Monday, April 17, 2017

Did Trump Cry about These "Beautiful Babies"? Watch as "Moderate Rebels" Bomb Syrian Children

by "Moderate Rebels"Offering them bags
of potato chips. Video Courtesy "We Are Change" 
[Caution:  Very Graphic]

This is what the Satanic Ghouls who run the USrael Deep State REALLY think of the children of Syria.  Syrian babies and children are nothing but sub-humans and pawns in a greedy game of money and power.  The Perps can't win the hearts and minds of the projected pawns...nor can they win on the battlefield.  But they can win in the arena of terrorism.  Nobody can set off more remote-controlled bombs than these bloody-fanged cowards.  This report is courtesy of "We Are Change":  Here is the report that explains the sequence of horrific events shown in the video:

Mimi Al-Laham, known as Partisan Girl has reported that a video shows Syrian Sunni rebels promising to bomb buses evacuating Shi’ite civilians in 2015 prior to the two bus bombing terrorist attacks in Syria.

The video is extremely graphic and we have before outlined our policy for not showing deceased victims but in this case showing the devastation is warranted to show what the Syrian rebels are capable of.

In December 2016, the rebels bombed a bus evacuating the besieged city of Aleppo and promised to bomb civilians buses evacuating more civilians from the area.

“The buses meant to evacuate the Shi’ite heathens how we burned them for the sake of God, and we will burn every convoy trying to evacuate them,” a rebel soldier is heard saying in Arabic. He added, “You want to evacuate the Shi’ites, do you? Pigs. God willing, they will only leave as corpses.”

This Saturday another evacuation bus was bombed in Idlib with the mainstream media peddling the narrative that the Syrian government was responsible by implying the suspected Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) came from the Government side and that the town was Government held. Despite Syrian Girl’s video showing a man explain the latter, that rebels lured children to the area with bags of chips shortly before the explosion in a deplorable act of evil.
“There was a car that was distributing potato chips so then the kids started to run after it then it exploded,” a Syrian man said.

Another woman collaborated the man’s account of the events stating they scattered chips and “tried to gather as much children around the vehicle as once.”

BBC also noted that, “It would not be in the rebels interest..” to bomb their own civilians, as Syricide tweeted Funny how that only applies to the rebels but that logic didn’t apply two weeks ago during the Syrian chemical weapons gas attack in the same area of Idlib....."

What kind of sub-humans can even think up this kind of slimy, cowardly atrocity...much less perpetrate it???  Will the "Big Betrayer", the turncoat with the big, blonde comb-over weep, wail and order missile strikes over this atrocity?  Not on your life.  It's as if it didn't happen...or if mentioned at all in the whore-ish, M$M presstitute is referred to as a "hiccup".  Watch the actually IS referred to in a M$M report as a "hiccup".  Can you imagine?

Why is the West supporting their proxy armies ("moderate rebels") made up of criminals and murderers released from the world's prisons and sent to Syria?  All because of the "petro dollar" ponsi scheme--as Luke Rudkowski (also webmaster of We Are Change) explains here.  As he discusses, these wars are to protect the Rothchild global financial scheme and they will continue to be perpetrated, like clockwork.  As General Wesley Clark said in his infamous video interview-- the US Pentagon planned over a decade ago to "take out seven countries in five years".  They planned the deaths of these babies and families long ago.  And the West has known about it all along...since Clark spilled the beans long ago.  To the extent that we know and have known the intentions, agenda and plans of the perps...and to the extent we have remained silent...enjoying the economic advantages of perpetual war for the dollar...we are all responsible for the blood spilled in the Ziofascist bomb blast depicted in the first video above.  That blood is on all our hands.

General Wesley Clark - Pentagon Agenda
Destroy Seven Countries in Five Years

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard destroys "Regime-Change" mouthpiece CNN Wolf Blitzer in an interview.  He keeps trying to make seeking Peace sound weak...while she keeps proving in her rebuttals to his vile questions....that Peacemakers are strong.

CNN Wolf Bluster confronts Tulsie Gabbard
for having the cajones to demand US President follow
the constitution--and bring war EVIDENCE before Congress
h/t to Fig Trees and Vineyards for the video


Penny said...

Trump was too busy eating beautiful chocolate cake to cry for those babies.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Children were running all over the White House lawn over the the annual "Easter Egg Roll" (whatever that is) while at the same time...the little Syrian children who innocently ran after the White House-supported terrorists' car bearing the packages of potato chips were blown to smithereens. The world is passed being fed up with the hypocrisy.