Thursday, January 21, 2016

UPDATE: Pedophile Capital of the World Accuses Putin of Pedophilia

UPDATE:  January 22, 2016 I will give the final word on this to excellent blogger Paul Craig Roberts...who today posted some comments and valuable links to reports that the victim, Litvinenko's own family say Russia was not involved in his death.

Putin accused of Pedophilia by UK investigation--
that considered secret evidence to reach its findings
UK...cradle of modern western jurisprudence....and pedophilia in high places!

In retrospect, it was absolutely to be expected. Today, the UK "nuked" the reputation of Vladimir Putin. The West would love to nuke Russia...and would in a heartbeat...if they thought they could get away with it. But, in the absence of such an option...they settled for nuking Putin. They accused him, on the basis of the most intangible evidence possible, of being a pedophile. The "investigation" was centered on a decade old murder of a former FSB/turned M16 agent.  The agent was poisoned with polonium in a restaurant in the UK. There was a previous "open" investigation of this murder held in the UK but it didn't come up with the decision they wanted so they recently re-opened the investigation (after Putin stymied NATO in Ukraine and Syria) and based it on "secret" evidence this time.  In other words...they convicted Putin (of "probably" approving the murder) via a kangaroo court.  Russia did not participate in the investigation because they were denied access to the evidence.

The kangaroo court came up with the theory that the agent was murdered because he had previously accused Putin of being a pedophile.  The exact piece of "evidence"...i.e., the actual magazine article written by the no where to be found in "The Independent's" coverage of the story.  You would think they would have at least copied and pasted a photo of the original story in the Chechen magazine, accompanied by a translation.
Alexander Litvinenko’s accusation that Vladimir Putin was a paedophile may have been one of the motives for the Russian government to order his assassination, a report into the former Russian spy's death has found.
Sir Robert Owen’s inquiry looked at the former FSB agent’s “highly personal attacks” on the Russian President, which culminated with an article on the Chechenpress website in July 2006, four months before he was poisoned.
Mr Litvinenko’s article, which was published as evidence in the report, started by recounting a meeting between Mr Putin and a boy “aged four or five” in a square near the Kremlin.

The Independent says that a copy of the agent's report was published as evidence in the report. But why didn't The Independent copy it?  Pedophilia has, in the past decade or so, replaced antisemitism as the worst accusation that can be made against another human being. Whether true or false, it is a lethal blow on the public persona of the accused.  Now, the incident used by the agent as "proof" of the accusation did happen. It is described in the BBC here...and there is a photo of the incident.  I personally remember reading about the incident.  It was widely reported.  At the time, there was not the stigma associated with affection between an adult male and an unrelated boy that there is now (primarily due to the British scandals). While I did find the incident strange, I did not automatically conclude that Putin was a pedophile. But those were simpler times and Putin was not the iconic public figure then, that he is today.  He was not standing in the West's implacable path towards one-world tyranny like he is today.  The West...and particularly the UK....has not only condoned high level pedophilia in the past but it has swept it under the legal rug, covered it up and rendered it (sexual deviance) an unspoken criteria of high office!

Putin may release satellite imagery of 9/11
 proof that explosions (not planes) brought down the towers

Considering the track record of the UK in condoning/covering up and using pedophilia as blackmail...combined with their obvious conflict of interest in wanting to frame Putin...the burden of proof is greater than ever on such an investigation.  The UK certainly DID NOT meet the burden of proof in this case.

More than likely, the timing of this accusation was geared more towards heading off any dangerous truth-telling about 9/11 on the part of has been hinted at recently in the alternate media. It also caps off a concerted, frenetic M$M effort to destroy the public image of the man.  At the very least, Putin now knows the kind of enemies he's dealing with in the West.  He now knows the truth of that old saying "never get into a mud-wrestling match with a pig. You will get all dirty...but the pig will love it."  Now that he's all dirty anyway, if Putin does have any Truth-telling ammo/evidence about 9/11....or any of the many crimes of the WOULD be an excellent time to reveal.

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