Thursday, March 9, 2017

Canada extending military mission in Ukraine to 2019

Canada extending military mission in Ukraine to 2019

Foreign minister says Canada should prepare for Russian attempts to destabilize its democracy

By Murray Brewster, CBC News Posted: Mar 06, 2017 1:05 PM ET Last Updated: Mar 06, 2017 8:21 PM ET

There you have it.  Canada will definitely be carrying the bucket of sh!t for the neocon globalists in their covert support of the Nazis in Ukraine.  How low can you go?...well le Dauphin's gonna show us for sure.

Freeland the flunkie is threatening Canadians with future false flags if we don't go along.  Of course the false flags will be blamed on Russia...the MIC's "enemy du jour". The main$tream media is softening up the Canadian populace to "beware of Russian disinformation", i.e, the truth.  We don't want those tender eyes and ears to hear such "destabilizing information" as the facts coming out about the neonazi backed shoot-down of MH17 a couple of years ago.  How the Kiev Junta had significant deployments of BUK missiles in the area of the shoot-down.

The fact Ukraine deployed 17 BUK missile launchers to the war zone of eastern Ukraine in the summer of 2014 does not mean that it must have been one of these launchers which shot down MH17. However the Western public’s impression of the tragedy would surely have been very different if Ukraine’s deployment of these systems was widely known about. As it is the Western public has barely been told about them to this day.

I personally do not believe the passenger airline was shot down by a BUK missile.  I have always believed it was shot down by way of air-to-air missiles fired from the two military jets seen tailing the passenger jet by numerous witnesses on the ground.  I believe these two jets were likely piloted by "foreign" military assisting the Junta in provoking Russia. 

So, Freeland's globalist neocon handlers got their way in dragging Canada into the Ukraine catastrophic financial and social meltdown....not to mention a potential war with Russia.  Canadians are totally disgusted with Trudeau and Freeland...if you don't believe me...check out the "most liked" comments at the end of the report from the CBC:

Dougal Fingal Guest

"Trudeau has aligned Canada with the Fascists in Eastern Europe."
  Likes 92  Dislikes 35

    • Sukhbir Powar Guest
    • "Canada should not assist or encourage this senseless carnage. It doesn't help anyone except warmongering trouble-makers." 
    • Likes 76  Dislikes 33

      • Charles Haldenby Guest
      • "All of Canada swells with pride, and people are sure to gather round whenever either Freeland or Sajjan makes an important announcement. A joint effort from them is sure to bring tears of great joy to the middle class..... and those working hard to join them.  Yes.......sarcasm."
      • Likes:  75  Dislikes 11
    • Furd Terguson Guest
    "We don't belong over there."
  • Likes:  64  Dislikes:  24

  • John Napier Guest
  • "shouldn't we mind our own business"
    Likes:  61  Dislikes: 22

    Ben Smith Guest
  • "It's Christmas and everything is free under the Liberals."
  • Likes: 57   Dislikes:  59
  • Phil Bigeau Guest
    "why do we have a minister from Ukraine"
  • Likes:  54  Dislikes 28


Why, indeed, Mr. Bigeau.  My guess is that once the sh!t starts flying in the hoped-for revved-up civil war between the broken down, corrupt Kievian Junta neo-Nazi military (being propped up by Canada) and the motivated and mobilized citizens of the ethnically Russian Donbass...Canada has been promised a lion's share of the "displaced persons" (refugees) that will inevitably result...and this population influx will bring down labour costs in Canada.  After all, that's what happened after WWII, didn't it?  Canada was given boatloads of Ukrainian refugees.  Unfortunately, many of them will likely be neo-Nazi types. 

Thank Gawd for the comments forums on the CBC...were it not for the few intrepid souls who catapult the bureaucracy involved in posting on them...we would have NO idea what Canadians are really thinking...or how much doo doo the Liberals and le Dauphin are really in.

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