Thursday, May 19, 2016

Egypt Air - Shot out of Sky by missile while flying over Naval Exercises in Mediterranean?

Greek Island residents captured this video
of "ball of fire" in night sky
at same time plane went down

Reading the first reports this morning about the disappearance of an Egypt Air jet with over 60 on board flying from Paris to Cairo last night.  I want to get my thoughts down on paper before all the fog of media lies sets in. Above is a video taken by a Greek Island resident showing a ball of fire in the night sky in the general area of where the plane went down in the Mediterranean. We know there were western naval exercises going on in the waters beneath the flight path of the jet.

The general consensus emerging this morning is that it was a "terrorist act". We all know who's really behind all terrorist acts. What we need to know and somehow never find out is WHO was on the plane?  Mainly Egyptians and some foreigners. Were there any politicians, scientists, businessmen or other vulnerable categories of victims on board?

We know that France insists on having a trade relationship with Egypt...supplying Egypt with weaponry and war planes. Is this an effort to punish either or both for this business...which, don'tchaknow cuts into the monopolies of Lockheed, Bowing, Raytheon and other mega western arms suppliers? This is my first suspicion about the cause of this crash. That it's yet another warning to "small players" in the arms industry (like France) to get out.

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