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UPDATED: What Do These Three Men Have In Common?

UPDATED:  June 22, 2016 - US Attorney General says they have "lost" Omar Mateen's wife...who was under investigation as an accessory to the "mass shooting".  Well, IMO, the wife and the ex wife were both "Handlers".  The "losing" of the wife is a give away that she has the protection of the government....and just one more indication that the entire incident was a staged hoax/false flag/terror event.

June 21, 2016 WE ARE CHANGE has some more information about James Howell, including that he told police that the Orlando shooter "Was supposed to get away".  This is what the handlers tell all their patsies.  "We will take you away afterwards and you will have a new identity and be set up in a dream location with lots of money, etc., etc."  This is what John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were told.  This is the hook they use to suck in the losers, down and outters. 

John Nuttall from Vancouver, BC, Canada

Omar Mateen from Orlando, Florida, USA

James Wesley Howell from Charlestown, Indiana, USA

What do these three young men have in common?  You might well ask. On the surface of it, it would seem they have little in common.  Growing up and living on opposite sides of the continent like Nuttall and Mateen....and smack in the middle, in Indiana, the case of Howell. But looking just a bit can see a trend. Nuttall had a troubled life and was socially isolated. Mateen was a closeted gay who apparently was conflicted (married twice?) Howell? Well, just look at the photo and the eyes tell the story....of a very troubled young man. 

But these three men had something very significant and statistically rare in common. All three of them had "Handlers" who were working for the deep black state of the globalist conspiracy.  Now, that's quite a unique commonality. John Nuttall had a raft of RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) working under the direction of CSIS, who were mentoring and facilitating him to get explosives to blow up the BC Legislature on Canada Day. Mateen had a couple of "wives" who were also FBI informants. I submit these women were likely Mateen's "handlers".  Howell ran to local police and asked for protection from his handlers who were in the...what?!  CIA?!!! In a stunning break with tradition...Howell has become a whistleblower. The local police he ran to with this bizarre story now want to remain afraid are they.


Once is an aberration, twice is a coincidence, three times is a conspiracy. In fact, when you look at history and all the "lone nut" killers....what was going on with these three men is actually a pat formula. Find a troubled loner....befriend him, mentor him, radicalize him and then set him up to perform an illegal activity. I submit that the deep state has set up losers like these three men all across the Western World...perhaps all over the's such a great formula....on the taxpayer's dollar, dontchaknow. A side benefit is that all this "discovering of losers", mentoring, setting up stings, etc. keeps the corrupt side of "law enforcement" very that they don't have time to wander astray (eg. do their jobs and catch real criminals).  Also, it gives them well paid taxpayer-funded jobs.  It also puts the police in the position of being blackmailable...and therefore "made men"...quiet and compliant...IMO, ready for their future "police state" assignments.

So what we have is possibly hundreds of sleeper cells...just like the Nuttall, Howell and Mateen cases all over North America and perhaps all over the world. Currently, the Nuttall case is in the trial phases.  I have written about it several times on this blog. John Nuttall was found guilty of conspiracy to commit a terror act....but in a stunning, unheard of legal precedent, the Judge refused to "register" the convictions (his common law wife was also convicted) until she (the judge) can decide whether or not the police "entrapped" the couple. I have said on this blog that this legal decision (whether or not the police are guilty of entrapment) could be one of the most important legal decisions in Canadian history. If the conviction is allowed to be 'registered" then we are in a police state. If the conviction is thrown out due to 'entrapment" then the police won't be able to pull this stunt again. They will have to theoretically dismantle all the similar stunts they have concocted across Canada....and the Nuttall couple can theoretically sue the police for negligence in exploiting their disabilities/vulnerabilities. Can you imagine the pressure this judge is under?

So, extrapolating from the above....the Nuttall decision has implications for the Mateen/Howell cases and all the other similar corrupt, criminal enticement/control/exploitation projects going on around the world.

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