Thursday, November 3, 2016

UPDATED: Elephant in Room, goes unchallenged, takes another life

UPDATED:  November 6, 2016  Finally! Someone has had the courage to speak out publicly in the Main$tream Media about Child Sexual Abuse in Indigenous Communities as perhaps being a factor in the recent epidemic of suicides in Canada's north.  I saw this in the Vancouver Sun...and followed the link back to it's original publication on today's date in the Lethbridge Herald.  Unfortunately, the article does not factor in the incendiary combination of Internet porn/computer "games" with the usual risk factors of alcohol abuse, poverty, over crowding and poor healthcare.  But, it is a start!!!

Molag Bal - Graphic from Video Game

'They're not just statistics. Our little girls are dying': FSIN vice-chief

6th girl has taken her own life in northern Saskatchewan in less than a month

From the CBC

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations continues to face "a state of crisis" after a sixth girl became the most recent suicide in northern Saskatchewan in less than a month.

"This is heartbreaking and shocking," said Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations vice-chief Kimberly Jonathan. "Our youth ought to be planning their future and celebrating their successes; instead, there's despair and hoplessness."

On Sunday, a 13-year-old girl from La Ronge, Sask., took her own life.

Earlier in October, three girls aged 12 to 14 from Stanley Mission, Sask., and La Ronge also killed themselves in the span of four days.

A week later, a 10-year-old girl in Deschambault Lake, Sask., took her own life.

Then last Friday, a 13-year-old girl killed herself on the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation in Saskatchewan.

Sad to report, yet another little girl has lost her life in the Vicious War on Children by the international Satanist procurers and purveyors of porn.  I wrote last month about the ongoing crisis in the Canadian North where young people, almost always girls, are killing themselves at epidemic levels.  Indigenous leaders and the Canadian Federal government bureaucrats are helplessly wringing their hands and crying for answers.

Well, as I suggested in my previous post, they could look at the avalanche of violent porn on the Internet....they could ask psychologists about their waiting rooms full of "porn addicts".  Porn addiction is more difficult to "cure" than heroin or cocaine addiction...say those who've finally been able to control the urge to spend their days and nights looking at screens full of the most diabolically depraved images that the daemons can supply.

Goon Squad has posted a "review" of one of the latest video games concocted for children.

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" Video Game...Who's Making this Filth?

The video game is called, "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." I unluckily ran across a video shot of the game here, that I will NOT post to this blog, since the scene is so vile, degrading and sexually violent it surely must be damaging young brains when watching with VR goggles
Read the review and then consider the children in the north being exposed to this kind of filth and images like this.  This, in addition to the terrible housing conditions...[NOTE:  after the video linked just previous....a construction company has promised to give the 10 person family a new home before Christmas.]poor healthcare, poverty and unemployment.   Do you still wonder now why there is an epidemic of suicides? 

After I published my last post on this topic...I sent an e-mail to a Member of the Canadian Parliament who was mentioned in the CBC report on public reaction to the tragedy.  I asked him to consider whether pornography could be contributing to the epidemic of suicides.  I included a link to my post in the e-mail.  I didn't expect to hear back from him...and I didn't.

Well....there's a big train coming folks....and it's going to sweep all of this away.  And the parents and families of the young people being sacrificed to pornography via the Internet and "video games" up north will be able to sue the pants off the Canadian government in class action law suits....for not fumigating the filth coming over the Internet.  We know that pedophilia does go to the highest levels of government...according to some recently published Wikileaks e-mails and other evidence:


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