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UPDATE:  April 26, 2017 I have been advised by a friend that the likely reason for Tryamkin's decision return to Russia to play hockey in the Russian national KHL hockey league is the recent announcement by Russia that-- only players currently playing in the KHL will be eligible for selection to play on the 2018 Russian Olympic hockey team.  Since the NHL has formally bowed out of sending players to the next winter Olympics in South Korea, this makes sense.

6'7" Rookie NHL Hockey Player
Russia's Defenseman, Nikita Tryamkin

There is no joy in Mudville, aka Vancouver, this morning.  To cap off the most disastrous season ever, where the Vancouver Canucks hockey team missed the playoffs and was the second worst team in the NHL, top prospect, young Russian Defenseman Nikita Tryamkin announced on Russian twitter yesterday, that he was not returning to the Canucks, or the NHL in the fall.  He has returned instead to his former Russian hockey league, the KHL.

Here is the story from the Vancouver Province/Sun and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Jason Botchford: Defenceman Tryamkin takes offence and bolts Canucks for Russia

Canucks Nikita Tryamkin listens to an interpreter during an end-of-season news conference in Vancouver on April 11. The Canucks say they're disappointed by Tryamkin's decision to leave the club and return to the KHL

It was Canucks general manager Jim Benning who chose Nikita Tryamkin. He was Benning’s guy, and the draft pick was a beauty. Tryamkin is 6-foot-7 and graceful on skates. This isn’t easy. The Canucks, desperate for talent, landed a valuable one and did it in the third round. They got a player they could develop into something good, maybe more. Tryamkin could have been a game-changer for a franchise in desperate need of one or five.

With a high ceiling and mountainous size, Vancouver needed Tryamkin to succeed and instead he failed, and they failed him. For a team that needs a lot to go their way to accelerate the current rebuild, this one will hurt and that hurt will linger. The official word from the Canucks is Tryamkin left for family reasons. This, of course, is part of the story. But, generally, when players choose to leave a postcard city and the luxurious, red-meat, Ritz-Carlton lifestyle of the NHL to return to a city in eastern Russia, the reasons are plenty and complex.

In Russian interviews after deciding to leave Vancouver, Tryamkin has made some things clear. He’s talked openly about his ice time, or lack thereof, which was limited, even though he clearly outperformed Luca Sbisa and arguably Ben Hutton, too.  He has expressed confusion about why the coaching staff in some games went to five defencemen late in third periods, keeping him on the bench. Some of us watching were confused, too.

He questioned why it took so long for him to play at the start of the season (10 games), knowing the only reason he did play that first game was an injury to Chris Tanev. He seemed genuinely flummoxed as to why the Canucks asked him to go down to the AHL, when he was so adamant that he didn’t want to do this that he had a clause about it written into his contract.  It’s clear there was a breakdown in communication between the coaches and Tryamkin and, language barrier or not, that falls on the team.

Tryamkin did believe he was better than defencemen who were getting ice time in the first 10 games, when he wasn’t playing, and when he got his chance in the lineup he proved he was right.

In an interview with Russian media, discussing his return to the KHL, Tyramkin just hammered the Canucks for his playing time, if you’re to believe Google translation.

Asked what his objectives were for his new team, Tryamkin said:

‘”Getting decent playing time. But not for 12 minutes in the game to come out. This I do not want. “I have experienced these feelings. When you do, I would not get pleasure from the game and (instead) just sit, look and realize that there’s nothing you can do.
“And you just want to enjoy hockey, play as much as possible, try to benefit first and foremost, the team.”  Tryamkin said he didn’t “understand the situation” in Vancouver, which seemed to suggest he thought he’d be entrenched in the top six to start the year, and he wasn’t.

He admitted he was contemplating leaving when he wasn’t playing early in the season.
He also suggested he could have played as much as any of the other defencemen, around 20 minutes, but instead was kept to 16 or even 12 minutes in playing time, and this was not acceptable, it turned out.

“During the season, I was not happy with some of the matches.  “Sometimes I just do not understand — why?”

Why? Indeed.  Why would a young man with more promise and potential than the rest of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team combined...suddenly throw it all away, bolt the prestigious NHL to return to his "primitive" homeland in eastern Russia?  I use the word "primitive" [sarc] because that is just one of the adjectives that the disgusting Main$tream Media is using to describe Russia these its concerted effort to demonize all things Russian.

