Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fu*k U Shima Extinction Event - Dead Planet Still Walking

I've been writing about the nuclear catastrophe that is called "Fukushima" since 2013.  The latest news from Fukushima is not good.  Here is the report from Mike Adams at Natural News [LINK ABOVE] and I will have my thoughts and comments to follow:

''Media blackout over “unimaginable” radiation levels detected at Fukushima… MOX fuel melts through reactor floor… half life of 24,000 years

....the Fukushima nuclear accident just got a whole lot worse.
Almost no media outlets in the United States even mentioned the alarming news, either. As The Guardian reports, radiation levels have reach what experts call an “unimaginable” intensity inside the containment structure of reactor No. 2, clocking in at 530 sieverts per hour.
A sievert is a unit of radiation exposure, and exposure to just five sieverts in a short amount of time has a 50% kill rate among humans. When it comes to radiation exposure, the intensity of the exposure (which is the inverse of the duration of exposure) matters a lot. Absorbing five sieverts of radiation over a year’s time is not fatal, but exposure to five sieverts in just 60 seconds, for example, will almost certainly kill you from radiation poisoning (it’s a miserable way to die, by the way).
The level of radiation measured inside Fukushima reactor No. 2 is 530 sieverts per hour, or over 100 times the intensity necessary to kill most humans who are exposed for just a short time.
The melted fuel rods which are generating this radiation have apparently bored a hole through the floor of the containment vessel, meaning they may be very close to coming into contact with ground water or ocean water (or may have already struck it). Melting fuel rods also vastly increases the risk of nuclear fuel criticality which could “explode” the deadly radioactive elements into the open atmosphere. Yet nearly the entire mainstream media remains in a complete news blackout over this devastating development that threatens the sustainability of all life in the Northern hemisphere.
I guess talking about Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” (which isn’t even a ban on Muslims) is far more important than… I don’t know… surviving the world’s worst nuclear meltdown that’s nowhere close to being resolved.

The same media that called “meltdown” a conspiracy theory now report it as a casual fact

Check out this paragraph from The Guardian, which casually admits the Fukushima facility suffered a “meltdown”:
The facility’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), said atmospheric readings as high as 530 sieverts an hour had been recorded inside the containment vessel of reactor No 2, one of three reactors that experienced a meltdown when the plant was crippled by a huge tsunami that struck the north-east coast of Japan in March 2011.
The reason I point this out is because back in 2011, when the entire independent media was sounding the alarm about the fuel meltdown that had obviously taken place, we were all called “conspiracy kooks” by the lying mainstream media. Also recall that in 2011, most people had not yet learned that the mainstream media is FAKE NEWS, so they believed whatever CNN was telling them. “Don’t worry, it’s not a meltdown. It’s all under control. Fukushima is no big deal, don’t listen to the alarmists.”
Now, it’s almost six years later. Fukushima’s melted fuel rods are obviously not just continuing to pump out radiation — because you cannot change the laws of physics — but something has caused the intensity of the radiation output to suddenly escalate to insane levels. Possible explanations for this include, of course, more fuel rods being exposed or fuel rods coming into closer contact with each other, amplifying and accelerating the mass-to-energy conversion.first

The world’s largest “dirty bomb” just waiting to explode

In effect, Fukushima has become the world’s largest dirty bomb, and the remaining fuel rods could explode (achieve criticality) at any moment. Even right now, the radiation is so intense that robots built to explore the wreckage can only survive for a few hours before their circuits are destroyed. Thus, there’s almost no scenario in which Japan, Tepco or anybody in the world figures out how to clean up the wreckage, reclaim the melting fuel rods and reestablish control over the nuclear reactions that are still ongoing.
You can’t even successfully build a containment vessel on top of it all because the melting nuclear fuel has already burned a massive hole in the floor and is melting its way into the ground water.
“Tepco also said image analysis had revealed a hole in metal grating beneath the same reactor’s pressure vessel,” reports The Guardian. “The one-metre-wide hole was probably created by nuclear fuel that melted and then penetrated the vessel after the tsunami knocked out Fukushima Daiichi’s back-up cooling system.”
Gee, ya think? I love how Tepco and the world’s excuse-making media has been lying about Fukushima for so long that the truth still manages to escape them. Do they think a one-meter hole magically appears in nuclear containment vessels due to random chance? No, it’s melting fuel rods, you morons. And some of that fuel is MOX fuel, which contains plutonium-239 that boasts a half life of 24,000 years. So sometime in the year 26000 A.D. the Fukushima nightmare will be HALF as toxic as it is right now. What a wonderful, progressive future to look forward to, eh? (RELATED: Find more uncensored truth about everything at
That’s how stupid modern humans have become. They aren’t just destroying life in the now; they’re poisoning the planet for the next half a million years and calling it “green energy.” Yeah, and biosolids are green fertilizer, right?
Given the potential for the mass poisoning of the northern hemisphere for the next half a million years, what exactly is the Japanese government’s plan for Fukushima? Keep lying as long as possible and hope nobody notices. (That’s also the basic plan of the mainstream media in the United States, which is now populated almost exclusively by brain-damaged idiots who suck down fluoride and mercury flu shots to keep their brains stupid enough to read the teleprompters.)

