Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fighting Against the Devil - Tectonic Shifts

Aleppo Hospital

The Voice of Mordor...the BBC is saying this morning that a hospital in Aleppo has been practically destroyed by an airstrike, that dropped "barrel bombs" on it.  I guess this is the story the cabal is going to run with.  "We need to start WWIII because Syria and/or Russia is dropping barrel bombs on hospitals in Aleppo."  Everyone with two brain cells to rub together (approximately 37% of humanity...the rest are just sheep) knows that there are no "barrel bombs".  The phrase was invented by the CIA, just like it invented "scud missiles" when it was going after Saddam.  What is really going on is the USrael is having their proxy terrorist militia blow up civilian institutions in Syria as a casus belli to invade.  Or, like the Syrian Foreign Minister in the link just above alleges, the hospital in Aleppo has been cleared of all doctors, nurses, etc. and is now full of proxy militia with guns and armaments. The perps need a war and they need it now!  If they wait even a few more weeks...Aleppo will fall to its rightful owners, Syria, and the Middle East "Nile to Euphrates" Wet Dream...conjured up decades ago by the Rothchild Banksters will be dead. 
Russia has warned that any "direct aggression" by the US against the Syrian government or army would lead to “frightening, tectonic shifts” in the Middle East. 

The warning by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Saturday came after US officials said Washington had begun considering tougher responses to an ongoing Syrian assault on Aleppo, including military options.

Russia has been supporting the Syrian government in its push to take back Aleppo from Takfiri terrorists.

The US is backing what it calls "moderate" militants fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad besides carrying out airstrikes against what it calls Daesh targets.

However, with Syrian advances on Aleppo gaining momentum, US officials have hinted at direct attacks on Syrian troops.

US aircraft recently bombed Syrian army positions in Dayr al-Zawr, killing 83 soldiers. The airstrike, which helped Daesh briefly overrun government positions in the area, was characterized by Washington as unintentional but Syria rejected the allegation.

"How could they (Daesh) know that the Americans are going to attack that position in order to gather their militants to attack right away and to capture it one hour after the strike?" Assad asked during an interview with the Associated Press.

Last week, the Middle East Eye news portal cited a source close to militants as saying that the US was resolved to prevent the fall of Aleppo.

The US State Department has warned it was considering the suspension of "bilateral engagement" in Syria unless Russia took "immediate steps to end the assault on Aleppo."

A US-Russian brokered ceasefire recently fell apart after the American airstrike on Syrian troops.

Even more ominously, for the perps, is the upcoming meeting between Turkey's Erdogan and Russia's Putin, scheduled for October 11, 2016.  If that meeting goes ahead, Russia and Turkey will likely devise a long term peace and co-operation plan for the region...which could negate the long term war/chaos plans that USrael has for the region.

The biggest challenge for Putin and Erdogan will be to flush out who is really behind the death and destruction raining down on the Middle East since September 11, 2001.  There are no obvious leaders in the West. Obama and the British Prime Minister(s) are puppets.  All the western leaders of NATO are puppets in fact.  No, the real leaders don't do their work in the White House or Downing Street...they operate out of the bowels of underground bunkers and bank vaults.  Their names are never printed in the criminally culpable M$M. Even within this secret cabal there's a civil war going on.   Two forces are vying to control the Deep State government of the United States. That reality is becoming more transparent by the day.  The Obama Regime leaders [Kerry, Obama] obviously have no power at all.  That was proved by the attack on the Syrian soldiers on September 17th. The leader of the US is the individual who ordered that attack but no one knows who that entity is.

At the moment, on the surface, at least, as John Kaminski said in his latest post, the United States is leaderless and rudderless...careening around like one of those ghost ships the Spanish Armada used to light on fire and direct into the navies of the enemy.  The flames on the ghost ship burned even brighter this past week, when it was shown during the Leader's debate that neither prospective puppet has the intelligence, the moral fiber or even the street smarts to take the US out of the inferno it has got itself into.  Those who hoped a change in government would be their last chance at salvation ran their faces smack into the concrete wall of Trump's narcissistic mediocrity....Tweets and all.  While Hillary Clinton, "the sharpest knife in the drawer", is coated with dried blood, pieces of flesh and bone fragments.

So, in summary, the lyin' BBC has announced that the cabal is going to go with the Aleppo hospital bomb routine after start the World Wide Conflagration scheduled to offset the Putin/Erdogan rapprochement.  No one knows who's in charge in the United States and, even after the next election, the United States will remain leaderless and rudderless other than being used as a military battering ram by the Deep State.  In other words, bidness as usual.


Anonymous said...

rudderless,very true.most of the wooping voters at the circus election have no idea about the real movie, just as untill late most americains had no idea about building three that dropped like a deck of cards on 9 11.but after 9 11 i think a lot of non sheepel the penny has dropped.william carlisle.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment William. I hope you are right that the penny has dropped for Americans. This would be the salvation of our planet.