Tuesday, December 15, 2015

UPDATED: Why is Kerry in Moscow?

UPDATE: December 16, 2015 Paul Craig Roberts agrees with me that during their Moscow talks, Russia probably presented Kerry with incontrovertible evidence of USrael malfeasance in Syria.

Kerry talks to Moscovites while shopping on Arbat Street

Sellers also pointed out that Kerry drew attention to the Ukrainian flag at the Ukrainian cultural center in front of the store. According to them, the politician long considered a Ukrainian flag.
The U.S. Secretary of State also spoke with Muscovites whilst walking down the famous streets of Moscow. Residents of the capital were delighted by the American guest, photographed him and then posted the pictures on social networks.

Earlier in Moscow, John Kerry, with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, held talks. The politicians discussed issues on Syria, the crisis in Ukraine, as well as a general agenda.
"We were walking, walking along the Arbat and we met... John Kerry", – wrote Alena Tilinina on social networks.

Why is US Secretary of State John Kerry in Moscow for talks with Putin and Lavrov?

Blogger Stephen Lendman says he's on a duplicitous mission. Well, I  can make some educated guesses why he's there at this juncture in the geostrategic cold war between NATO/cabal and BRICS. The US and its allies (including ISIS) are on the ropes. When they're on top of their game...their main stance is arrogant snubbing of all lesser beings. Everyone else are the "unpeople" that I've written about in earlier posts. It has to get pretty bad for the cabal to break this number one rule of conduct.  Heck!  The West might even have to give up on its scheme to deprive Russia of the World Soccer (football) Championship in 2018.

So, the West must really be behind Russia's eight ball.  Perhaps Putin and Lavrov summoned Kerry to Moscow to show him some interesting evidence they've amassed regarding the recent unsolved crimes of Empire...such as MH370/MH17, or the Turkish shoot-down of the Russian SU-24 over Syria. Perhaps they've had a listen to the SU-24 black box...and want to share it's contents (proving that the Russian jet never entered Turkish air space) prior to making it public.  Perhaps the Russians want to provide a brief glimpse of their latest high-tech military advantage(s) over the West--as a deterrent to war. There must be a compelling reason for Kerry to squander all the hard-earned geostrategic advantages gained from "isolating and demonizing Russia."

Personally...I believe it's the latter.  I believe that the Russians have out-distanced the West militarily to such a degree that it's a no-brainer and a no contest.  The West has been forced to step back for a nano-second.  The perps need to take stock and try to level the (battle) field by stealth, stealing technology, buying it under the table...what have you.  The Russians know how to play this game as well.  They will dangle the technology enticingly...hoping to buy time....until the inevitable Western economic collapse of the petro-dollar.

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