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CawRANT Events #46

CawRANT Events #46

Good Morning Everybody! The sky's are overcast and grey in the Pacific Northwest this morning.  It is cooler than usual.  The good news is that yesterday was warm and sunny and no rain has been forecast for the next few days at least.  Yesterday I planted spring flowers in my front yard planters and plan more gardening for today. Thus, this cawRANT is going to be a bit shorter than usual.  But, if you click on the valuable links provided, particularly the latest interview with Paul Craig Roberts, you will find it a very "dense" RANT let's get started:

"Apey Kazinky"

I wanted to use the colloquial expression "Apey Kazinky" as a headline but could not find it on Google or Bing.  It must have been a regional expression indigenous to Northern Ontario where I grew up.  If anyone else has ever heard this expression...which means "completely off his or her rocker" then let me know.  Anyhoooo.....

Browsing through the Internet headlines on my "favourite blogs" today, I see many themes for geopolitical discussion.  First of all, fellow Canadian blogger Benjamin Fulford, who, like James Corbett is an expat living in Japan, has gone all Apey Kazinky this morning with his prognostications and interpretations.  I keep Ben on my favourites because he's kinda like Pluto, so far out in orbit that you sometimes don't know whether he exists at all.  Here is a sample from today's Fulford post:
Despite an ongoing pretense that nothing happened, it turns out the US corporate government based in Washington DC and registered in Puerto Rico really did go bankrupt last week. The bankruptcy of Puerto Rico is different from something like the bankruptcy of Detroit because Puerto Rico is a fully owned DC subsidiary and so the parent company must take the fall. This was why the Chinese Finance Minister suddenly cancelled a meeting with his Japanese and South Korean counter-parts last week because of a “financial emergency.”

This was also why the British Royal family held an emergency meeting last week at Buckingham Palace and then announced the retirement of Prince Philip.

Both emergency meetings had to do with the cashing of Super Petchili or Lung-Tsing-U-Hai bonds backed by Chinese gold and held by many members of the world’s royal families, according to a senior bank source. To be exact, according to this source, in exchange for resigning, Prince Philip was allowed to cash his Petchilis meaning the British Royal Family now has in its hands enough money to totally transform the planet.

If so, then this means Canada is now in a position to ask creditors of the bankrupt United States Corporation for financing of a leveraged buy-out of its operations. The result would be an end to the never ending insanity and criminality emerging out of Washington DC.

We will look deeper into this further down because, in terms of how this will affect the planet, this under the radar move is far more important than the French Presidential election. This was stolen by the Rothschild’s on behalf of their slave Emmanuel Macron with a in your face, Satanic 66.06% of the vote.

The French election was really a German/Russian proxy war over the control of Europe. US naval intelligence reports that German troops were sent into France prior to the election to while Pentagon sources say Russian troops were sent into Serbia at around the same time.

As things stand now, Hitler’s daughter Angela Merkel has repeated her father’s accomplishment of conquering France, this time through stealth rather than through open warfare.

The strangest part about the above post is the part about Canada being in a position to do a "leveraged buy out" of the US.  lol.  This is based on Prince Phillip's emergency meeting last week.  Ben says the meeting was to liquidate some assets to give the money to Canada to buy out the US.  Hmmmm.  I am sure the finances are far too complicated for our pretty boy "le dauphin" Prime Minister to figure out.  Ain't gonna happen, because Canada is owned lock, stock and barrel by the US, which was given it by Churchill after WWII as part of the global reorganization of the planet by the "winners"...Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt.  Proof of this is that, immediately following WWII, Canada had one of the biggest merchant marine navies in the world and was poised to compete with the US for commercial dominance.  Then, following the big meeting of world leaders, Canada's merchant marine was systematically dismantled...and Canada slowly sank back to it's current backwoods economy as a hewer of wood and carrier of water for the US.  Remember when our Avro Arrow "state of the art" military jet plane was scuttled?  That was another bump in Canada's downward spiral.  And besides, Canada is just as controlled by Israel as the US.  The same ziofascist cabal owns Ottawa as owns Washington. so I don't know where Benjamin Fulford gets his information...must be something in that Japanese water.

Christians Coming Out of the Closet

In a 180 degree pivot from Fulford's fulminations...we have a seminal and I might say historical interview with Paul Craig Roberts on the Richie Allen Show.  Here it is and I would suggest listening to it in is entirety.  After this interview, nobody can criticize Roberts any more about "pussy-footing" around the Israeli/Ziofascist issue.  Roberts comes right out and identifies the "Jews" behind the Neocons in the US Government as being the source of all the US warmongering policies in the Middle East, North Korea and elsewhere.  He says Israel runs the US government.  So my frequent designation of the US and Israel asUSrael is correct.

