Monday, June 27, 2016

CawRANT Events #27

CawRANT Events #27

Generally, I do a CawRANT Events every second Monday. Here it is Monday evening--and still no CawRant. So I will do an abbreviated version and it will have to do. It's very hot and muggy here on the West Coast. I'm not feeling 100% and so had a very quiet day.  I did manage, however, to post a few updates on my Greencrow Creative Resources Arts and Crafts Page. Some more photos of my basswood Green Man...and a fun mixed media piece called "Siberian Santas"--with a combination of barkwood carving and oil painting. "Siberian Santas" is dedicated to all my Russian readers....Enjoy! Now, on to my RANT:

Spam Mystery

Speaking of Russia, here is some spam sent to my Blog in Russian that I am interested in translating:

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So I'm going to translate it into English via the Translate mechanism on the blog. *NOTE: it's about getting counselling for social phobia on line via Hmm...still wondering what the point of spamming the comments section on blogs is.  It must have some commercial value...but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it is.
US covert Civil War?

Here's a link I saved because it supports my theory of a civil war going on between the Pentagon and the rogue neocon-controlled CIA.  The Russians are having a field day capitalizing on the weakened US, which has at least two and perhaps more warring internecine factions.

The CIA might be playing both ends against the middle. We know they are recruiting losers and poor crisis actors all over the West to conduct False Flags at crucial junctures in political history. Wonder what happened to James Wesley Howell...the guy recruited to commit terror crimes who, just last week asked for police protection....from the CIA!  One of the reasons the CIA has False Flag projects ready to go at a moment's notice is to make everyone forget about the anomalies in the last one. Will the JM$M follow up on the shocking news that an American citizen asked local police for protection from the CIA?  Don't count on it.

BREXIT post mortem

All the tooing and frowing over the BREXIT vote reminds me of "Catch 22", the classic satire/black comedy by Joseph Heller. In the military culture described in the book...everyone parsed every act to see if it was either a "black eye" or a "feather in the cap". It's the same with the BREXIT...was it a negative?  If so, for WHO?  the US? Hillary? Scotland? Or, was it a positive? For who? Trump?Putin? Israel/Zionism? The media is twisting itself into a pretzel trying to figure out this conundrum.  It's so rare we have an unscripted political occurrence these days.

US Election Update

One thing is sure....the perps are gonna make sure it never happens again. Thus all the phony polls out today showing Killary is "double digit" points ahead of Trump. Don't believe that for a second. Hillary has all the charisma of a dead cat bounce....and is dragging around a huge legal ball and chain. Plus, she has the "black eye" of backing the EU "Remain" side....while Trump has a "feather in his cap" of backing the "Leave".  Ergo the false distract.

Another politician who backed the wrong horse is the Dauphin Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau. This guy has very poor political instincts...but very good and long coat tails apparently. He has said some very nasty (gratuitous as well) things about Donald Trump. There will likely be a plate of crow waiting for Trudeau at some Post November feast.

Crow Pie for Erdogan

Someone else who apparently ate crow today was the Turkish President Erdogan. He sent a formal apology to The Kremlin/Russia/Putin over the Turkish downing of the Russian war plane over Syria in November, 2015. There have been several theories batted around about why Erdogan apologized, after refusing to do it for months, and why now? Also, a crucial phrase in the apology said that "there was never any intention to shoot down the Russian jet". I firmly believe this is correct. My theory is that the Russian jet was shot down by the usual suspect USrael rogue air farce that shoots down lots of planes all over the place [Ukraine, South Asia, Mediterranean]. There was an injection of these cowards into the Turkish Incirlik air base (NATO uses the base) just before the shoot down. The refusal of Turkey to provide compensation is the givaway. Russia, undoubtedly, knows who really shot down their plane and is willing to forgive their strategic ally, Turkey. Anyhooooooo...that's about it for this abbreviated CawRANT. But I'll end with some local....

Bird News:

At this time of year, all the local parks are inundated with one of Canada's most famous symbols...and a true pest if ever there was one....the Canada Goose! I visited a local park with family over the weekend and the beach was absolutely covered with the green slimy droppings of this ubiquitous bird. I imagined a huge net being spread on the beach over night. Then in the morning...bait having been put out....park rangers would pull the strings of the net tight and capture the entire flock of geese. Then a helicopter would fly away with the net full of geese swinging back and forth beneath it. The helicopter would fly to a remote lake, deep in the BC wilderness and open the net, allowing the geese to escape into the air and hopefully settle harmlessly in the wilderness. That being just a dream...I offer this interesting story about a strange looking, possibly hybrid, Canada goose wandering around in Vancouver. If you can't beat might as well enjoy them.

Bye for now.  Until the next RANT!


Northerntruthseeker said...

An abbreviated caw rant? It is pretty good for being 'abbreviated'...

Hope you are on the road to feeling better..... I too have recently had bouts of illness due to stress.... I am at the age where I can retire early, but am deciding to keep working for a few more years....

Good points about that prima donna in the golden palace in Ottawa, son of Pierre......I am truly disgusted by his antics and his siding with that foul creature from the depths of hell, Killary...

I am also astounded that the recent US polls show Killary well ahead of the Donald... That means that the criminals will blatantly steal this election and give it to one of their demon spawns.... And America will go to hell soon afterwards...

greencrow said...


Thanks for your comments. I'm feeling much better, thanks. Last week I had family staying and was exhausted by Sunday...with a slightly infected toe. Re only regret is not retiring earlier. I worked till 67. Not only did I not make the extra nest egg I thought I would [taxes took it all] but after retirement I finally found out how over-rated work is. Like all retirees say, I'm busier now than I ever was while working!

Justin makes Canadians realize how far our country has sunk since Pierre. He came out West recently and dangled some federal fund$ with the catch that BC might have to approve a pipeline or two.

Yes, the BREXIT results have caused the perps to double-down to ensure the (s)election of Killary. I posted some of the stuff that has come out about Benghazi a while back. I'm astounded that this woman is not in jail. Undoubtedly the worst candidate in modern political history.