Tuesday, May 24, 2016

UPDATED: Egypt Air EA804: Baffle 'em with Bull$h!t

UPDATE;  May 25, 2016 Good Post on the topic by Goon Squad which adds details and links.
Two Canadians onboard the doomed flight.  Here are their profiles.

Kinda like the Plane that flew into the Pentagon on 9/11
except not so much. THAT pilot was waaaaaaaay 
better at the controls...considering his flight time exp.
 with big jets ("0" hrs.)

The mainstream media and particularly its flagstaff production, the notorious BBC, is working overtime to spread dysinfo regarding the tragic loss of Egypt Air flight EA804 that went down over the Mediterranean between Paris and Cairo last week.  Why do they want everyone to be lied to? Well, firstly because they are compulsive liars and the truth just doesn't get them "off" if you know what I mean. Secondly, because they've been told by their handlers what the "truth" is (i.e., what will get the usual suspect perps off the hook, liability-wise). The truth came out in the first few hours after the disappearance of the plane (as it usually does).The truth is that there were Western naval drills going on beneath the flight path of the jet the night it disappeared.  A missile was launched...some say accidentally...I think on purpose. Likely it was launched by a submarine...covertly skulking under the cover of the "naval drill". Like so many other fatal flights covered on this Blog (at least three others that I can think of in the past two years) there was an obvious agenda being served by this criminal act.  I will get to my theory on that in a moment...but here are the latest lies from the liars in chief:

From the BBC (Britain's Best Calumny)
EgyptAir: Crashed flight MS804 'not seen to swerve' 
Egyptian officials did not observe the doomed EgyptAir flight swerve and change direction before it disappeared, an Egyptian aviation official has said.
The Airbus A320 was en route from Paris to Cairo with 66 people aboard when it vanished from radar early on Thursday.
Greece's defence minister said the plane turned 90 degrees then 360-degrees before plummeting into the sea.
Neither EgyptAir nor the Ministry of Civil Aviation have commented on the plane's final movements.
The reason for the discrepancy between the Greek and the Egyptian aviation official's accounts of the crash is not clear.
The official, Ehab Azmy, who is head of Egypt's state-run provider of air navigation services, told the Associated Press that the plane had been flying at its normal height of 37,000ft (11,280m) before dropping off the radar.
"That fact degrades what the Greeks are saying about the aircraft suddenly losing altitude before it vanished from radar," he said.
"There was no turning to the right or left, and it was fine when it entered Egypt's FIR [flight information region], which took nearly a minute or two before it disappeared."

Next we have a "limited hangout" theory from that dubious source "Veterans Today"

Is Shrimpton a Jewish name?

A UK writer by the name of Michael Shrimpton goes to the trouble of meticulously building a very comprehensive, detailed and plausible theory of what happened. It is he who suggested a submarine as the source of the missile. I was intrigued by his theory.....right up until the "punch line"....which was that "Iran did it".   Nobody does these false flags except the Zios....everyone knows that.  There is no reason for any other group in the entire world to bring chaos by way of deception.  No other group has anything to gain by this methodology.

Throughout the day today the JM$M was pumping the theory that conditions of bodies found at the crash site indicated an "on board explosion", which would rule out the missile theory.  Someone is desperate that the missile theory be abandoned.  But, drat!  Just moments ago we get a definitive "No!" to the on-board explosion canard.

Forensics Expert denies reports re bodies found in condition leading to theories of on-board explosion 
Egypt's head of forensics has denied reports that human remains retrieved from the Mediterranean Sea and examined by a team of experts point to an explosion taking place on board Flight 804, which crashed last week."Everything published about this matter is completely false, and [are] mere assumptions that did not come from the Forensics Authority," state news agency MENA quoted forensics head Hesham Abdelhamid as saying.
Earlier on Tuesday, an official who was said to have personally examined the remains at a Cairo morgue told AP on condition of anonymity that "the logical explanation is that it was an explosion."
The source went on to state that the experts had been given around 80 small body parts to investigate.
The plane was carrying 66 people, which comprised 56 passengers and 10 crew members. Of the passengers, 30 were Egyptian, 15 French and two Iraqi, with one from each of Algeria, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Chad, Kuwait, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi said that authorities are working hard to find the plane’s black boxes. Cairo deployed a submarine over the weekend to search for wreckage from the plane.
He added that at this stage of the investigation “all scenarios” of plane crash “are possible.”
So please, it is very important that we do not talk and say there is a specific scenario,” Sisi said. “This could take a long time but no one can hide these things. As soon as the results are out, people will be informed.

Equally important as the black boxes...are the passenger manifests.  Who was on that plane?  We should know that by now.  There should be a comprehensive list printed with the following information:

Any significant familial, political, scientific or other connections.

Next thing we'll be hearing is that the pilot was a nutbar....wait for it!


Anonymous said...

One of the flight recorders will be found, with someone shouting 'Allah Akbar' right before the explosion.
Damn, but they have a great sound stage in the Negev.

greencrow said...

Only one entity in the world that uses other people for military target practice.