Paul Craig Roberts on the
Richie Allen Show

There has been a sea change on the blogosphere in the past few months.  The Saker and PCR are just two alternative bloggers who have recently dropped their ambivalence in order to bravely come out and identify Jews as playing their historical role and subverting humanity into perpetual wars in an effort to divide and conquer themselves into a tyrannical position of worldwide hegemony.  It has always been thus...but the end of the cycle should not give the Ziofascist any comfort...because it always starts...and ENDS in the same way.  Enough said.  As an antidote to the is a wonderful little snippet of a video of the Christian prayer, "Ave Maria" (Hail Mary) I found on the Richard Edmondson's blog "Fig Trees and Vinyards"  sung by an Irish singer...with video clips from that immortal classic, Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ". IMO, the depiction of Mary in that classic was one of the best portrayals of Jesus's mother in the history of movies.

Ave Maria Sung by Dolores O'riordan
with scenes of Mary from "Passion of the Christ"

It may be related to the "Sea Change" mentioned above wherein prominent bloggers are braving the backlash and coming out publicly against Ziofascism, in fact I believe there is a direct relationship...but Google has become very problematical lately.

Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics...and Google Statistics

I have always said that if I believed Blogger's statistics...I would quit blogging.  Luckily, the evidence on my stats page indicates they are patently false and discourage me and other bloggers.  Succinctly put, the numbers do NOT add up.  Day in and day out they lie.  But we play a cat and mouse game...Blogger and I.  They lie, and because they allow me to blog free of charge...I do not generally complain.  Every once in a while, however, they go too far...such as inserting viruses and glitches into their software...and the bile rises in my throat and I say something.  And that's what I'm doing today.  We all know that if Google/Blogger wanted to get rid of the trolls and spammers that infest the Blogger comments they could...but I think they not only allow them to roam but encourage, aid and beset them onto the Blogger programs.  Again, the people are slowly waking up to the cartel that controls us.  Here is Northerntruthseeker speaking out about that spyware...Facebook.  Google is, IMO, reacting to the anti-ziofascist resistence that is growing in the alternative blogosphere.

Geopolitical Newz the French Selection

Well, thank Gawd that French Farce of an election is over.  Both candidates were puppets, IMO...and I suppose Macron, as the most supplicant puppet a vote of 66.06% dontchaknow.  The big "tell" is not only the 666 Satanist number, BUT the historically low number of French citizens who actually voted. 

The Ziofascist War on Syria is Quickly Coming to a Head

As quite a few truth bloggers have noted, a lot of the manufactured crises recently imposed on humanity (such as North Korea) have been partially to distract from the main event, which is coming to a head in Syria.  Assad, with the support of Iran and Russia (and strangely, Turkey) is on the verge of winning the war.  Peace is in danger of breaking out in that part of the Middle East at least.  If that happens, then it will be a mortal blow to the Zionist Dream of their "Nile to the Euphrates" Tyranny over the Muslim world.  As such, it cannot be allowed to happen.  Armies are building up on either and all sides of the Syrian border.  There will be blood.  Here is the most recent report from The Saker.  This situation requires a close watch.  There are a lot of associated moves on either side.  An example. from here in Canada is this media emphasis on the "Tragedy of the Sudan" and lots of poignant photos of human suffering on the CBC.  Apparently some NGO or UN body has requested that "Canada send in some soldiers"...just for humanitarian reasons, dontchaknow.  But I see it as an effort to get the Canadian foot in the door of providing military support in the region.  It always starts out this way.  Look where Sudan is on the map. Just south of Egypt on the "Road to Damascus".  Just this morning, I read where the US's official reaction to the Russian, Syrian, Iranian, Turkish "safe zone" plan in Syria was:  "But, the devil is in the details".  Indeed.

Have We Reached Bottom Yet?

Finally, I read a wonderful poem written by blogger Richard Edmondson the other day.  He reprinted it on his blog because, even though he wrote it some time ago, it sums up the ongoing and deepening crisis the world has been artificially manipulated into:

Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

He who with might extends through all existence hears words
Which I, his faithful servant, utter…

Swilling the waters of the ocean, the submarine
Sank beneath the surface, taking with it light, beauty,
And the feather of a dead seagull, in its downward draft.
All cheered and hoorahed as, with a nervous tick of its hydrodynamic control fins,
The titanium-hulled craft descended through the ripples of hoodwinking light,
Spectacularly placed, its chockablock ballast tanks rendering it
A slightly greater weight in the lesser weight of the sea surrounding it.

“Have we reached bottom yet?” asked the small child.
“Not yet, but we will…eventually,” replied the bearded man

Seated nearby, favoring the child with an indulgent smile.
Further down, further down, further down…
At 65 feet we encountered the detritus of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
“No pearl in an oyster that,” remarked one of the passengers,
While another expressed a great longing for some mango fruit.
“Take us down further,” ordered the captain, who was a crypto Jew.
At 110 feet we passed the corpses and the herbicide-poisoned jungles of Vietnam.
In this submarine, the ping of the sonar plays the melody of Taps.

