Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Yemen - What is behind US Proxy Invasion?

War Torn Yemen - Photo from RT

There have been a lot of diversionary stories in the recent main$tream many, in fact, that one might be tempted to think they are purposefully being planted as cover for some major geopolitical developments.  There is the Trump Tax Return caper which blew up into a confetti storm last night.  Then today we have the Rooskie Spys arrested to hacking Yahoo.  No end to the mind clutter.

My guess it's all to divert sheeple attention away from what is going on in the Middle East.  There have been some very serious developments and military shifts from the newly installed Trump Administration.  These are being followed closely by Pennyforyourthoughts in her last few excellent posts.  I will copy the link and a short quote from her latest post below so readers can get a flavor of the complexities of what is going on:

...The most significant [Trump directed] operation so far carried out the during his term as commander of JSOC is the raid carried out by the Navy SEALs on an al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) headquarters in Yemen. The operation, the first commando raid authorized by Trump, turned into a shootout in the midst of the village because the force was compromised before hitting its objective. Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens was killed and three others were wounded. 14 AQAP fighters were killed in the raid, some of whom were also terrorist network leaders and facilitators". Recall his widow and Trump paying homage to her- Lots of crying and praying involved? [Editor's note: NTS also did a post about this incident during Trump's State of the Union Address a few weeks ago]
The Jerusalem Post op ed implies that the special forces will increase activity in the area as part of the new strategy- this already seems to be the case.

AEI- America's Way Ahead in Syria

-To protect American interests, President Trump’s goal cannot be a quick end to the war in Syria

A global war certainly won't end quickly will it? 
[Editor:  Please note the following, which I have made as large and clear as possible because it represents the thesis of this post]
Success will depend on US forces fighting alongside, recruiting, and training local Sunni Arab forces to conduct an immediate offensive against ISIS and future operations against al Qaeda. Subsequent phases will require establishing a no-fly zone in southern Syria... "

I have bolded and highlighted in red the sentences in Penny's post that co-relate to what I have discovered recently about the War on Yemen by Saudi Arabia...acting as USrael proxy.  My attention was drawn to the War on Yemen recently by my other Canadian truth blogger, Northerntruthseeker who wrote a post last week devoted to the atrocities being committed by the proxy Saudi military against the citizens and particularly the children of the impoverished by strategically-situated nation of Yemen.

Following up on NTS's post...I focused on several other news stories on the War on Yemen, like this one from RT that describes the US involvement and support of recent carnage and genocide:

West complicit in Yemeni carnage

Armed with American and British ammunition and European warplanes, among other Western-supported military hardware, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has wreaked havoc in Yemen since March 2015. The offensive, which is allegedly aimed at reinstalling the former Yemeni government, a close Riyadh ally, has been nothing short of blatant violations of all laws of war and human rights condoned and supported by the West.

This US-backed war is not just a case of the former Obama administration sitting vainly by while its close ally goes on a destructive spree of historic proportions. The government has been and still is actively selling the Saudis billions of dollars of weaponry. They are also re-supplying planes engaged in the bombing runs and providing “intelligence” about the targets Saudi Arabia is hitting.

According to a report published by the Global Research, the use of cluster munitions has been recorded 56 times in Yemen by various on-the-ground sources. Cluster bombs supplied, primarily, by the US.

The US is a non-signatory of the Cluster Munitions Convention that bans their use, stockpiling and transfer. On March 9, Amnesty International accused the Saudi-led Arab coalition of using banned cluster munitions in raids on residential areas. The coalition “absurdly justifies its use of cluster munitions by claiming it is in line with international law, despite concrete evidence of the human cost to civilians caught up in the conflict,” said Lynn Maalouf, research director at Amnesty’s Beirut regional office.

The Saudi-led coalition had also come under repeated criticism over civilian casualties in Yemen, acknowledged in December 2016 because it had made use of British-made cluster bombs. Ahmed Asiri, a spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen, admitted back then that: “It has become apparent that there was limited use by the coalition of the UK-manufactured BL755 cluster munitions in Yemen.”

In a recent Human Rights Watch (HRW) report, it was suggested that airstrikes in Yemen carried out by the Saudi-led coalition, were using bombs and missiles bought from the US. Textron, the US-based manufacturer of the CBU-105, said it would stop production of the weapon in August 2016, but there are not reports yet to state the same for 2017....."

Here is another reference to the embarrassing failed US raid in Yemen referred to by Pennyforyourthoughts above.  It is embarrassing because it breaks the Saudi cover the US has been hiding under in the Yemen War.

