Saturday, May 6, 2017

Catholic Priest finally gets off Duff and Does something Moral for a Change

This file photo shows Palestinian prisoners
at Israel’s Megiddo Prison

Senior Catholic patriarch joins Palestinian hunger strikers

I have a confession to make (pardon the pun : ) I was born and raised a Roman Catholic...but fell away from the Church in my early 20's. About 6 or 7 years ago now, I almost came back to the faith. I went back to church attendance and took a remedial catechism course. Things were going fine right up to the last class. It was a "Question and Answer" session with the parish priest. My turn to ask a question came and I asked if the Catholic Church stood for war or peace. The answer was roundabout but in essence was "it depends". It seemed to depend on whether the government of the country I was from "sanctioned" the war or not. So I specified the example of the War on Afghanistan...which Canada took part in as part of NATO. Again, there was some hemming and hawing but the answer, finally, was "Yes". The War on Afghanistan was sanctioned by the church.

That was it for me. I no longer felt any desire to rejoin such a fundamental pillar of the institutional warfare-loving cabal of the West. That's why I was somewhat taken aback by the above headline on the Internet this morning. Someone in the Catholic hierarchy was finally getting some cajones and standing up to the Satanic globalist, Ziofascist beasts? Here's the report, from PressTV and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

"The Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, and Alexandria and Jerusalem has reportedly started refusing food in a show of solidarity with hundreds of Palestinians, who have gone on hunger strike in Israeli jails in protest at the administrative detention policy and harsh prison conditions.
Gregory III Laham, 83, started the pro-Palestinian measure on Saturday, Arabic-language Wattan news agency reported.  The development came a day after the Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS) announced that at least 15 Palestinians in the Israeli-run Ofer prison near the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah had launched an open-ended hunger strike.

There are also reports that the Tel Aviv regime is considering force-feeding Palestinian hunger strikers in an attempt to put an end to their protest. The Israeli Health Ministry has ordered hospitals to get ready to receive hundreds of hunger strikers. The ministry said hospitals should force prisoners to take medicines or nutrients if they are in a life-threatening condition or risk permanent disabilities.
Since April 17, more than 1,600 Palestinian prisoners have joined the protest action, dubbed the Freedom and Dignity Strike, which was initially called by imprisoned and former Fatah movement leader Marwan Barghouti.

The strikers are demanding basic rights, such as an end to the policies of administrative detention, solitary confinement and deliberate medical negligence. The much criticized administrative detention is a policy under which Palestinian inmates are kept in Israeli detention facilities without trial or charge. Back in 2012, a similar hunger strike, involving some 2,000 Palestinian inmates, ended after an agreement was reached with Israeli authorities to terminate the policy of internment without trial or charge.

The Palestinian inmates regularly hold hunger strikes in protest against the administrative detention policy and their harsh prison conditions. Nearly 700 prisoners are currently held in administrative detention. Some of the inmates have been held in prison under the policy for up to 11 years."

Refresh my memory.  At the height of the despicable apartheid regime in South Africa (South Africa became a pariah throughout the entire world) did the South African white government ever hold prisoners indefinitely without charge or trial?  I could be wrong but I doubt it.  They would have held a kangaroo court trial at the very they did with Nelson Mandela.  So here we have a government, whose leader hobnobs and backslaps with the likes of  Donald Trump that doesn't even uphold the most basic human rights.  And they call themselves "civilized".   Holding a person without charge or trial is actually the crime of "kidnapping".

It is long past time that some so-called "moral authority" spoke up against this brutish that's always bragging it is "the only democracy in the Middle East".  And it's ironic in the extreme that the protesting prisoners are going to be force fed and forced to ingest medications by their Israeli kidnappers...when one of their stated grievances is "intentional medical neglect" of Palestinian prisoners.  I am going to follow this story into the weeks ahead and see what the Catholic Church does about this outspoken priest...will they leave him high and dry and "twisting in the wind"...without official support? 

Jews wonder why they have a history throughout the centuries of being persecuted and expelled from societies.  Well, this is why.  This is what happens when they are allowed societal and judicial control in a "nation".  Thank heaven this local senior Catholic patriarch is drawing international attention to this ongoing crime against humanity and genocide.

You know, if the Catholic Church as an institution started to speak up about this racist would be over in a heartbeat.  Israel would quickly mend its ways under the glare of millions and millions of disapproving Christians...after all...they ARE cowards....they only do these crimes while flying under the radar.  If the radar was on them they would stop.  So the final question is...what's stopping the Catholic Church from taking a unified, public, official stand against the racist, apartheid governmental policies of the State of Israel????


Anonymous said...

Hi green crow , the church was infiltrated after Germany fell in ww11 ,it's crazy to know that our dead were brainwashed just like us ,our dead fought for the communist psychopathic lunatics , child molesting became one tool to destroy it completely , Pope John Paul jewish ? Any gathering or collective group that supports Israel are not Christian, our Lord would never ever ever support us murdering anyone , you don't need a church gc , the greatest man to ever walk this earth said so .

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for your comment. It reminds me of an old saying/paradox. The only gathering or collective group that won't be inevitably infiltrated and controlled by Jews is an anti-Semitic group.

james@wpc said...

"So the final question is...what's stopping the Catholic Church from taking a unified, public, official stand against the racist, apartheid governmental policies of the State of Israel????"

Gee, that's a tough one, Greencrow (sarc). But I'll take a shot in the dark here . . . perhaps the day after this unicorn-like stand, the front pages of the press around the world would expose the organised paedophilia within the church as well as the satanism that is at it's core.

Satanism is all about destruction and death. War is the ultimate expression of destruction and death. That is why the Vatican will never do anything effective to stop war.

Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated because he called on the police and the soldiers to follow their Christian faith and not the orders of the government when they conflicted. The Vatican did not utter a peep about Oscar Romero's assassination and, importantly, did not take up his call. 'Nuf said.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

And the Catholic Church, IMO, will continue to bleed parishioners and priests until it begins to speak in the words and message of Christ. Until then, it will continue to be irrelevant.