Saturday, June 25, 2016

US Legal System is a Farce

White Bicycle Police who actually crippled Freddie Gray
Do they think we're all stupid?

Every day we hear about some legal decision that has been handed down in the United States.  More often than not the logical person or anyone with a modicum of understanding about how the law works will just give their head a shake.  Remember the decision re O.J. Simpson?  That was just the beginning.  Now, nonsensical legal decisions are no longer the exception, they're the norm.  The cumulative effect of the "dumbing down" of the legal system and the faulty legal "precedents' that are therefore set, ends up in the de facto imposition of a police state on the nation at large and, in the case of the "indispensible" United States, even has an effect on the law throughout the "West" vassal states like Canada are forced to "harmonize" their legal systems with the US.

This past week, we read about the latest Baltimore police officer to have been found "not guilty" in the Freddie Gray case.  This was the crime where a young black man, standing on the corner of a Baltimore street, minding his own business, was randomly pursued by two bicycle policemen, hauled down to the pavement where they bent his legs back behind him till his heels touched the base of his spine.  Freddie never walked again. In fact, he was thrown into the back of a police van and driven around in a time-wasting effort to maximize his injuries. This strategy proved successful, as Freddie soon lost consciousness and died while on life support in hospital a day or so later.

Six officers, the two white bicycle police officers and four peripherally-involved officers were charged with the crime.  Here is the latest news:
From The Sleuth Journa
Officer Caesar Goodson, Jr. has been found not guilty of all charges in the death of Freddie Gray. Goodson was the driver of the police van in which Gray suffered a fatal spinal injury in April 2015, sparking riots in Baltimore, Maryland.
Of the six officers involved in Gray’s arrest, Goodson faced the most serious charges, including second-degree “depraved-heart murder,” second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and misconduct in office. Like Gray, he is African-American.
A veteran of the Baltimore Police Department, Goodson chose a bench trial before Circuit Judge Barry Williams, who delivered the verdict Thursday morning. Previously, Williams acquitted Officer Edward Nero of all charges, while the prosecution of William Porter ended in a mistrial due to a hung jury.
Prosecutors have argued that Goodson intended to injure Gray by not buckling him in inside the police van, and failed to seek medical help when he realized Gray had suffered severe injuries that ultimately proved fatal.
Goodson acted as a reasonable officer in all of his interactions with Gray, who “created the high degree of risk” for himself by standing up and moving around inside the van during the ride, Goodson’s attorney Matthew Fraling said during the closing arguments on Monday, according to the Baltimore Sun.
Baltimore police are bracing for possible protests in the wake of the verdict, with all leave canceled. Maryland National Guard is also on alert. Last April, protests over Gray’s death escalated into a full-blown riot. The authorities responded by arresting hundreds, deploying the Guard and imposing a curfew in the city.

There has been and continues to be a lot of verbal diarrhea about possible "protests" due to the white on black police violence. This is all a smoke screen to divert attention away from the ongoing effort to exculpate the white police officers....baffle 'em with bull $h!t. The black officers being charged and then found "not guilty" are also a smokescreen and a diversion. The fact is, the four black officers should never have been charged in the first place. They had nothing to do with Freddie's injuries and death.  All the damage had already been done to a video filmed by a witness to the crime clearly reveals.  Any moron, looking at the video, can see that Freddie was subjected to a violent criminal act at the hands of the two bicycle policemen and, most importantly, NEVER WALKED AGAIN!  He had to be dragged to the Police Van and lifted into it.

I would riot too...if the justice system in Canada was half as rotten as it is in the United States.  The problem and the danger is....with all the butt ki$$ing going on between the vassal Canadian federal government and the United States deep state rogue government....Canadian justice is steadily eroding in the ongoing project of "harmonizing" the two legal systems.  The law is a living thing, it grows or declines on the basis of the steady input of legal precedents being fed into the system.  When there is a strong legal precedent that supports the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, then the system is healthy and able to do it's job...protecting individual rights.  But, when the police and the government can obfuscate and get away with corrupt practices regarding evidence and application of the law...then the law becomes sick and harmful to citizens. It is a contagion and the entire "West" is at risk when cases are run like the Freddie Gray case is being run in the United States.  A fundamental legal principle is that "Justice must not only be must APPEAR to be done".

In the case of Freddie appears that the two culprits who killed Freddie will escape justice hiding behind the legal smokescreen of the 'six accused'.....and the sickness that compelled those two white police officers to cripple and kill Freddie...and to escape responsibility for their like a cancer...eating away at the body politic.

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