Thursday, May 5, 2016

UPDATE: Russian Orchestra has concert at recently liberated Palmyra ruins

UPDATE:  May 6, 2016 -  Great to be Right!  I did correctly identify the solo cellist as Putin good friend Sergei Roldugin.  This was a BRILLIANT "in your face" move by the one and only great chessmaster Putin.  I'm sure the evil ones are gnashing their fangs tonight...that Putin actually exorcised, blessed and cleansed with beautiful of their sites of horror and atrocity. Bravo Putin!!!!

"Prayer for Palmyra" - St Petersburg Orchestra
Concert filmed by RT at Palmyra, Syria

Amazing tribute to and triumph of freedom and wonder Kerry was having a coniption fit yesterday...demanding that Assad be gone by August!  He had to DO SOMETHING! to desperately distract from this Russian public relations coup.

Vive la difference!....between the liberation of Syria by the Russians...contrasted with the "liberation" of Libya and other middle eastern nations by the US.

BTW, is the solo cellist (Sergei Roldugin, St. Petersburg’s House of Music artistic director. at 31.00 in the video) the same musician friend of Putin's from St. Petersburg who was smeared by the recent Panama Papers scandal?  If so, I guess that's Putin's icing on the Tour de Force public relations' cake.

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