“Have we reached bottom yet?” asked the child.
“Not yet, no,” answered the man, again with a smile,

Looking out the window himself now.
At a depth of 250 feet we came to that place in the road where
John F. Kennedy closed his eyes and that cabal of Sayanim had
Rushed in to fill the void, and at 300 feet the last remnant of sunlight
From the sea’s surface faded in total, while the crypto Jew at the helm
Called out again, “Take us further!” and the pump jets hummed merrily.
At 600 feet we encountered the cash-on-the-barrel sale of human souls
And the smuttiness of that place on the Potomac,

As the child asked once more, “Have we reached bottom yet?”
“No, I don’t think so,” said the man,

Tightening his grip on the armrest of his seat.
At 945 feet, we saw the missing limbs and missing teeth
Of Iraq, and the half-million Iraqi children we killed
Because we thought it was “worth it” and so we went back and
Killed 3 million more; and at 1290 feet we came upon the firing of
Rockets from beneath the grass, the explosions coming up out of the ground
Around the fleeing children, then at 1430 feet we saw the burning of El Chorillo,
The sludge of the Panama Canal, and the pilfered ruins of the Baghdad Museum.

“Have we?” asked the child. “Have we reached bottom? Have we
Gotten there yet?” The man gazed at the child and smiled again,

Only this time there was a hint of sadness in his smile.
One of the passengers opened a bottle of wine. “It reminds me,”
Said he, “of a story I once heard—of a man who dies in the depths
Of a vale. A great bird on top of a mountain flies down into
The depths of that vale where the man died; it eats the corpse,
Then it flies back up to the mountain. From its perch there, on a bare limb,
It vomits—it deposits dung—it drops pieces of the corpse down
Below on the people in the vale.”
At 1490 feet, we encountered a fiefdom, where we found
The warrantless searches and the broken doors of the Patriot Act.

“Have we reached bottom yet?” asked the child. The man did not answer.
The passenger who earlier had asked for mango fruit, inquired
Again if there were not some way we could possibly stop off and purchase some.

“Further!” screamed the captain. “Take us down further!”
At 1645 feet we saw the drones flying over Pakistan,
To the very furthest distance, all the way to the bags of Bagram,
The Abus of Ghraib, and the grimaces of Guantanamo, may lovely
Variegated life be remembered.
“I can taste your heart, and it tastes foul and despicable!”
The man turned his head and regarded the child disjointedly,
“Funny child, funny imagination…”
“I’d feel better if we could stop, or at least slow down,” said a woman
With a chrysalis-shaped birthmark on her face, looking doubtfully upward,
To the communications room, in the elevated chamber of the sub’s tower.

“Further! Down further!” pressed the Captain.
At 1820 feet we saw the dronefields of the Midwest and the
Comical abscesses of the NDAA, scattered here and there
Like conceptions of the meaning of “Ultimate Reality,”
The only sound now a slight noise coming from the shaft bearings, as the child
Waited in vain for the blowing of a whistle, the ceasing of

The petrol bombs of existence, “Are we there? When will we get there?”
The bearded man stared in torn, conflictive silence. At 2010 feet
We heard the clanging machinery of hypocrisy, the public pronouncements of
Presidential spokesmen, and the ice forge of contempt.
“All of it, every bit of it, is nothing more than a teleological train of progression,”
Averred the passenger who had finished the bottle of wine and opened another.

At 2370 feet there appeared a diseased, phlegmatic wasteland
Of broken necks, broken parodies, and electronic voting machines,
And at 2500 feet we felt the winds of non-change and the superlatives
Of greed, the force of inaction and the inaction of necessity. “Trust me, I
Know what I’m talking about,” said the passenger just before passing out, the bottle
Slipping from his hand. At 2700 feet, we encountered the full, existential
Jewish state and its Jabotinskyish orgasms of blood—and at 2790 feet
We came upon the Talmud, languishing in flea-infested side curls,
Palming off the pornography of the Chosen, mishnahs of malevolence—sitz im leben—

“Why did you lead us here?” asked the child. “Were you misguided?
Did you not care?” By way of reply, the bearded man
Removed from his coat a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol,
Adroitly pointed the barrel to his head, and squeezed the trigger. He slumped.
Out of his pocket rolled a mango, as the child ruminated in silence.

“Further!” snarled the captain. “I want this vessel down further!”
At 2850 feet we saw the unraveling but never-ending clew of false flags
Leaked memos, and secret kill lists, and just before dropping to 3000 feet
We heard the whine of the drone, the sound of explosions, and the last
Scream from the lips of a 16-year-old boy—as again the child wailed,

Have we reached bottom yet?

Have we reached bottom yet?

Have we reached bottom yet?

I have thus, most Holy One, spoken of these cyclic explosions,
The thunder of the theraphosidae and the falderal of this fallen age.
Awaken now all pleasant strains, and let sacred hymns flow forth.

By Richard Edmondson

Well, that's it for this CawRANT, Folks.  I have to get out into the sunlight and clear my head from the heavy duty topics covered in this post.  Have a great Day!!!

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