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Donald Trump - The Deep State Reason for his Insane Attack on Syria

Donald Trump - the Deep State
Reason for his Insane Attack on Syria

Still trying to make "sense of the insane", alternate media commentators are reviewing the criminal act of war of Donald Trump of last Thursday night.  Mike Rivero, webmaster of sums up the facts as we have assembled them so far:


To sum up:

Based on an obvious falsehood that nobody believes, Trump launched about $90 million worth of Tomahawk Cruise missiles at the Shayrat Air Base in Syria.
2. Out of 59 missiles, only 23 actually hit the base, with most of those hitting the outskirts of the base and doing no real damage.
3. 18 people were killed on the base,
including Russian personnel. Many died fighting the fires rather than in the attack itself.
4. Nine planes were destroyed, six of them 1960s vintage MIG-23s.
5. The remaining 37 cruise missiles hit civilian targets including the villages of Shayrat, Al-Hamrat, and Al-Manzul,
killing more civilians, including children!
So Trump, in his faux fury over the faux Assad crime of killing civilians and children ... is killing civilians and children.
6. And the base is back in operation.

Most interesting in the list above is information that Russians were killed in the attack on the Syrian base.  I posted this earlier having read it in a tweet from video blogger "Syrian girl"...but then corrected it, as there was no corroboration elsewhere.  I am still looking for a source for this crucial factoid...which would be devastating for world peace, if true.

Former Republican congressman and presidential candidate, Ron Paul, eloquently sums up the implications for the American democracy in an interview with RT.  He ascribes the impetuous decision of Trump to fear in the US government that "Peace might be breaking out" in Syria and a military support of the terrorists was needed to stave it off.

From the sublime to the asinine...we have the pro-Trump blog quoting an MSNBC spin doctor spouting the theory that Russia was behind the chemical attack--in an effort to make Trump look like a "strong and independent" leader.  How asinine can you get?

The Saker sums up the Russian response:
President Putin called the move an “aggression against a sovereign nation” through his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Moscow also demanded an urgent UN Security Council meeting on the issue.

There are no doubts that these strikes will contribute to operations of various terrorist groups (like ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sha) in the provinces of Homs and Hama. The Ash Sha’irat airfield played an important role in providing an air support to Syrian troops combating terrorists on the ground.

ISIS terrorists already took an upper hand on this situation and launched an attack against government forces near the important town of Al-Furqalas in Homs province.

None of the above explains the shocking, relentless and dangerous brinkmanship of the Trump Administration...just out of the starting gate, squandering its credibility and betraying its grassroots supporters.  Why would Trump do this?  Well, I found a very convincing answer while listening to a podcast interview with geopolitical journalist F. William Engdahl just yesterday.  I highly recommend readers listen to this podcast interview in its entirety.  It certainly turned on a few lightbulbs over my head.

Just briefly summing up the chock-a-block information Engdahl provides in the interview...Engdahl says that, over the past year or so, Israel discovered a huge (and I mean unprecedented) oil deposit in the Golan Heights.  As most readers already know.  The Golan Heights is Syrian territory stolen by Israel during the 6 day war in the 60's.  Since that war, Israel has occupied the Golan Heights...but has been hindered in developing the land, due to at least two United Nations Resolutions stipulating that the land belongs to Syria and should be returned to that sovereign nation.

In the meantime, an oil company with offices in Israel and the US has secured the "rights" to the discovery.  This oil company, interestingly, has its head office in New Jersey, USA.  On the board of directors of this oil company is none other than the dastardly Dick Cheney, neocon warmonger nonpareil.  There are a few other big name neocons on the board of directors as well.  Listen to the interview for details.   So, carrying the theory forward to its logical conclusion...USrael wants to balkanize Syria big time and hive off the land bearing the oil deposit for itself...ASAP....before the world (and Syria) gets wind of the theft. 

This project also explains the absolute distain the neocons have for the United Nations.  All these old UN resolutions are SUCH a pain...and so bad for bidness!  If the United Nations were to dissolve in the face of a WWIII...then all these inconvenient UN resolutions would be scattered to the winds of war as well.  IMO, this latest volley of neocon sh!t is in part a project to destroy the United Nations.

So, folks, there you have it.  Same old, same old....low life, scum of the earth...common greed and avarice is behind this latest, seemingly insane behavior of the neocons.  And they will destroy the world, rather than give up their diabolical schemes.

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