Monday, September 5, 2016

Breaking News: Hillary's phony and theatrical cough means she's gonna bail before November

Hillary is unable to address the public
without coughing violently

Folks, I'm gonna go waaaaaaay out on a limb here and make a, a warning to the citizens of the United States.  I'm sounding an alarm.... that Hillary is setting up an alibi.  Her "coughing fit" (see video above) is staged and phony.  If she didn't want to have a so-called "allergic reaction" while addressing the public, she could have taken any one of a number of very effective and common antihistamines.  I take Benadryl for allergies and know it works very well.

Why did she put on such an astounding performance?  Coughing and hacking...her voice barely audible at times....taking dramatic gulps of water?  IMO, she knows her electoral chances in November are hopeless.  She and her handlers and all the perps who are depending on the 9/11 cover up to continue...are aware that the noose awaits all of them if she goes down and Trump is elected.  So...Hillary is setting up a very public alibi for bailing from the campaign.  She will be "forced to quit" ....but not just yet.  She will wait until it's too late to get another candidate in there...she will wait until late October (October surprise?) and then quit in a very dramatic and public fashion...("faint on stage" --i.e., during the Presidential Candidate's Debates, collapse and have to be airlifted to hospital???).

Then the country will be thrown into turmoil.  If they could blame Trump for her health crisis...that would be a bonus.  In any case...Obama will have to cancel the election or some such remedy.  All her "supporters" (led by the culpable Main$tream Media) will demand she be allowed to "recover"....a complete balls know what I'm saying.

Yup!  That's what I predict will happen...based on the diva performance you can watch in the video above.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Hi gc, like your way of thinking.

On a similar "....what will the perps get up to to cover their asses?" vein, I was yakking with some chummies a couple of days ago about the appalling state of UK concrete quality, a problem forever, and remarked that you wouldn't get me up a London landmark skyscraper for love nor money, when a thought struck.

I'll wager that somewhere they've built a tall building, a steel framed skyscraper, that will collapse under content combustion. Just in case someone makes a sudden breakthrough in public consciousness with respect to WTC 1,2 and 7, it will get torched and collapse.

Of course you have to prepare the ground thoroughly before hand like getting rid of the air traffic controllers way back in 1981. Zoh, guys who's fire service has been getting gutted this passed decade?

As I said you wouldn't get me up a London tall building for a gazzillion bucks.

Penny said...

wow, that's quite a coughing fit. we'll have to wait and see..
I still see that woman in the white house, again

BuelahMan said...

And you still don't think its part of the staged Kabuki?

I have been saying all along that Trump is the shoo-in, after Sanders' dismantling/capitulation.

greencrow said...


Speaking about the 9/11 atrocity...I feel there will be a lot of "limited hangouts" prior to the November 4th US (s)election. This will be done as a distraction but also as a way of "easing the shock" of (and maintaining control over) the revelations, should Trump get in.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Yes, as Soros predicted, Trump will win a "landslide popular vote" but Clinton will still become the president. No doubt we're in for some major "black swan" events in the near future to make that happen.

greencrow said...

Hi Buelahman:

I agree that the US (s)election is staged Kabuki much as they can make it so. A Trump presidency gives me nightmares...some of the things that have come out of that man's mouth! However, Clinton is an out and out criminal. It is a terrible choice. The worst election in the history of democracy.

Penny said...

Hey Incoming: was looking at the calender today and thinking all the 9/11 rehashing should be starting up very soon- watching for it this week for sure
It always happens.........

Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow... As I showed in my weekend rant, the key to the fraud US "election" is the Electoral College...

Trump may win the landslide vote, but they will manipulate the Electoral College numbers in key states to get Shillery the hacking coughing Commie murderous freak Jewess into the White House...

And BTW... I watched over and over again some videos, and I too agree that the coughing fit seems a bit staged... It does make one wonder if Killary is about to pull out of the race and try to blame her "illness" on Trump.... This woman is that diabolical and that mentally deranged...

greencrow said...


If the perps can pull off the "electoral college" (s)election of Hillary in November...that will be the end of the we know it. They will have to set up concentration camps all over the land.

I'm glad you detected the phony, staged nature of the coughing attack. She probably had some substance to bring it on. There is no way that, had she wanted to, she could not have taken an antihistamine 10 minutes before speaking and, so, have avoided the entire controversy. This is what professional speakers do.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Hi penny, yes it is that time again. I have just finished Tarpley's 5th edn. and was ruminating about the time frames. One of the things that stopped after 9/11 was the leaking into the English speaking world of what exactly was going on in the NSDAP workcamps and SS R&D labs. This process was accelerating throughout the 90s once the Iron Curtain was curtailed.

Penny said...

GC: Listening to Patrick Henningsen- interesting talk

he was putting forth a possibility that if Trump wins.. it can be spun as an election interfered with by the Russians... disqualified and all hell breaks loose!

who the hell knows! weirder things have certainly been spun!

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Yes, I've been hearing Hillary accusing the Russians of being behind Trump's campaign...what a farce! Clinton is playing the Americans for fools. I hope they don't fall for her carnival barker's message and circus tricks!

BuelahMan said...


Trump is the intended jew controlled POTUS. All the rest is silliness.

Bad-Clown said...

greencrow said...

The Blogger at Event Horizon Chronicle is predicting a variation of my prediction/warning in the post above:

s/he says due to Hillary's untenable health status and the debates coming up in 18 days, some event is going to intervene to dramatically change the electoral doubt in the favour of the neocon Deep State cabal that did 9/11 and all the other crimes of the last decades (at least).

I agree but still continue to believe that Hillary's health issues are faked with the plan of providing herself with an "alibi" if the heat in the kitchen gets to much for her. After all, if she had to quit the campaign due to health isses...who could pursue her for any malfeasance? After all, hasn't she suffered enough in losing the presidency? Just like Tricky Dickie, she would be a "broken man" and should be left to a quiet "retirement".

Something will happen in the next few days or weeks. That, I do agree.

BuelahMan said...


Perhaps in the same way I called it on June 3 (at the time thinking that the Bern may still be a player)?

I wrote:

But I do believe to avoid this jail time, she will suddenly get sick and pull the candidacy, leaving Sanders to run against Trump. They have been floating certain illness clues all along (thyroid, cancer rumors, etc). And if you think about it, with the imaginary media hatred of Trump giving him as much coverage as he needs to keep him idolized by the red meat lovers, he, too, is despised by a huge contingent of Americans. I still think that the Bern has a chance at being our first open jewish POTUS.

Since the Bern is now out, it has become obvious that Trump is the intended jew controlled next POTUS.

Little will change. And even most of his rhetoric will be shown to be outright lies, just like all the rest have done forever.

All of it is show. All of it keeps us under their control.

And too many are too gullible to understand any of this that I say.

Never an R or D again!

(my motto)