The radiation fries the robots in two hours… somebody call Superman!

“A remote-controlled robot that Tepco intends to send into the No 2 reactor’s containment vessel is designed to withstand exposure to a total of 1,000 sieverts, meaning it would survive for less than two hours before malfunctioning,” adds The Guardian.
Robots are f##ked, in other words. Unless you know how to build a radiation-proof robot, there’s really no solution found in robotics.
Humans are almost instantly killed in an environment of 500+ sieverts / hour. It’s basically like shoving your head into a network of 50,000 microwave ovens all set to “FRY” … without wearing sunscreen.
The only solution to all this, it turns out, is something that doesn’t exist: Superman. Essentially, Tepco needs Superman to pull the fuel out of reactor No. 2. He can pull it off because, thankfully, Fukushima fuel rods aren’t made from Kryptonite.
The problem with this solution, of course, is that Superman is a fictional superhero, not an actual person. I fully realize that fiction never gets in the way of fake science when it comes to covering the ass of the nuclear energy industry — nor even the vaccine industry for that matter — but in this case, we can’t solve a REAL problem with an imaginary superhero.
Here’s how The Guardian waters down this problem and makes it sound like a mild challenge rather than the nuclear holocaust it may actually become:
Tepco and its network of partner companies at Fukushima Daiichi have yet to identify the location and condition of melted fuel in the three most seriously damaged reactors. Removing it safely represents a challenge unprecedented in the history of nuclear power.
So wait a second. SIX YEARS into Fukushima, the Tepco company still can’t find the “location and condition of melted fuel” in three of the reactors? (Please beat your head against the wall right now, then return to this article. It’s the only way to hammer the “crazy” out of your consciousness.)
No, seriously. We are six years into this disaster. They still can’t find the fuel rods. There’s a one-meter hole burned in the floor. The radiation levels are skyrocketing to “unimaginable” intensity. The robots get fried in two hours. Humans are killed almost instantly…
From that, The Guardian concludes that the situation “represents a challenge unprecedented in the history of nuclear power.”
I would say it’s way more than a “challenge.” It’s basically FukuPocalypse. No one has a solution because there apparently isn’t one.

But wait, CLIMATE CHANGE is going to doom our civilization, right?

Yet the entire blabbering, idiotic media puppets drone on endlessly about the imminent threat of “climate change” — the greatest quack science hoax and glorious disinformation theatrics ever pulled off in the history of our world. According to the climate change lunatics, ocean levels are going to rise over a few hundred years and might cause some coastal cities like New York to be under a couple of feet of water. Wow. That’s the crisis? Really?
Meanwhile, Fukushima is about to go supercritical, spewing MOX dirty bomb radiation with a half life of 24,000 years across the entire northern hemisphere… yet there isn’t a peep about it from the news morons.
Climate change is totally made up. Fukushima is REAL.
Climate change is based on flawed computer models which are themselves based on flawed assumptions. Fukushima is based on the laws of physics and cannot be stopped by legislation or wishful thinking.
Climate change says that carbon dioxide — an essential molecule for plant respiration — is evil and deadly. Yet covering up the truth about Fukushima denies the fact that Plutonium-239 is a billion times more dangerous than CO2, even at far lower concentrations in the atmosphere.
Somehow, you are being told to be alarmed, horrified and freaked out by a non-emergency (climate change) while remaining completely apathetic about an actual, real emergency (Fukushima).

We are all trapped in a planet-wide SUICIDE CULT run by incompetent morons

It is at moments like this that I seriously feel like humanity has become a planet-wide suicide cult run by incompetent morons. If they all want to drink the Kool-Aid, that’s their choice, but I would prefer they don’t take me with them. For my part, I would actually like to live on a planet that isn’t contaminated and condemned by plutonium-239, cesium-137 and strontium-90.
According to the insanely stupid mainstream media, that somehow makes me crazy. But you and I both know that conforming to the stupidity of the delusional masses has never been a measure of sanity.
Stay informed on all this at and And don’t believe a word of anything you read in the “fake news” mainstream media."

greencrow says:

Here is what I wrote about Fukushima back on August 15, 2013.  It was one of the first posts I did subsequent to my retirement from full time employment and taking up my new avocation as a blogger.  Here is that post:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fu*k U shima: Dead Planet Walking

[Note the misspelling of the name "Fukishima" no one had even heard about it before]

There was a horrific earthquake/tsumani/explosion/meltdown at the Japanese nuclear plant called Fukushima Diiachi on March 11, 2011 (3/11/11 for those who see significance in numerology).

