Tuesday, January 19, 2016

UPDATED: Glenn Frey, RIP - "I Dreamed There Was No War"

UPDATE:  January 20, 2016, Unable to sleep tonight, I came up with lyrics to Glenn Frey's instrumental. They don't really match the music but here they are:

I Dreamed There Was No War
(Inspired by Glenn Frey's guitar anthem of the same name)

I dreamed there was no war
On lands far from our shore
Their children grew to live and love
No bombs rained down from up above

I dreamed we stayed at home
Just caring for our own
Fools on the hill were forbidden to kill
And bankers were turned to stone

I dreamed we learned to see
That Truth will make us free
Blind Justice ruled forevermore
...I dreamed there was no war

I Dreamed There Was No War - Written By Glenn Frey
This is a cover version as I can't find a video of Glenn playing this anti-war anthem

Back in the 70's I heard a band whose bandmembers, were, as Aretha Franklin sang:

Strumming my pain with [their] fingers
Singing my life with [their]words
Killing me softly with [their] song
Killing me softly with [their] song
Telling my whole life with [their] words
Killing me softly with [their] song

Read more: Aretha Franklin - Killing Me Softly Lyrics | MetroLyrics

This Band ("The Eagles") was the backdrop to all the heartaches and growing pangs of my youth. In those days, before music videos were commonplace, we didn't know much about the singers. I had to search to find out just who knew me so well. Well, I bought a copy of the "Greatest Hits" of the Eagles and discovered Glenn Frey....and his fellow band members, Bernie Leadon, Don Henley, and Randy Meisner.  I learned that Glenn Frey was the driving force behind the band....that he was sometimes not a very nice person to his fellow bandmembers. But, like Don Henley said just yesterday...Glenn was "deeply talented'.  

Glenn Frey was one of the greatest music talents that came out of the deeply talented singers/songwriters of the 70's. I loved The Eagles songs "Take it to the Limit" and "Hotel California" the best. These songs were primarily written by band members (Randy Meisner and Don Felder) later ousted by Don and Glenn. Of the songs written by Glenn himself...the above instrumental "I Dreamed There Was No War", from their last album "Out of Eden" is my favourite. It expresses a soft and emotional side of Glenn that he rarely publicly exposed....all too sadly.

Glenn Frey passed away yesterday, January 18, 2016. Rest in Peace Glenn. We will miss your incomparable musical voice. You spoke for a generation.


Randy Meisner (who I had a big crush on) singing my favourite Eagles Song
"Take It To the Limit"

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