Thursday, January 7, 2016

RCMP Terror Sting Trial Continued...Part Two

Canadian Terror Patsies, Nuttall and Korody

Recently, as I explained in yesterday's post, in a Vancouver courtroom, judicial proceedings re-commenced regarding the above two Vancouver unfortunates, John Nuttall and his wife, Amanda Korody.  According to a Vancouver Sun Report, continued here, RCMP Sgt. Bill Kalkat was on the stand, explaining how the two defendants in the terror plot were not being exploited by the undercover sting operation, even though both were socially and economically marginal and John Nuttall, at least, is developmentally delayed.

According to the most recent update today, the lawyer for the two defendants was questioning Sgt. Kalkat and got him to admit he was worried that Amanda might catch on to the sting...because this is a common happenstance with sting operations...the wife catches on...while the husband doesn't. Well, I could do a year's worth of posts on that concern alone! I will spare my readers.  Here's the most recent summation of the court proceedings. I will have my comments to follow:

VANCOUVER — The commander of an undercover police sting says his team was wary about a terrorism suspect’s common-law partner becoming suspicious of a covert operation focusing on her husband.
RCMP Sgt. Bill Kalkat told B.C. Supreme Court on Thursday that he was concerned about the possibility that Amanda Korody may not welcome undercover officers posing as new friends as readily as her partner, John Nuttall.
“I found that in other previous operations the wives of targets are actually a lot more switched on than the actual targets themselves,” Kalkat said.
Nuttall and Korody were found guilty by a jury last June of conspiracy to commit murder and possessing explosives for the benefit of a terrorist organization.
But the conviction has been put on hold while lawyers for the couple argue that police manipulated the pair into planting what they believed were bombs on the grounds of the B.C. legislature on Canada Day 2013.
Korody’s lawyer Mark Jette pressed Kalkat to explain the difference between a “major-crime undercover operation” and the sting involving his client.
Kalkat said major-crime stings typically involve undercover officers wining and dining suspects who they believe already committed a crime. He said targets are taken on trips, exposed to and involved in explicitly illegal behaviour and not offered a chance to back out.
In the case of Nuttall and Korody, Kalkat said they were given multiple chances to back out without repercussions.
“What if the two of them express fears that they’re expendable, they’ll be ditched, they’ll be thrown in the ocean and killed, they’ll be deleted if they don’t go through with it?” Jette asked.
“I don’t know what the basis for those comments are,” Kalkat said after a lengthy response. “I can’t speak on behalf of Mr. Nuttall.”

Visibly frustrated, Jette told Kalkat “we’re going to be here for weeks” if he wasn’t able to keep his answers to “something responsive.”
Proceedings are scheduled to continue until mid-February.

Well, why should the Sargent keep his answers to "something responsive"? When the tax-payer is footing the bill for the entire court proceeding....time (and money) is no object. First of all, I don't see the point of the difference between allowing the target a chance to back out and not allowing the target a chance to back out. The perception of the undercover police is not what's important's the perception of the defendants or targets.  If they feel they're trapped....they're trapped.

But, speaking of trapped, Sargent Kalkat is also trapped. He's been trapped by the anonymous black ops CSIS into taking a very public "fall" for their project gone awry. You have to assume that Kalkat is some bureaucratic underling, who was not at the decision-making level in this FUBAR. That's the way it works in government (I spent 18 years working for government). I don't even think the RCMP had much to do with the decision-making. I believe the entire hare-brained scheme was one of dozens cooked up yearly and assigned to the internationally connected mole CSIS.  Probably this scheme wasn't even cooked up in Canada. More likely it was a phone call from Langley, Virginia to the Canadian Vassal operation in Ottawa:

CSIS building in Ottawa, shaped like an Illuminati pyramid

After all, they have to do SOMETHING to justify a big budget. And I think one of their long term goals is to destroy the confidence Canadians have in their Public Safety Institutions. But, someone should tell the authors of these insane perversions of authority that they're barking up the wrong tree with Canada. We're just not good at this kind of thing. We don't have the personnel who've bought into the 'system', we don't have the same kind of unfortunates...perhaps ours are just a tad too "not desperate enough" to take it to the limit. But most importantly, we don't (yet) have the corruption of our judicial system. We still have judges and defense lawyers, like the ones involved in the case discussed here, who actually care about the rule of law and for individuals criminally bamboozled and trapped.  These kinds of archaic holdovers from a day gone by...when justice meant something...can (temporarily at least) make things extremely awkward for the deep state operators.

Stay tuned.....

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