Did the young Russian feel the non-stop conjured-up negativity towards Russia that infuses what passes for Western "culture" these days?  I can only hope what they say about professional athletes living in their own "sports bubble" is true--about them necessarily being unaware of things going on in the world around them.  Alone in a strange country, not speaking English, I can only hope he was not reading in translation the slings and arrows, lies and disinformation that is constantly spread about Russia and its leaders by the West.

Make no mistake, folks, in Vancouver this story is a BIG thing,  This will not go away.  There will be many post mortems over why the young man left--and who could have prevented it.  The coach? (now fired after the disastrous season...who told Tryamkin to "man up" after the team lost a crucial game?)  The President of the Team, former elite hockey player Trevor Linden, who, in post season interviews, leaned heavily on Tryamkin's "promise" as a hope for the team's future?  Did he not also personally convey this opinion to Tryamkin to ensure that the young man felt he was valued--and that his vision for his own future could be met by the Canuck's brass?

As an avid and very disappointed Canuck's fan, I am torn. While I feel the loss to Vancouver of such a great future the same time, one part of me is pleased.  I am pleased that young Nikita gave the finger to the West.  I am pleased that he stunned an entire city and no doubt the NHL by voting--for Russia---with his feet.  I wish other Russian hockey players would do the same.  Can you imagine if Ovechkin left to return to Russia? Perhaps that would wake up the sheeple!

We in the West have been programmed by our narcissistic, ethnocentric press to believe that we are the centre of the Universe. But, lol, here is a young man who insinuates, instead, that we are the @$$hole of the world.  Spaciba, Nikita.  


Anonymous said...

The NHL is NOT a sports league, it is an entertainment business. Creating drama, scandals and selling fake competition, it IS pro wrestling on skates.

The NFL stated in court that it is not a sport, but an entertainment to defend against a multi million dollar law suit.

Canadian teams have stunk for the past 10 years and have not won a cup since, Tryamkin was an infant. The league needs all top Canadian players in the USA to sell hockey in non hockey markets, and needs competitive teams in the USA to sell hockey in these non hockey markets. Canadian teams are always tanking on purpose as scummy US coaches get rewarded for wrecking Canadian teams (Tortorella, Ron Wilson etc.) Last year was the very FIRST year where all Canadian teams had lots of empty seats, and the almighty TV viewership stats were way way down. So this year the NHL had to permit a few Canadian teams to make the playoffs. Vancouver got its cup run a few years ago, so they were not on the list. This Russian kid is smart, he sees the corruption first hand.

PS, as a hard working conspiracy theorist, you should stop supporting the Aquilini group (as corrupt as any of the filthy rich despots you report on) and the fake NHL and do a story on how our beautiful game was stolen from us by corrupt American scum and turned into the WWF.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I HAVE done a few stories about how hockey is being destroyed, but they were a few years ago now. Perhaps it is time for another one. I have always wondered aloud why Canada doesn't have a CHL (Canadian Hockey League)like we have a CFL (Canadian Football League). It is disgusting how Canada doesn't have teams from hockey centers in Quebec and the Maritimes playing with teams from BC and the Prairies. I know there is an AHL (American Hockey League)with some Canadian Teams in it. But we should have a Canadian Hockey League like Russia does. It makes me want to vomit to see that little New York Rat Gary Bettman running Canada's National Game. I do think Canadians are catching on to how the game is being destroyed...particularly now that Los Vegas is getting a team and is going to steal some of the talent from the Canadian Teams. I wish we could watch the KHL on TV and see how Tryamkin and his Russian teammates are doing. Now that would be an improvement!

Anonymous said...

Hockey is barbaric
Fighting is fun
Skill is for the all star break
This movie sums up the reality of hockey
Major league with Charlie Sheen sums up baseball.

Back in the day,our players did go into the stands
Jim Rice went to get his hat back
I think our hockey team did??/
Just watch the fans reaction when a fight breaks out near the boards,sometimes it lookscivil,other times it is a freak show
Canadians and Russians brang skills,then you have to learn Amerikan hockey
Cheap shots and fighting
Just like politics
Just like local players in a community,harrassing the non players
Stupid movie with a real truth storyline
Watch major league for the baseball story line
Thank you