Tuesday, May 30, 2017

UPDATED: Good Political News [for once]--and a Great Essay on Leadership

UPDATE:  May 30, 2017 - Already there is a major "Fly in the Ointment" to the Andrew Scheer election as Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.  According to Wikipedia...he was one of 13 Canadians to be banned from visiting Russia...along with the infamous neo-Nazi supporter, Liberal Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.  Wonder why he was banned? I'm sure we'll soon find out.  Oh well...back to the drawing board.  NOTEI am so disappointed by this development that I'm going to write an "Open Letter" to Mr. Scheer and will post it on this blog tomorrow.

Newly Elected Conservative Party of Canada
Leader Andrew Scheer - his victory speech

Yesterday's post "Are We There Yet" was such a downer to write and to read...but I had to write it because that's how I've been feeling for weeks now...totally frustrated by the status quo and by all the negative political news. Today's Post is going to offer a glimmer of hope.

Many pundits, political analysts and geopolitical strategists insist that one politician can't make a difference...that it is actually a "Deep State" that runs all politics all over the world.  Well, I don't subscribe to that view...and as proof of its falsity and the power of the individual, I offer the political careers of Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Bashar al Assad of Syria.  Putin and Assad are powerhouses in and of themselves. Each of them capable of mobilizing millions of supporters at a moment's notice...thus giving them the power to draw "lines in the sand" and confront the evil ones, the Satanic Deep State, both by way of the media and on the battlefield.  This potential "power of the individual" terrifies the Satanists.  They will do anything to deny its possibilities and, if it emerges as a barrier to their evil agenda, they will even assassinate the possessor of such power.  It has always been thus.  If you read ancient and modern history...it has always been one powerful, charismatic leader who has lead all the movements that have fomented all the changes throughout history.

Now for the good news.  Prior to last weekend, most Canadians thought we were stuck with "le Dauphin", Liberal Leader and Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.  This poseur had won the leadership of his party and the office of Prime Minister by riding on his deceased father's lengthy coattails--and by being an attractive, young, glib personality.  The trouble was/is he has no good policies, as Canadians have discovered to their disappointment.  He simply regurgitates the old foreign/domestic policies of the discredited Stephen Harper...who was an abject captive of the US Deep State.

Before last weekend, it looked like le Dauphin was going to be around forever...one election after another.  Suddenly things have changed.  The Conservative Party of Canada held its leadership Convention and a totally new personality came out of the woodwork.  I had never even heard of Andrew Scheer prior to last weekend!  See the video above and this one...his first interview after his Convention win:

Conservative Party Leader during his
first interview with CBC talking head

......and watch as the new "Leader of the Opposition" takes the political stage, literally and figuratively.  Suddenly, le Dauphin has his hands full.  His main opponent, who will sit directly across from him in Parliament day in and day out is younger than he is....just as attractive with a boyish smile.  BUT, here's the clincher...Scheer is a savvy and seasoned parliamentarian...having held his seat since 2004 and having held the very respected position of (youngest ever) "Speaker of the House".  Raised in Saskatchewan, he is fluently French/English bi-lingual.  As speaker of the house Scheer was elected from within the parliament on a bi-partisan basis on the strength of  knowing the legalities of debate--the Rules of Parliament inside and out; being an expert negotiator; diplomat and...leader.  You have to be a natural leader in order to lead such a fractious group to focus on and debate one piece of legislation after another.

The whole tenor of the Canadian Parliament is going to change dramatically.  Le Dauphin better pick up his game.  No longer will he be able to get away with his petulant refusal (a record 18 times) to answer a simple question during "Question Period".

Le Dauphin Refuses to answer questions
during Parliamentary "Question Period"

There is nothing more unsettling to an established leader than the arrival of a "New Boy In Town".  I might even start watching the Parliamentary TV channel again, lol.

The selection (by one vote) of Andrew Scheer will also be interesting to follow due to his personal profile.  He's a Roman Catholic, married, with a large family.  No doubt this will raise the hackles/paranoia of the "usual suspects" who can't abide someone they don't "control" through ethnicity, religion or human frailties.  I expect a concerted effort by the controlled, complicit "main$tream media" to take him down a few pegs and weaken any power he may have by way of his positive personal attributes that I listed previously.   As I type, "they" are no doubt scouring his closet for skeletons.

Naturally, these are very early days...and I caution readers (and myself) that Mr. Scheer is very much a man of his party. Already, he has referred to "Stephen Harper's strong foreign policy".  He will be subjected to all the slings, arrows, bribes, perks and potential cow paddies to step into. But the good news remains...Le Dauphin will be forced to pick up his game...and perhaps become more responsive to the actual needs/wants of Canadians...because there will be an alternative come the next (s)election.

Finally, as an antidote to all the optimism expressed above, I am presenting an excellent essay on leadership for my readers.  Here is Part I of  "JFK at 100-- The War On Our Heros" h/t to Aletho News.  I am very much looking forward to Part II of this essay and will post it here when it appears.

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