Sunday, December 6, 2015

Two good news events for Truthers

NOTICE: I notice Northerntruthseeker said he was "under attack' earlier this afternoon. I went on my site and I was also "under attack" but I just signed out and signed on again and so far, things are okay. Interestingly, I had an unusual amount of traffic from a little borderless entity yesterday.

President Dr.  Bashar al Assad is speaking out
and telling the truth

Hero on the Horizon...

Today, browsing my excellent blogroll of truther websites to the right...I immediately notice two very good signs that the Truth Community is gaining headway. The first is the second interview with Syria's embattled president, Dr. Bashar al Assad. He gave an earlier interview to a Czech reporter a week or so ago which was even better.  I linked it to an earlier post.

What's good about this interview?  Simple. Compare Dr. al Assad with Erdogan of Turkey.  Compare him with Obama. Heck...even compare him to that wet-behind-the-ears gopher, Justin Trudeau!  The good doctor (he is an eye surgeon) wins hands down. He comes across as direct, intelligent, calm, and in control of a very complicated fact situation.  He calmly calls UK leader David Cameron's vote to illegally (according to International Law) bomb Syria...which took place last week in the Brit Parliament "a farce".  Just like in his last interview he said "...the West has no credibility anymore...nobody believes anything they say."*  I am linking a report on the latest false flag here...because it supports what President al-Assad said about "no credibility".

Russia is bombing the bejesus out of the perps while Assad is dropping incendiary truth bombs as well. Equally as effective in their own way.  Assad will, I hope and believe, outlast all the above perps. Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad is a courageous and effective leader in the face of overwhelming odds. No wonder the Syrian citizens love him.

Anatomy of False Flag Events...

The second good news for Truthers is the excellent posting on False Flags by Kevin Scott King linked here.  It is high time that some intrepid blogger codified all the nonsense and lies that have become integral components of the cabal's increasingly stale False Flag formula.

False Flag Formula

King breaks them down into elements (as many other bloggers have done but never on such a scale). He says he wants to set up a template so that future false flags can be immediately held against the template to see where they fit in. (e.g. let it happen or make it happen). I look forward to seeing the completed project. Now, all we have to do is find that rare diamond in the steaming pile of Western bureaucratic horseshi!....the honest policeman, prosecutor, judge/jury..who will finally bring justice to the victims of false flags...and relief to humanity as a whole.

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