Monday, May 9, 2016

Democracy is dead in the EU

MUST WATCH: Luke "Ming" Flanagan tries to do his job
as a Parliamentarian for the European Union

Liberty Blitzkrieg posts a video showing the trials and tribulations of Luke "Ming" Flanagan, an EU parliamentarian from the Emerald Isle (Ireland) as he makes his way down the foggy corridors of power to read the TTIP original documents in the EU parliamentary library.  Shockerooo!

Apropos of nothing at all....My grandmother's maiden name was Flanagan.  So I might be a distant relative of Ming.  Bravo Ming for bringing this disgusting desecration of democracy to world attention.  After watching this video...I think the EU's days are numbered...all the countries should leave and, as JFK said about the CIA, (which I recently read was behind the formation of the EU in the first place) the EU should be "broken up and scattered to the four winds!

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