Monday, February 27, 2017

Fake Everything....North American Union Via the Back Door?

Queen Elizabeth II of England, UK and the Commonwealth

This morning the newz is full of commentary on last night's Oscar's sham. "Bonnie and Clyde" were asked to perform one more time...they were told to "flub" their announcement of who won the "Best Picture" draw publicity to the performances and the Oscar's new found inclusion...after last year's "all white" production.  Penny for your thoughts is delving into this makultra show in greater depth and I refer readers to her website.

As for myself, I'm going to try something new this morning...I'm going to try to look at the latest geopolitical shell game that I see coming down the pike with a comic's eye.  In other words, try to lighten up the topic.  Hopefully, I will do a better job at being funny than Jimmy Kimmel did last night at the Oscars.  Remember when they used to have real comics as master of ceremonies?  Bob Hope, Johnny Carson...even Billy they have this guy who is as funny as a two story outhouse.

Last week, some headlines caught my eye as I was roving through the Internet and blogosphere.  They had to do with the Queen of England considering allowing the United States into the Commonwealth of Nations.  I know, I know, I COULD make Kimmelesque jokes about that being proof positive that Elizabeth II was in the early to mid stages of dementia.  Perhaps she is...but even if she wouldn't have any effect at all on the the Queen has no power at all...well maybe in her "Spirit Ceremonies" (see David Icke for details).  For those who don't know what the "Commonwealth" or "British Commonwealth of Nations" is...let me briefly refresh.

When the British Empire fell apart in the early half of the 1900's, Britian was left with some remnant countries that were attached to England through constitutions which had the British monarch as their sovereign...printed on their money, that kind of thing.  Canada is one of those countries, India, Australia and New Zealand are others...along with a lot of small African states, I do believe.

The Commonwealth has fallen into disrepair in the past 50 years or so with the ascendency of the United States Empire.  The Commonwealth being a kind of unspoken and somewhat embarrassing opposition to the United States Empire.  Now, with the United States being a pariah state across much of the planet, not the least because of its joined-at-the-hip status with Usrael...there appears to be some machinations going on to get it into...and then absorb the British Commonwealth.  Now, I'm not sure about ALL the ramifications of such a connivance but I can name ONE.  There would be scant constitutional difference any more between the United States and Canada...all the better for the big bad wolf to snatch the little red riding hood.  If the US recognized the Queen as some sort of ceremonial head of state...wouldn't that be enough of a nod to Canada's heritage and unique culture?

Why, even the Pope is getting into the act....speaking about future water wars.  Now who has the most amount of fresh water in the entire world?  Three points if you guessed Little Red Riding Hood.  So in the space of one week...we have headlines with the Pope predicting "water wars" and the Brits saying they would let the US into the Commonwealth.  Maybe I'm the only one in the world who connected these two dots.  In the run up to the last Republican Nomination...I spilled a lot of ink on this blog worrying about the likelihood of Ted Cruz getting the nomination.  I saw him as the preferred change agent to bring about a North American Union.  Trump scuppered that plan...but I didn't think for a moment that it would stop the perps or even slow them down in their agenda to suck Canada into the Ziofascist MIC vortex to the south.

So, the perps might just be thinking of getting the United States admitted to the Commonwealth.  We all know that whatever organization the US belongs to it takes over...look at the United Nations as a prime example.  So, if the US joined the Commonwealth it would soon be called the United States Commonwealth of Nations...and you would hear nary a peep from Le Dauphin:

Last night I was running this theory past my better half...kind of running it up the flag pole to see if he would salute.  "Hmmmmm", he said "First of all, Russia has a better claim to joining the British Commonwealth than the US does.  Remember, the Tsar was a close relative of Queen Victoria...who was the Empress of the British Empire...and, wait, wasn't Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany also a cousin of Victoria?  So Germany should be able to join the Commonwealth too."  Just as my brain started to fry and sizzle...he added this visual mind blower:

"You know, Queen Victoria was very tiny as a young queen but it seems she may have gained weight as she aged.  After her death, they found some of her bloomers and they were size 63".  I thought about that for a moment and then reasoned:  Well the Brits are very flexible and expansive...perhaps the UK will allow Russia, Germany AND the US into the Commonwealth.  Now THAT would not be so bad.  I could live with that.

Queen Victoria's Bloomers


james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
Nicholas 11 and England's George V were doppelgangers. Rather uncanny. I read once that George V offered Nicholas and family refuge in England but then withdrew the offer. If this was true then it could only have been at the insistence of the bankers, in my view.

