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CawRant Events #16

CawRANT Events #16

This is my last CawRANT of the year 2015. It will be an overview of some of the topics I've commented frequently on during the previous 11 months.  I will also try to determine what, if any, progress humanity has made towards peace and harmony in all its forms on this planet. [NOTE: in 300 words or]

The Middle East

The topic that has probably occupied more RANT space than any other is the Middle East and all the shenanigans going on there by the West--in its desperate effort to maintain global hegemony for its handler...the Ziofascist entity called Israel. I can't call Israel a state, because it does not have one of the qualifications to be a, recognized borders. One thing I've learned for sure...if you live long enough...most questions will be answered. When I was a young person I used to honestly wonder why jews were such a pariah throughout history...and why they'd been kicked out of one country after another over thousands of years. Now, unfortunately, that question has been definitively answered. Where this cancerous madness came from is still a question. Was it, as I recently read in an analysis, inbreeding in the Khazarian huns? Who knows. But there's an ingrained insanity that's propelling the world at break neck speed towards destruction.  It is terrifying.

The latest evidence of this insanity was in a report I read just moments ago....US Secretary of State John Kerry (Cohen) twisted himself into an illogical pretzel on Russian TV trying to explain American Syrian policy. I guess he was trying to replicate Putin and Lavrov's masterful command of foreign policy explanations...but he ended up looking like a fool. Particularly annoying was his assertion that, the US no longer fosters "regime change" in Syria....but "Assad must go." This is moronic...someone who contradicts himself in the space of one sentence should be pulled off stage with a long hook, like in the old vaudeville days.

The US Election and Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump

Another topic I frequently visited during the past year was the US Election Campaign and particularly the unusual candidacy of businessman/multimillionaire Donald Trump. I like to follow this I used to like to watch spiders in spiderwebs... or Spanish Bull Fights (NOT!) I've never watched Kabuki Theatre...but probably it's also like that. Donald Trump has the biggest ego in the history of the United States. He's set his sights on the presidency as the crowning achievement of his career and to impress his young, beautiful and more intelligent than him trophy wife. Something happened on the way to the Kabuki Theatre...and his campaign has morphed into a titanic battle between him and the ghouls who control the US Deep State/CIA...and who think no more of murdering someone who gets in their way than swatting a fly off a piece of over ripe fruit.

After Donald Trumps' recent announcement about banning all muslims' entry to the US until the nations "representatives can find out what the hell is going on!" I concluded Trump's either the most naive and uninformed candidate who ever ran for the presidency or the smartest. What he's done (perhaps inadvertently, perhaps not) is to focus long needed attention on the Ziofascist campaign to demonize muslims and use them as patsies (particularly vis a vis 9/11) and proxy warriors in the service of global hegemony. The logical conclusion of such focus would be to re-open the 9/11 can of worms.

People see the Donald as a ticking time bomb...totally unpredictable....but much blow the terminally corrupt American governmental institutions (particularly the diabolical CIA) sky high. I was talking with some neighbours at a Christmas party the other evening and they got it! Even the wife who is Mexican, loves Trump. Trump's seen as a saviour....but we all know what happens to saviours...stay tuned.

The Environment

Throughout the year I focused on the environment...the latest comments being about that silly farce that took place in Paris a few weeks go...the "Climate Change" conference. IMO, this was a sop to all the left wing groups that are generally ignored at any other time of the year. The big wigs threw them a bone to chew on...a phony divert them from all the real and pressing environmental issues that beg for attention. I had to laugh when they got Canadian indigenous peoples to do an aboriginal dance...not because I laugh at aboriginal culture...but because that's what Canadian politicians do every time they have a Federal/Provincial the aboriginals dance...before they get down to the real business of exploiting the resources...and native peoples. I understand the Agreement that resulted from the conference had no timeline for completion and no penalties for non-performance. That about says it all. Meanwhile, there have been some baby steps re the environment:

Spain for Solar power

It suddenly dawned on me when I read this report...that Spain is sitting on a solar (and wind powered) gold mine. It could, theoretically at least, provide energy to the entire European continent if solar power were properly developed for mass consumption...."some entity" has been holding up this process which could save the planet, literally. Spain could be the new middle east (with all that entails, geopolitically) if it were to develop its solar and wind power resources. So keep an eye on Spain, folks.

And, speaking of environmental resources....who knew that Canada could package and sell it's ...what????  Fresh Air! Apparently some wise guy has bottled and exported Canadian fresh mountain air to the smoggy inner cities of China. Hmmmmmm.... A good question. Who owns the air in Canada? Is it part of the NAFTA free trade agreement? We know that our water is at high risk of exploitation...and now our Air. Beam me UP Scotty!!!

There are many other possible topics but, as I said at the beginning this will probably be my last RANT (or post) prior to Christmas. I will do a Christmas Greeting closer to the day. As a special Christmas present for my readers, I've listed below some of my personal favourite posts over the past few years--in a top 10 list (although there are several ties). Enjoy reading these oldies but goodies, if you've not already done so.

Top 10 greencrow posts:

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And my top post is #1....on the topic that started it all...

That's about it for this RANT.  Have a great holiday....until next time....

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