.....The US is also complicit in direct warfare against the people of Yemen. Dozens of civilians lost their lives in late January 2017 when US Special Forces carried out an attack against a purported position of Al-Qaeda militants in the central Yemeni province of Bayda. US Central Command chief General Joseph Votel took full responsibility on Thursday, March 8, 2017, for the Yemen raid that resulted in the death of a Navy SEAL and dozens of Yemeni civilians. However, a very legitimate question remains unanswered: Would US Central Command chief General Joseph Votel have taken full responsibility for the Yemen raid if a US Navy SEAL was not killed? I’d have to say that this raid was an embarrassment to the US military machine only because it lost one of its own as well as some heavy equipment.

To add to the devastation, earlier this week the State Department approved resuming arms sales to Saudi Arabia previously blocked by Barack Obama over human rights concerns. "

So, back to the main question posed as to the reasons for the US proxy war in Yemen

As usual, I started with a map of the country and its surroundings.  I knew that Yemen was located in a very strategic location, being at the mouth of the Arab Peninsula where it opens onto the Gulf of Aden which leads to the Indian Ocean.  What I was NOT aware of was that the Nation of Yemen includes the even more strategic Island of Socotra off its coast in the Gulf of Aden.  It is this Island that the war is being fought over. 

It would appear [see this link in Syria 360 from August 2015] that both the United States and Russia want to set up a permanent naval base on this Island...from which they could militarily command the gateway to the Middle East AND the Indian Ocean.

Location, Location, Location

Map of Yemen - Showing the Strategic
Yemeni Island of Socotra
in the Gulf of Aden

As usual, Global Research is an excellent background source for the truth behind all the BS and obfuscation printed in the M$M.  I had never even heard of the Island of Socotra before...had you?

The Socotra archipelago is part of the Great Game opposing Russia and America.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union had a military presence in Socotra, which at the time was part of South Yemen. Barely a year ago, the Russians entered into renewed discussions with the Yemeni government regarding the establishment of a Naval base on Socotra island. A year later, in January 2010, in the week following the Petraeus-Saleh meeting, a Russian Navy communiqué “confirmed that Russia did not give up its plans to have bases for its ships… on Socotra island.” (DEFENSE and SECURITY (Russia), January 25, 2010)

The Petraeus-Saleh January 2, 2010 discussions were crucial in weakening Russian diplomatic overtures to the Yemeni government.

The US military has had its eye on the island of Socotra since the end of the Cold War.
In 1999, Socotra was chosen “as a site upon which the United States planned to build a signal intelligence system….” Yemeni opposition news media reported that “Yemen’s administration had agreed to allow the U.S. military access to both a port and an airport on Socotra.” According to the opposition daily Al-Haq, “a new civilian airport built on Socotra to promote tourism had conveniently been constructed in accordance with U.S. military specifications.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania), October 18, 2000)

The Militarization of the Indian Ocean
The establishment of a US military base in Socotra is part of the broader process of militarization of the Indian Ocean. The latter consists in integrating and linking Socotra into an existing structure as well as reinforcing the key role played by the Diego Garcia military base in the Chagos archipelago.

The US Navy’s geostrategist Rear Admiral Alfred T. Mahan had intimated, prior to First World War, that “whoever attains maritime supremacy in the Indian Ocean [will] be a prominent player on the international scene.”.(Indian Ocean and our Security).

What was at stake in Rear Admiral Mahan’s writings was the strategic control by the US of major Ocean sea ways and of the Indian Ocean in particular: “This ocean is the key to the seven seas in the twenty-first century; the destiny of the world will be decided in these waters.”

The Duran has a more recent link about the strategic game of RISK being played by Russia and USrael over the bodies of the Yemeni civilians....including thousands of children...dying of war wounds and starvation.  I would urge readers to read The Duran Link or, more accurately "plow through" the complexities and inconsistencies of the get at the kernals of truth mixed in with the propaganda.  The Duran article tries to pretend that Saudi Arabia is acting independently of USrael...which I find preposterous.  But the fact is...control of Socotra...or more generally understood...control of the Rulers of Yemen which owns the Island of the rationale behind the War on Yemen.

Summary and Conclusions:

The War on Yemen, which has not been going well for the protagonists, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and their various western backed terrorist actually a struggle between the two great powers, Russia and USrael, for control of the region via building a naval base on the strategic Yemenite Island of Socotra.  My long-held hunch the reason this war is not going well for the Atlanticist proxies is that fighters from throughout the Middle East, primarily Iran...are supporting the tiny army of Yemen...and supplying it with state-of-the-art weaponry and missiles.

The Arab countries are terrified that USrael will get them all in a headlock by controlling the Gulf of Aden....this is a well-founded fear.  This leads me to my final point.  And this point applies not only to the War on Yemen but the War for Regime Change on Syria and all the other pressure points in the Middle East.

The outcome of the wars will be decided by the Arab "locals".  As mentioned in some of the links above...both sides are relying on gathering up the loyalty of the "locals" in the nations involved.  Common sense tells us that a war on the ground cannot be won without the surrender/acquiescence or active support of the local population.  The US has (through its terror proxies) almost destroyed any chance of winning the "hearts and minds" of the locals...while Russia has been winning this war by leaps and bounds.  Now, under Trump, the US has decided to reverse strategy and, instead of "bombing and droning" from 35,000 feet they will put "boots on the ground" and attempt to turn the tide of the wars by restoring trust and loyalty amongst the "locals" in the area.