Cecil Rhodes would be ecstatic at the thought of union with the US. I can well imagine that the UK joined the EU to wreck it and wreck it's constituent countries. If so, they've done a good job of it. It was the British Conservative Party that called the Brexit referendum. Why?

greencrow said...

Hi James:

I believe that the NAU (North American Union) agenda is priority ONE for the perps. This is what drives my "Stand on guard for thee" paranoia re the US. I really don't see Canada as an independent country in say, even 10 years. It's that bad here...but I'm the only one concerned because the perps have been very cagey...they're in stealth mode. They won't pounce until the last moment...and Canadians won't even know what hit them.

james@wpc said...

An interesting picture (George and Nicholas) and article on Russia
Tsar Nicholas II Was Highly Successful In Making Russia Great - So The British Plotted To Destroy Him

Capitalism with private Central Banking at the centre is a parasitical and inefficient system and is at a huge disadvantage to other systems. So to stay on top, Britain and it's bankers have to wage war on their rivals to hold them back. It is still going on. China and Russia (again) are in the cross-hairs now and it looks like Europe is, as well.

The North American Union and the expanding Commonwealth is the other side of that coin (pardon the pun!)

greencrow said...

Hi James:

The more I read history...the more I realize that it's the story of how one people dominates another. Every empire has been built on plundering more vulnerable peoples' resources. That's why it would be utterly foolish and naïve to think that any leader of an Empire would cease and desist initiating wars. It would be tantamount to suicide.

james@wpc said...

Agreed. Given that every empire has been and continues to be run by psychopaths and that all psychopathic behaviour is one form or another of theft, it's never going to change.

greencrow said...


I believe you live in New Zealand. Do you think NZ will ever leave the Commonwealth? Does it mean anything to New Zealanders? And, what would New Zealanders think of the US being allowed to join the Commonwealth?

james@wpc said...

Close! I live in Australia, Greencrow. I don't know of any serious move for Oz or NZ to leave the Commonwealth. Many Aussies would like to have a Republic but I doubt many know what a republic is nor how it differs from a democracy.

But it is moot, anyway. Both NZ and Oz are totally captive to the NWO/bankers/intel agencies. On a practical level, nothing would change if the US joined/took over the Commonwealth.

greencrow said...

Thanks for the correction, James. I was unsure of where you're posting from...but knew it was "down under".

"...On a practical level, nothing would change if the US joined/took over the Commonwealth."

I am not so sure that would be the case. Certainly it would make a big change here in Canada. Since having the British Monarchy at our head in a parliamentary democracy is one of the few institutional differences between the US and Canada. I believe that this initiative is a cynical ploy to head off the BRICS...particularly vis a vis India. would legitimize the US's messing around with some African members of the Commonwealth...i.e.

It would appear the UK has "sold" away its relationship of trust with these former members of the "Empire"...but for what? I think there are huge ramifications of such a move but it appears I'm the only one who smells a rat.

james@wpc said...

I should have been clearer - "On a practical level, here in Oz, nothing would change if the US joined/took over the Commonwealth.

I can see the appeal of an expanded, 'revitalised', Commonwealth to the embattled bankers. I'll comment further later when I can get to a proper keyboard!

james@wpc said...

"It would appear the UK has "sold" away its relationship of trust with these former members of the "Empire"...but for what?"

Money and Power! As always :)

We are dealing with psychopaths here.

I think you are right to view a renewed and expanded "Commonwealth" as a counter to Brics. The bankers that run the US, Britain and Canada and Australia etc are desperate to maintain their shrinking power. Their failure to implement a One World Currency is a massive blow to them.

They have a desperate need to capture markets and control them with the US dollar to stay viable.

The Commonwealth would be one way to do that and would appeal to the likes of The Pilgrim Society in the US, for instance. The Queen as titular head would have to go, though. I can't see the US citizens having a bar of that; nor Trump for that matter.

One thing is for sure; the bankers are desperate and everything they are doing is pretty much on an ad hoc basis and failing badly because of that. They will continue to fail and it will be messy but failure for them is inevitable, imnho.

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Thanks for your further comments. I'm not putting up another post for a day or see if any of what we're saying here will sink in. I see it as an attempted end run around the current anti-globalist momentum....and of course complete distain for tradition, history, culture, sovereignty...what have you.

james@wpc said...

From your sidebar, Greencrow-
The Hub of World Evil: The British Deep State

greencrow said...

Great link, James. I've embedded it in the third paragraph of my post under the word "England". If the US is the "big, bad wolf"....then Britain is "the Jackal".