Tuesday, December 8, 2015

MASHABLE finally finds the photo it was looking for....

In this Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012 file photo, Russian President Vladimir Putin gesture while speaking as he attends a massive rally in his support at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, Russia.

Mashable is that mind control website that's supposed to control your emotions from the moment you go online to browse the Internet.  It's sitting at the opening page...beckoning to make you feel good (furry little animals acting cute) or bad (bad guys du jour ready to scare you)

Today, after a long search...Mashable finally found and posted a pic of Putin....that you will now see used over and over again...like a kitchen rag.  In fact, this is a screen shot of a video news report of Vladimir Putin giving a victory speech after he won his last democratic election in Moscow.  He is crying, and if you look closely you will see tears on his cheeks. He was brought to tears because he won another mandate from the electorate--in spite of a serious "Soros-type" foreign-based attack to defeat him during the campaign.  He was so moved and angry that he won in spite of this campaign that he vowed to continue the fight (which was just getting started) against the hegemonic project to turn Russia into just another looted and ransacked vassal of the West.

Mashable has turned this brave and popularly supported "defiance in the moment of democratic victory" photo...on its head and says Putin is "...a despot":

Vladimir Putin, Russia's president who has repeatedly gone against Western wishes with military campaigns in the Ukraine and Syria;

According to the definition of "despot",

Colloquially, despot has been applied pejoratively to a person, particularly a head of state or government, who abuses their power and authority to oppress their people, subjects or subordinates. In this sense, it is similar to the pejorative connotations that have likewise arisen with the term tyrantDictator has also developed nearly similar pejorative connotations.[2]

Interesting...considering that Putin enjoys more than 90% popularity amongst Russians. So, you can see that "Mashable" is twisting reality to conform to the real despots' propaganda. That's what Mashable and all the western main$tream media are...a vile propaganda lie machine.

I just want to end with a comment about the hack/attack on Blogger last weekend, that took some alternative blogs offline on Sunday afternoon, Northerntruthseeker and myself being two that I know about. The attack was not unexpected...in fact it seemed long overdue. NTS and myself have been walking a fine line and pushing back the envelope of putrid lies and criminal acts we have been forced to describe and comment on. We cannot do otherwise if we want to "name" the problem that is confronting humanity and threatening its very existence. As a former social worker, I have frequently said my training taught me that the first step in solving a problem (or challenge as we were told to call the "issues") was to "name" it. So that's what we are forced to do. If the problem is, say, a cabal of inbred monsters who treat the rest of humanity like slime...that's what we have to say.

So. I was amazed that Blogger and its engineers fought back and got us back online within hours. Why bother? I asked. Does Blogger actually value us and understand our mission? Well, the jury is out on that one. Also being a skeptic...I suggest it could just have been a "drill" or a training exercise for the main event. In the meantime, we'll just carry on carrying on....knowing with certainty that the moment the perps do their "thang" and commence a "hot" WWIII...we will be taken down...in perpetuity.

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