That is why, IMO, Assad, in his most recent interview....critically called the Americans "invaders".  This was a direct instruction (or battle command) to the "locals" as to how to react to the latest invasion of their war-torn land.  In conclusion...this development is a very dangerous one and could end up being another Viet Nam.


Penny said...

I haven't read it all yet GC- but want to point out that this is what is known as a "choke point" (perhaps you will get to that)

There are only 8 or 9 of them in the world- the one there is the Bab el Mandab. I did a post on these strategic points years back when I first started my blog

"The Bab el-Mandab is one of the most precarious oil chokepoints in the world right now"

"Only 18 miles wide at its narrowest point, the Bab el-Mandab connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden and ultimately to the Indian Ocean. Instability or closure of the waterway could force tankers to have to travel around the southern tip of Africa."

If Russia and the US are competing to control the strategic choke point--- Whoa!
Where is China in all this? I wonder? I must finish reading the rest. There may be more to say...

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

As I said in my post, I knew the Gulf of Aden was highly strategic and command of it would give the possessor a "headlock" on the (independent) Arab states in the Middle East. I did NOT know about the Island of Socotra which the US has always wanted to build a naval base far it has gotten in this project I could not find out from the links...perhaps you know this.

Where is China in all of this? You will note that China and Russia combined to block new sanctions the West wanted to put on Syria at the UN a week or two the US is threatening to withdraw from some UN NGO. I found it significant that Assad was talking with the Chinese media when he made the declaration that the US was an "invading force". This probably won't mean much to Americans...what else is new...but it was a critical military command to his own forces and more importantly, the "locals" that both sides are vying for. In the interview, as well, Assad called China a "loyal ally" and said it would be given contracts for the rebuild of Syria.

All this very dangerous ratcheting up is going on while the US is mesmerized by Tax Returns and WikiLeaks cyber warfare. OMG.

Penny said...

The US plans to create these "Sunni" Councils yet again- they did this in Iraq.
With the sunni Kurds, yes the Kurds are Sunnis- I point that out over and over because it is always obfuscated- And the Sunni Arabs- They already began to work on this in Syria- Under Obama
This is how they created ISIS in Iraq- This is how they obfuscated the way they shifted AQ into the awakening councils then rebranded them as ISIS- It's such a scam- Been done before and the US is going to do it again-

Penny said...

Hey GC- I was opposite of you- knew about the choke point and not the island- so the island aspect is very interesting because it's located at the choke point- the two go together- to control the island is to control the chokepoint-

Penny said...

"now the US is threatening to withdraw from some UN NGO"

I saw some news about the US cutting funding, but, it's a ruse-
The US needs to UN to hide their dirty deeds
Last time the US did this Ted Turner coughed up 35 million dollars for the UN..
I suppose he paid back a favour.

Before that he pledged to pay 1 billion dollars

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for your thoughts on this very complex and fast developing situation. Re the US and the UN. Yes, the US needs the UN but not as much as Russia. The US considers itself "above the law" and outside of the law....while Russia uses International Law as a tool and as a foundation for its foreign policies. IMO, the dichotomy between the two nations' approaches to the UN is going to blow up some day and one or the other (or both) will "walk away". Then the "chips" (the rest of the nations) will fall on one side or the other as they may.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is insanity
War games
Power plays
Innocent victims
Let me get the popcorn
Who keeping track of casualties??
Anybody got a money line on this?
I wanna place a bet

Anonymous said...

Nice post

Anonymous said...

Greencrow + Penny,
You gals are quite impressive! I'm guessing good schools and family table conversations growing up paid off in the Great North. Seems like almost all the blogs worth a read are coming from Canada. Once meet a Canadain couple that had temp residency in US at a party and they made the comment that people in US couldn't talk politics. They observed that any such conversations turned to a shouting match, where their Canadian kin could carry on commonly and listen to opposing view. This observation stemmed from a stab at such talk but quickly got stop because this is exactly the way the conversation was headed. Always remember that and have to say it's a real shame as it makes it near impossible to educated others on what one might have a greater understanding, or at least a different perspective.
Cheers Rachel

james@wpc said...

Thanks Greencrow. I was aware of the Straits, of course, but did not understand about the island.

Where is China in all of this?

greencrow said...

Hi Rachel:

Thanks for the comment and appreciation. Yes, I had a lot of animated table conversations growing up in a family with eight siblings! My parents encouraged us to read and be curious about the world around us. I am the only one who "went off the rails" and became a conspiracy theorist...or "truthers". The others used to ridicule my views...but, interestingly, as time goes on they have become more silent...not quite so dismissive : )