean leader suddenly has developed such a burr under his saddle?  Or, perhaps it's all those missiles that are being lined up by USrael on the South Korean side of the Korean Peninsula....which are actually targeting China and Russia.  Yet it is the North Korean leader who is being called "unstable".  In either case, as every sane person in the world knows by now, the CIA is the most malevolent, Satanic entity that the planet has ever known.  It's cowardly, anonymous demons are behind every globalist, neocon, Ziofascist plot big and small. 

As Paul Craig Roberts has correctly warned in several of his recent posts...the rest of the planet...the sane and moral side, has only two wait and be pre-emptively nuked and/or bioweaponized off the face of the earth...or attack the evil entities first.  One way or the other...the tipping point is swiftly being reached.  The world cannot sustain the evil much longer--IMO, no more than one or two years at most. Just today, fellow truth blogger Northerntruthseeker has a shocking expose on the origin of vaccines...and the fact that they have already infected billions of humans with (dormant) cancer viruses.  In centuries past...there was always "somewhere" for the evil ones to retreat to...."A new land" so to speak...where they could find a new "host".  The difference now is that the planet is full up...there is no new land and no place for them to go.  Wait, didn't that great negotiator/peace maker Vladimir Putin offer them some free land in Central Asia/Siberia a year or two ago?  Isn't that their original "real" homeland?  That would provide kind of a pressure release valve for our current crisis "pressure cooker" planet.

So we can have more of this...or buy a few hundred years (perhaps) until the dog is again infested with fleas.  In the meantime...the CIA [aka Covert Insane Aggressors] continue to concoct and stir their deadly brew.


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Great post. Keep 'em coming.

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Sadly, there is no lack of issues/topics to write/RANT about. So long as I give some voice to the truth as I see it...I will continue to hold forth on my little cyber soap box.