First came an earthquake, which actually occurred offshore in a well known underwater earthquake  belt off the east coast of Japan.  Then came a very weird "tsunami".  Weird because it only radiated in one direction..westward towards Japan.  Normally tsunamis radiate in a concentric circle from the earthquake.  Hawaii, for instance was hardly touched...there were tsunami warnings up and down the west coast of North and South America...but little or nothing materialized.

Here is a recently uncovered, shocking video of the destruction created by the tsunami.  There are some anomalies about this video.   First of all, the calm demeanour of the videographer throughout the disaster and secondly, filing this video on YouTube under "comedy":

Update as of Dec 6, 2013 - the video linked above keeps getting removed from YouTube. 

Videos and photos of the Fukushima nuclear plant taken shortly after the earthquake/tsunami showed explosions.  These explosions were also weird, according to the looks like there were bombs going off at the plants, rather than random explosions.

What has followed since is a slow motion catastrophic take down of the planet by way of radiation poisoning in the air and water.  Geiger counter records taken by individuals (the authorities avoid Geiger counters like the plague) show intense radiation levels throughout western north American in the months and years since the event.

This has all been ignored/downplayed in the mainstream media.

Brave souls like Arnie Gunderson have spoken up in their blogs:

Environmentalists like Helen Caldicott have sounded the warning:

Tepco, the nationalized Japanese Oil Company has repeatedly fallen on its samurai sword, taking the blame for the event.  Clean-up has been slow and pathetic.  The Japanese people seem to be in a zombified state, rarely reacting to the non-stop bad news.  The town of Fukushima is a radiated ground zero ghost town.  Radiation continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean from where it is carried around the world.

Experts say it will take 400 million years for the radiation to dissipate.  In the meantime, it is relentlessly and ruthlessly destroying the Pacific Ocean and all living organisms in the surrounding environment.  Radiation is a slow and silent killer.  Cancers can take ten years or more to show up in humans and animals.  The prognosis for the planet is dire yet no one from the mainstream is sounding the alarm...I call it, "the silence of the lambs".

What is the greencrow's take on this event?  I believe it was a event planned and perpetrated by the "usual suspects".  When I use the expression "usual suspects" I mean the consortium of international evildoers with headquarters in Washington/London/Tel Aviv...these are the same perps who did 9/11 and several other false flags.  The event was perpetrated to accomplish two ends:

a)  Firstly, to punish Japan and use it as an example to terrorize other states.  Japan has long wanted to close long standing military bases and get the US off it's territory.  They also want to end the US's economic control of Japan.  Over the past couple of decades, there have been ongoing threats made by US powerbrokers and their friends against Japan because of this...including threats that they would manufacture an earthquake/nuclear event and destroy Japan.

b) Secondly, furthering ongoing efforts towards a selective eugenic culling of the planet.  What better way to get rid of millions of unnecessary humans than to kill them anonymously and silently by way of cancer causing radiation.  These individuals have shown they do not care about the environment--witness the mass use of depleted uranium weaponry in their wars in the middle east and Afghanistan.  Witness the destruction of fertile fishing grounds in the North Atlantic (Grand Banks) and Pacific North West (off Comox, BC) by the "testing" of depleted uranium torpedoes....hundreds of thousands of rusting, radiation-emitting torpedoes piling up on the sea beds in the water off both coasts.

I believe the US/and its friends....set off a nuclear bomb in an underwater crevice off the coast of Japan...causing a very destructive tsunami to hit the Fukushima nuclear plants perched precariously right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.  This, IMO, did not cause the nuclear meltdown.  Nuclear plants are built to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis.  The tsunami was just a distraction/plausible deniability (like the planes that hit the twin towers).  What caused the meltdown was a combination of explosions--combined with the inability of the plant's failsafe mechanism to respond and correct the problems.  This inability was caused by the Stuxnet virus that infected the nuclear plant's computer-driven mechanics.  Siemens, a German company that used to provide computer mechanics to nuclear plants all over the world and particularly in Iran and Japan (after the disaster it got out of this end of its business) had their computers infected with the Stuxnet virus prior to Fukushima.  Whistleblower, Edward Snowden recently revealed that the US/Israel manufactured the Stuxnet virus.

