Sunday, January 10, 2016

I Went Down the Rabbit Hole: The REAL, real reason Obama will be keeping US troops in Afghanistan

Location, location, location

If you ever want to know the "Why" of what's going on in the world. The first thing you need to do is look at a map.  That's why American Youth are so woefully ignorant about geography. The government doesn't want Americans to connect the geostrategic dots between American foreign policy and location.  In the case of the War on Afghanistan...that has been dragging on for 14 years now....making it the longest NATO war in history....all you have to note is that Afghanistan is right next to small backward countries that border (and are in the political orbit of) Russia. The US wants to keep this region of the world de-stabilized as it works towards the eventual destruction of Russia.

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change gives the "real" reasons
 for the US staying in Afghanistan...while greencrow
gives the "REAL, real (#1) reason the US
 is keeping troops in that benighted, occupied failed state.

Obama recently announced that he will be keeping nearly 10,000 US troops in Afghanistan through 2016.  The US has built huge "embassies" in Afghanistan (and Iraq) where they control the country from.  "Embassies" in vassal states in these modern times are fortresses of domination and repression.

In retaliation, Russia is setting up a series of NATO-like organizations, including Russian task forces in the former Soviet Region of the Caucasus--to confront the threat they perceive to be coming from NATO and--to defend the borders of the satellite countries.  Every week we hear in the news about explosions going off in Kabul and other Afghanistan cities.  Who is setting off these bombs that are keeping the populations so terrorized and the country so unstable socially and economically? Infrastructure is constantly being destroyed. Putin recently stated that the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating rapidly with terrorists of all sorts setting up shop. Then he took his tongue out of his cheek. We all know that these "terrorists" are the same NATO proxies as ISIS and al qaeda. The country is being deliberately kept in a state of shambles. Putin said that the former Soviet States need to protect themselves from incursions from Afghanistan and to prevent the NATO mercenaries and proxy armies from doing their "thang" (destroying) in the countries bordering (and "buffering") Russia.  He noted Russia's recent success in routing the "terrorists" out of Syria achieved by the Russian air force.

Let's face it folks. The globalist secret government that runs the world out of Tel Aviv, Washington and London will NEVER give up. They have all the time in the world (literally) to achieve their goal of a one-world tyranny. They are behind every False Flag attack, every war...every assassination...every destruction of culture, religion, race and tradition, every drug and gun running operation and every mass migration. They have only a few tools in their tool-box, "divide and conquer" and "history revisionism/erasure" being two of them. We have only a few tools in our tool-box...the main one is spreading the truth:

"I went down the Rabbit Hole...because I had to know".
written and sung by Jordan Page

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