Thursday, March 16, 2017

UPDATED: The "Locals" vs the "Crusaders"

UPDATE:  March 17, 2017 US Hellfire Missile strikes Syrian Mosque - dozens of civilian casualties.  The Crusade is on.

The Crusades During the Medieval Era

Following up on my previous post below, I was thinking about the Trump Administration's alleged "reset" of the USrael Middle East Policy.  This re-set involves putting "US boots on the ground" and attempting to gather up the support of the "locals" in achieving their various "regime change" goals in Yemen, Syria, Iran, etc.  There was something about this plan that was at the same time vaguely familiar and vaguely disturbing. 

Then, I read a few posts on other blogs today including this one...about a "future civil war in Islam".  The theory suggested that the US is attempting to sow bloody chaos throughout the Middle East in the hopes that the various religious sects will turn on, and then destroy one another in a civil war.  But, remembering Assad's oft stated insistence that Syria is a "secular" state in which the religions do not play a political least up until the Atlantacists embedded their terrorist jihadi proxies in it...I wondered how this would work in, say, Syria.

Finally, I remembered why the new Trump policy (as stated in the links provided in my previous post) was familiar and yet disturbing.  Why, it's nothing less than a Crusade!  THAT's why Assad so deliberately used the word "invaders" to describe the uninvited militaries currently present on sovereign Syrian soil.  I believe the words "invaders" and "Crusaders" are interchangeable in Arabic.

In any case...Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad has a bombshell of a word to use at his discretion.  In his next interview, were he to refer to the American troops as "Crusaders"...he would instantly put the kibosh to any hope USrael might have in garnering the loyalty or support of the "locals"... because...  If there's one unifying concept that is agreed upon and embedded in the DNA of the entire Middle East population (with the notable exception of the tiny, borderless entity) it is a mortal fear and loathing of "Crusaders".


Penny said...

Hey GC: Just to update you Russia has summoned the Israeli Ambassador... I believe that's the first time.

greencrow said...

Yes, I saw your latest post on that, Penny. Looks like we're FINALLY getting down to the short strokes on USrael holding the entire planet (and particularly the Middle East) kidnapped for ransom for decades now. I believe the US hellfire missile attack in Syria and the Israeli attack were planned to confuse and distract.

Also, interesting to note in the media it said the US "Navy" was responsible for the Hellfire attack. COULD this be yet another rogue sortie in the ongoing US civil war? I.e., perhaps it wasn't even done with Trump Administration knowledge or approval.