Thursday, February 16, 2017

He Lost Me at "Iran is the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism..."

Trump's Press Conference of February 16, 2017

I'm sadly giving up on this guy.  Sadly because he's the only game in town.  Listen to the above video broadcast of his most recent press conference.  I picked it up from The Saker, who touted it as a "come back" after the mealy mouthed acceptance of Flynn's resignation.  I was also hoping for a come back.  Not so.  Not five minutes into the press conference, Trump calls Iran "....the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism".  Not Saudi Arabia?  Not Israel...not the US itself???!!!  I'm tired of patiently waiting for this guy to stop getting everything ass backwards.  It's going to be very easy to tune this guy out...not listen to him anymore...and this is what a lot of folks do when the guy doesn't make any sense.  This is what happened to the Obomber.  It took, maybe, a few months or perhaps even the better part of a year before most people just tuned him out and never listened to anything he had to say for his entire presidency.  And this is what I and others will do if Trump doesn't start matching his blather with what's going on in the real world!


RickB said...

Trump is going to do everything possible to make the zionists happy. He wants to be their best water boy ever. Time to believe your lying eyes on this guy.

I know, I know, there is one dumb guy on the internet that is supposedly channeling his mind and soul, and he says ---without any doubt--everything he says regards being zionism's best water boy is a ploy.

Maybe even now this dumb guy will start dialing it back. Maybe now this dumb guy will lose a bit credibilty in the "truth movement" for which he vies to be the sole spokesman.

greencrow said...

Hi RickB:

Thanks for your comment. Yes, after a while we all have to face up to the truth. I wanted to give him a chance...Trump was new at politics and so I let him be all over the map. Now, it's serious. He has to say what he means...and he has to make sense in terms of stating the facts on the ground. That is why Putin is such a great leader. Putin never says anything that makes you put palm to forehead and say: "Whaaaaa...t? Did I just hear THAT?!"

RickB said...

No one will come between Trump and Netanyahu, not Putin, not anybody.

greencrow said...

"No one will come between Trump and Netanyahu, not Putin, not anybody." the US is doomed in that case. Look at history.

SingingSam said...

Given that he is on the same ziopage I don't understand the friction from the swamp and the MSM. What's up with that?

greencrow said...

Hi Singing Sam:

I guess it's his ego and his the fact THEY didn't choose him so he doesn't really owe them anything and/or they don't have sufficient blackmail material on him.

BuelahMan said...

Do I have to keep explaining that this guy was the idiot pick from the beginning. These people knew he was a Likudnik sycophant. Sadly, most of N America still is bullshitted by the lies. Just like every election that I can remember (I am 55 years old).

Please remember that I tried for over a year and a half to warn you all.

I was very vocal here and any place that would actually post my comments.

greencrow said...

Hi BuelahMan:

Yes, I grant you've been consistent in the view that Trump was the "idiot pick from the beginning". BUT, if so, why are they threatening him with impeachment already...and why is the Ziofascist M$M 100% against him? Answer me that.

BuelahMan said...

My contention from the beginning has been that he is there to cause divide while giving false hope to white people. White people are fed up to HERE with the lies and propaganda and these PTB understand this. White people were also beginning to fade in their support of Israel, especially against the Palestinians. A boost was needed for Zionist interests in the non Christian Zionist corners.

Trump, also is a catalyst to widen the divide. The reason the media is after him is part of the Kabuki I wrote of way back. This show is needed to convince the half of America that is Trump supporters that he is a maverick or outsider or man of the people.

Trump is actually none of that BS and any discerning person already knows this.

One simply cannot have his background, with his jewish syndicate connections (not to mention his entire family wedded or bedded to jews) and his many connections to his "opposition" that it was clear to me from the beginning he was full of shit. He did not change, except in the way an actor changes.

He IS an actor, GC. This IS Kabuki.

It provides the race divide and it sets up us all for The Crash.

Trump will have no problem calling out the troops. He is an idiot, by and large, when it comes to politics and the ways governments work. He is the perfect Dictator, because of his ego and entire life of getting what he wants.

Does he believe in America, apple pie, etc. Probably. To some extent.

But he is not a JFK or anyone that would support America more than his Israeli handlers allows (in other words, he is an Israeli-firster, more than an American-firster).

Is he better than Hillary? To me they are all the same. Its just that Trump "seemed" to be slightly less deranged, but at this point I ain't to sure about that.

Neither were capable or anywhere near ready for this. Neither were actually presidential material (but you can't have that in the Kabuki).

Bottom line, I think Trump is the hammer for when the shit hits the fan in the very near future. If we are still able to communicate after the hammer falls, I am willing to bet a dollar to a donut that most people will live in fear and trepidation of the Trump presidency after The Crash. America will, at some point, regret his presidency.

Could it be worse than the last? Why not? Each successive one has been worse since I can remember. Exponentially so as of late.

Penny said...

Greencrow- many things about Trumps press conference scared me

my reply to you at my place

Penny said...

Beulahman I agree with you 100 percent- It's theatre and the media is part of that show- While not as vocal as yourself I had some serious doubts about Mr Trump and expressed them in a post, placed at my blog-

Where I disagree with you...
Bman " It provides the race divide and it sets up us all for The Crash."

I would say: It provides the race divide and sets us up for global war- Trump's warmongering was on display yesterday- it was obvious- in your face-

But in practice this is correct IMO- " I think Trump is the hammer for when the shit hits the fan in the very near future"

I was at Saker's suggesting that Ivanka and Jared are the real power at the Whitehouse... and I'm serious too!

BuelahMan said...

Hi Penny,

I think we are basically in agreement.

I do believe that war may well be part of The Crash, tho. The last ditch effort to secure Greater Israel as the last bit of wealth is taken from us. The last bit of canon fodder needed, as well.

I think this because of all the Goldman Sachs vampires he put in the admin. Mnuchin is a vampire who knows how to make a buck off of failing businesses. The US is a failing business.