What happened is explained very well in this video by the discoverer of the Stuxnet virus.  I believe this video, together with the video linked above of the tsunami, are two of the most shocking videos ever recorded:

Here is a report tracing the Stuxnet virus right to the White House!

It was meant to destroy Iran's nuclear capability...but also to affect Fukushima?!

Here's a report confirming it had affected computers in Japan in October 2010:

Here's another video with an Internet viewer's reaction to the above theory:

So there you have it alternative greencrowian theory about the Fukushima disaster....complete with some very interesting and,  I would submit, shocking links to newspaper reports and videos to back up my theory.


Update:  Here's an update on the effect of the radiation from Fukushima on the North American West Coast... from a BC newspaper on the Sunshine coast.  I will call it...."Canadians can't handle the truth." (...and Don't I Know It!)


February 9, 2017:  Summary and Conclusions

You can't talk about the Fukushima nuclear power catastrophe without looking at it in the context of world geopolitical least I can't...the M$M has no problem in doing so. I oppose the building of Nuclear Power plants and support de-commissioning the ones already built.  Nuclear power is not a reliable (or safe) source of energy.  It was always intended as a weapon of mass destruction.  Ultimately, we must regard ALL Nuclear Power Plants as potential "dirty bombs".  But, when I look at Fukushima...I see it as a Sword of Damocles hanging over humanity.  The evil perps deliberately set the chain of Stuxnet events in motion as just one in a never ending series of "punishments" to the nation of Japan for not cowering under their perpetual occupation by the US military since WWII.  The post WWII occupation of Japan and Germany (two longtime economic powerhouses) has gone on for over 70 long in fact that historians have begun to regard the occupation and control of these two economies as the primary goal of WWII by the allies.

The Japanese keep trying to elect politicians who will kick the US occupation army out of Japan...but it's not working for them.  At this very moment...there are Japanese demonstrators protesting the rebuilding of the huge US army base at Okinawa.  There are currently over 100,000 US soldiers based on Okinawa and other Japanese US military bases.  Many Japan-based alternate media bloggers and commentators report on the various "techniques" used by the US to maintain its occupation of Japan...and Germany BTW.  These techniques invariably include mass terror of the population.  IMO, perhaps the Stuxnet, sub-oceanic nuclear-caused tsunami off the coast of Fukushima was originally not meant to be so catastrophic.  It's hard to control these cataclysmic events, dontchaknow.

In any case...ever since the nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima...there has been a massive cover-up in the mainstream media.  A lulling into sleep and massive effort to distract the sheeple ["Hey, look over There!  In Ukraine, Syria, climate warming"...etc., etc.]  Meanwhile, the Pacific Ocean is virtually dead...devoid of all living things...according to some who have sailed it's waters in recent years.

Putin had the nerve to actually visit Japan a few months ago and meet with it's US puppet leader, Abe.  Hopefully they were able to sit on a park bench in one of those lovely Japanese micro gardens somewhere and, out of earshot of the spying about Fukushima. 

If Humanity was not a "global suicide cult" as Mike Adams quite credibly suggests in his report above...there would be a huge United Nations effort to solve Fukushima.  All the other crises...which pale by comparison...would be put onto the back burner in an effort to save the planet.  Why is this not happening?  All I can suggest is that there are some puzzle pieces missing in the Fukushima picture.  We haven't been told everything about it...maybe there is a "superman solution" as Mike Adams sardonically hopes.  Maybe there is some "kryptonite-like material" that can be spread on the radiation to neutralize some point...perhaps after a suitable time to allow for the "extinction event" that the perps have always salivated about.

In summary...Fukushima is the wildly out of control but forgotten child of world catastrophes and nobody knows why.  All we can hope is that in this new Trump era where "truth bombs" are being dropped on "Fake News"....the true extent of the Fukushima disaster....with it's causes, ramifications...and possible solutions....will finally be exposed.


james@wpc said...

Great post, Greencrow. The whole thing boggles the mind. The "suicide cult" that Adams refers to is not humanity but the psychopaths that humanity, by and large, is completely unaware of.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Or...the psychopaths believe they can go down into their underground bunkers and survive the extinction event. That's what psychopathy can do to the brain.

james@wpc said...

Indeed, Greencrow. Perhaps it is better to call them a death cult. I do get exasperated when many people attribute to human nature that which is really psychopathic nature.

It is more than ironic that we are taught 'original sin' by psychopaths who are the ones who are truly 'fallen' and are incapable of doing good. A classic case of projection!